Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary

A year ago in the cold winter, Hopeless Rhymes was born. The plan was not to post poems, just the normal posts but then I found that I don't have that much of beneficial things to say! So I ended up posting the only thing I THINK I am good at!

I will keep it short so I want just to thank all of those bloggers and non-bloggers who supported me from the start till now and those who supported me at the start and decided to disappear or to stop commenting :P

Thank you all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Song of The Christmas : Forever Loving You

Well I used to have a weekly post called song of the week but I stopped so now when I thought of the title I figured that I can't use the term week so I chose Christmas since it is the time ;)

A country song for not very well known artist "Julian Austin" called "Forever Loving You"

Everytime i see you smile
I can't help but smile
I love the way your eyes
Say they love me

I love it when you hold me close
The scent of you left on my clothes
The tenderness of your kiss moves me

Girl you're more than everything
You're in my heart,
My soul,
You're the air I breath
You're everything that i been missin in my life

And I'll always be, forever loving you
Its just meant to be, it all I wanna do...
You're everything my heart has ever known
And girl, you mean more than life to me,
And without you girl it wouldnt mean a thing
Until its my time to go,
I'll love you more than you'll ever know

There so many little things,
In my life, that you bring
Like the way you hold me,
When we're sleeping.

I wouldnt feel the way i do,
If you didnt give me a love so true.
You're the hopes and dreams that I believe in

Girl you not just everything,
My best friend you'll always be
You're everything,
that i need in my life


I swear that it'll always be,
A time for you and me,
Girl i love you so........

Girl ill always be forever loving you,
Its just meant to be,
Its what i want to do
You're everything my heart has every known,
And girl you mean,
more than life to me,
And without you girl,
It wouldnt mean a thing,
Until its my time to go...

Until its my time to go...

I'll love you more than you'll ever know.....


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Moon's Serenade

Finally! I am here again and posting! It's been a long time! Very very long! Did anybody miss me? :P

Anyway here is my latest poem and I am glad that I have finished it! Enjoy it until the next time I post something new :D

A Moon's Serenade

Here we are sitting on the edge of the moon
Watching the world below
The stars and the planets around us croon
Our entwined fingers are dancing slow
We are no birds be we were able to fly
And for once in our lives we are ruling the sky

Listen to the sound of a wonderful serenade
Drift into a dream while I am holding your hands
Do not let the brightness in your eyes ever fade
Let me breathe the breeze that passed through your strands
I like it when the scent of you fills my senses
And I stop thinking when I see your smile
One touch you can touch me and it will shatter all my defenses
Then I am yours for a lifetime, not only for a while

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Forest of Magic

It's been a long time since I've posted a poem! So here it goes, something I wrote long time ago and I've just finished it recently.

Forest of Magic

Its beauty, so alluring
Silently, speaking to you
Words that are curing
Guiding you through
There is a mysterious voice calling
Softly, whispering in your ears
A dazzling winds howling
And a shadow from far appears
Widely opening its arms
Inviting you to come along
With its irresistible charms
You lose the sense of right and wrong

You feel the magic of this place
As you drown into temptation
A temporary pleasure to embrace
Is it real or just your imagination?
So you walk few steps ahead
Not expecting what to find
Many thoughts are in your head
About the real world you left behind
And the fairy tales you have read before
Are nothing like what you have seen
A sensation that you cannot ignore
So peaceful and so serene

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tom and Jerry

While watching this immortal cartoon yesterday, so many thoughts and memories came to my mind. Unfortunately, not all of them were that good! Of course no one likes to remember the many encounters with this not so good animal! The rat or mouse!!

Our home was cursed by having them when I was a kid and because of the location, we still get some every now and then! Well not much, you can say one or two every three years! I remember when I was a kid we used to hear their sounds when we were watching TV. They used to have a place behind the TV table. That time the regular traps with a piece of cheese worked. So we got rid of all of them almost and we thought we had an eternal peace.

Few years back while your poet was trying to watch TV in his living room, he heard this movement sound on the ground. He looked around and saw nothing. He thought, it must be the wind :P. He continued watching TV until he saw that ugly SOB peeking! So he screamed SHIT! A rat in my living room! And being so scared (yeah those ugly animals scare me, I rather face a lion and die than a mouse :P) He went to the expert; his father :D So everything was prepared and traps, cheese and poison. Next morning, bingo! The rat was caught! He was sentenced to death in a nearby trash dumpster. Peace at last! Hell no! The next night I saw another one walking around and being so proud of himself! So again I went to the expert and again the traps and so on.. Next morning.. nothing.. the next morning .. also nothing.. either he left or he is too smart! Yeah he is smarter than his predecessor. The expert at home could not catch him. He had to call the professional experts. The workers in the farm came and looked around here and there and finally the bad rat was found hiding in the stairs room inside a steel pipe. They killed him at last! In brutal way I should add ;)
The damage those rats did was notable; they chew the edge of the carpet and they cut the phone cable that I used to use to connect while I was watching TV.

After two years of peace, and in the holy month of Ramadhan before almost 2 years, again one of them came home. This time he entered the kitchen through the window which was left open unintentionally. My sister saw him while she was opening the oven! Yes dear readers, this SOB managed to get inside the oven and tasted our Ramadhanic food! And thank god my sister saw him or we would have probably eaten that food! YUCK! So again the expert was called to the battle and this time we managed to kill him manually! A rug was used to blind him and then maybe a wooden stick :D We made sure the window is locked properly at night and we went to sleep. Yours truly came from work just to see that the net thing in the window was torn and I announced the news. We set up the traps and so on and used that powerful glow and put it beside the window. Next morning, bingo!! Not one, they were two! Two ugly mice were caught and I guess the maid smashed their heads with a rock after seeing them stuck in the glow :P
I took a photo of them but I lose it :(

Before few days, I was reading in the news paper about a small Norwegian mouse that was put in an island and there was a censor on him but still he survived all the traps and was even able to travel to another island until finally he was caught!
Now who made these animals so smart? Did they transfer the knowledge they gained about the traps from generation to another? Or the mad scientists made them that way??

Another point is, why does Jerry represent the good in that cartoon while Tom is the evil? Why are they lying on the kids that follow it? It is misleading :P

Monday, November 07, 2005

Done With Dan Brown

The holiday had ended and I am back to work! BOOOOOORING!

Anyway, just before few days I finished reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons which was the 4th and last novel for him that I read.

I read them in this order:

1- The Da Vinci Code (his 4th novel) <-- too famous to talk about.
2- Deception Point (his 2nd novel) <-- about NASA and so on.
3- Digital Fortress (his 1st novel) <-- about NSA and digital world.
4- Angels & Demons (his 3rd novel) <-- you can say it is the 1st part of Da Vinci Code. Langdon 1st adventure.

I must say that the author put a lot of effort to come up with these novels. I think that the time he spent researching the facts and figures for each novel was more than the time he spent to write the actual novel itself!

I am not sure what is the right categorization for these novels, but the way I see them is that they are action thrillers! Sometimes I even think that the action is way too much! The main characters are either being chased or they are the ones who are chasing! Also there is a pattern that I have noticed but I am not gonna write about it here so that I don't spoil the fun of reading them for those who haven't read them all yet!

As for The Da Vinci Code movie, Tom Hanks will be the main character which is Robert Langdon and the movie is directed by Ron Haward and it is expected to be out in 2006! Thank god they chose an actor who I like watching movies for! Imagine they chose Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?? That totally will turn me off and will make me hate the novel and even Dan Brown :P

Now I am waiting for the 5th novel, anybody has an idea about it? The story line and the date or something?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Song of The Eid: Making Love Out of Nothing at All

Hello and kel 3am wento bkhair :D

It's been ages since I have posted a song that I like here and I guess the eid is a good occasion to do so. So here you go, one of the classic romantic songs :D

Making Love Out of Nothing at All By Air Supply (click on the song title to go to the song page and the song should start and if it didn't, then your browser sucks and you have to setup the pluggins for real player or windows media)

I know just how to whisper, and I know just how to cry;
I know just where to find the answers; and I know just how to lie.
I know just how to fake it, and I know just how to scheme;
I know just when to face the truth, and then I know just when to dream.

And I know just where to touch you, and I know just what to prove;
I know when to pull you closer, and I know when to let you loose.
And I know the night is fading, and I know that time's gonna fly;
and I'm never gonna tell you everything I've got to tell you,
but I know I've got to give it a try.

And I know the roads to riches, and I know the ways to fame;
I know all the rules and then I know how to break 'em
and I always know the name of the game.

But I don't know how to leave you, and I'll never let you fall;
and I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all
(Making love) out of nothing at all,
(making love) out of nothing at all,
(making love) out of nothing at all,
(making love) out of nothing at all,
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all.

Every time I see you all the rays of the sun
are streaming through the waves in your hair;
and every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes like a spotlight,
The beating of my heart is a drum, and it's lost
and it's looking for a rhythm like you.
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night
and turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright.
I've got to follow it, 'cause everything I know,
well it's nothing till I give it to you.

I can make the run or stumble, I can make the final block;
And I can make every tackle, at the sound of the whistle,
I can make all the stadiums rock.
I can make tonight forever, Or I can make it disappear by the dawn;
And I can make you every promise that has ever been made,
And I can make all your demons be gone.

But I'm never gonna make it without you, Do you really want to see me crawl?
And I'm never gonna make it like you do, Making love out of nothing at all.
(Making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love) out of nothing at all
(making love)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happy Eid

Hello .. kel 3am wa antom bi khair مرحبا .. كل عام وأنتم بخير

Here is the Eid card for you all :D

Saturday, October 29, 2005

So I Have Met Raul Gonzalez

Before 3 nights I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this famous football player from Spain. For you who does not know him, he is the golden boy of Real Madrid, Raul Gonzalez. So where did we meet and what did we talk about?
Well last Wednesday Real Madrid played against Depertivo La Coruna and were defeated 3-1 :D
And since I am not much of a fan of the Royal Team, I was happy :D
I entered mirc and I chatted with some people who support Real Madrid and I made fun of their team in a logic way I must add ;) I think that night we had talked too much! Then it was my time to sleep and I said bye and covered myself well and I started to dream! I dreamed that I was in a room in my house where we used to play table tennis and even football and there were some board games on the shelves and a lettter. I read that letter and I was surprised to know that it was a letter from Raul Gonzalez announcing his retirement from football ** I think he is retiring because his team is losing all the time and has no chance to win any trophy any time soon :P ** and it contained some information about him! What surprised me more in that letter is that it contained a list of books he is said he read! I didn't recognize any book but their titles looked like they are important books :P

Well anyway, then I woke up and decided that I should post something about this dream! It is not like everyday I get to dream about someone famous :P

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Fantastic Seven

I had been tagged by Allured (which is totally not expected :P) and Najah and here is what I came up with!

Seven things I plan to do:
1- Sleep after a while
2- Read Angels and Demons

3- Get married :P
4- Transfer to other location at work
5- Publish a book of poems
6- Retire from writing poetry after publishing the book :P
7- Retire from work before I reach 60 :D

Seven things I can do:
1- Listen to what people say
2- Search for things online
3- Program the satellite receivers without reading the manuals
4- Write poetry (I think) :P
5- Sleep for like 2 and half hours, go to work for 8 hours and return and watch football on TV for the rest of the day :P

6- Eat too much
7- Get an A+ in accounting and finance

Seven things I can’t do:
1- Drive long distances
2- Sleep early
3- Go out while the European champions league matches are being played :P

4- Not to get online daily
5- Be mean (Though I am sure some people will like to disagree :P)
6- Watch Egyptian TV shows
7- Start a long conversation with a total stranger on a bus or a plane

Seven things I say most often:
1- Aha
2- Ok
3- Hala
4- El ta3baaan
5- Shoot
6- Zain
7- 7ayyak Allah

Seven ppl I want to pass this tag to:
1- No
2- One
3- That

4- I
5- Can
6- Think
7- Of

Monday, October 24, 2005

Nostalgic: Saving Nickels, Saving Dimes

Since I don’t have much to talk about considering my not so interesting life currently and I don’t have a new poem to post, I have decided once again to take a journey down the memory lane and talk a little about my childhood memories. :D

So this is the 3rd episode of my Nostalgic series (
Nostalgic & Nostalgic: Up On The Roof) and since the Eid is coming soon (Kel 3am wo ento eb khair) and I remembered the money I used to get but no more since they stopped giving me anything long time ago! Now I have turned to a giver and the kids wait for me to give them their 3eediyas :D
I remember that time and having no wallet, I and my business partner (my younger brother) used to share everything including money and gifts and anything that can be shared. We used to use those empty biscuit and ice cream boxes and store our money and things there. In our small room, that we also shared, we used to have small cabinets and we use to put the boxes in them. Later we became over suspicious, maybe because we used to read too much of those adventures for Ta5ta5 and his friends (el mo`3ameroon el 5amsa) so we decided to hide our stuff somewhere that nobody can find them whether it was our older sister, cousins or even our parents. We thought of digging a hole and putting the stuff there, but we realized it was not treasury so we had this brilliant idea of hiding them in the ceiling! Having that type of decoration which you can lift up the pieces and put stuff there where no one can see them. I even thought that I can hide illegal things there and cops won’t find them no matter what :P

Then we grew up a little and moved to a bigger room and a bigger bed while my brother got a smaller bed, we fancied the small lockers that have keys and a combination lock. We bought a blue one and we kept all our savings there and until now I have it in my room, but unfortunately empty, except for some coins :P

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paper, Pen, Rhymes and Dreams

Hello, here is one of those crazy poems that I am writing recently! So soon I think I will start seeing those things happen to me and I will start hallucinating :P

Paper, Pen, Rhymes and Dreams

My plain paper talks to me
And tells me the secrets of poetry
While my pen dances freely on it
My fingers soon will submit
To the music of the written words
To the letters flying around like birds
Until I get lost between the rhymes
Of love, hope and desperate times

I let my thoughts swim in the yellow pages
Of some ancient books and tales from the past
While my memories are imprisoned in rusty cages
For as long as this pain is set to last
But I have found a refuge in my dreams
Surrounded by sunshine and moonlight beams
Where reality is nothing like the way it seems

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I and the Poet

*cough cough *Cleans up the dust from the blog :P

Hello all! It's been so long since I have posted anything here! The blog got dusty. No worries though, I got it all cleaned up and I put some "bukhoor" also for you my dear visitors ;)

I came to you with this new poem. I have finished it sometime ago and I just added a stanza today so I hope you like it. It is kinda a complimentary poem "qaseedat mad7" for myself lool :P

I and the Poet

In my self-chosen isolation
I live a life of my own choice
Surrounded by my own shadows
And hearing my own voice

Lost in this harsh reality
And was found in one of my own
I get my thoughts to my company
Feeling lonely and long to be alone

I write stories on the wall
That only dreamers can read
And I draw paintings of fantasies
All imaginations, will exceed

I create a different world
Of so many beautiful things
And fly around the blue sky
With my poetic wings

I plant flowers between the lines
And my ink waters the trees
And my poems they have a scent
When you read you feel the breeze

Monday, October 03, 2005


These are my first tries with the type of peotry called "Haiku". I am not that well familiar with it so you will have to excuse me if I didn't do well ^-^

Waves of the sea
Wrestle the warm winds
Sadness washed away

Naked trees
And beds of snow
But hearts are warm

Her cold breath
Warm on my face
Like scent of a rose

Friday, September 23, 2005

I Have Not Lost The Passion

Here is one of my latest poems that I have written in less than 2 hours! So enjoy :D

I Have Not Lost the Passion

I have not lost the passion yet
To have a walk along the beach
And to enjoy the romantic sunset
To dream about walking on the clouds
Even if they are out of my reach
And I am lost among the crowds

I have not lost the passion to smile
To a strange kid passing by
Or to a newly wed walking down the aisle
And to laugh or tell a joke
Sometimes to cry
And with my tears I choke

I have not lost my passion for you
And I never will
And to love you all my life through
To cherish every moment we spent
Together and we still
Forever to each other we were meant

Monday, September 12, 2005

Song Of The Week: I'll Be

It's been a while since I have posted a song so here is one I believe that it is a classic though it was released back in the 90s :D

I'll Be by Edwin McCain (Click on the title to go to the song page)

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
Emeralds from mountains thrust toward the sky
Never revealing their depth
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated
I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be your love suicide
and I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
You're my survival, you're my living proof
My love is alive not dead
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache, that hang from above

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be your love suicide
and I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

I've been dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, Remembered the things that you said

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be your love suicide
and I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well I am back to work and I am hating it! And I also didn't post something in more than a week! So I was thinking that I may post something about my 1st day at work after the vacation but I didn't wanna complain that much :P
Finally I decided to post a poem I wrote sometime ago and it is called "Blue". It is an alternation between the color blue and the state of being blue.

Blue as the sky in a spring morning
Blue as my tears falling without a warning
Blue as the ribbon tying your hair
Blue as my heart beating in despair
Blue as the ocean waves gently flow
Blue as my pain starts to grow
Blue as the color of your eyes
Blue as my soul vainly cries
Blue as the beautiful color of blue
Blue as my poem written for you

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Water Stream

Here is my latest poem and I am glad that I have finished it before I travel back home :D

The Water Stream

In the heart of a garden runs a water stream
It gently flows until it reaches the sea

The flowers and the trees are dancing just like a dream
And all the birds are singing in a glee
A garden full of wonder and grace
But nothing compares to the beauty of your face

Must I get lost in this wonderful scene
Must I not wake up if it was just a dream
Shall I confess to the garden's queen?
Or just whisper my love to the water stream
And one day, as you pass, my whispers you will hear
And you will see by your eyes, reflection of my love so clear

Do my eyes cheat me? I think I see you standing there
Waiting under the shade of a far away tree
Rays of the sun are flowing through your hair
And the look in your eyes, sending a clear message to me
That you have been waiting for this moment all along
To stand not far away from the one to whom you belong

Monday, August 29, 2005

They Have Did It Again & Tagged Me!!

This time I was tagged by Namika:

Last book you read: A book by Agatha Christie which I've forgotten the name but before it I read Deception Point by Dan Brown ;)

Last phone number you called: Air Canada

Last show you watched on TV: A program about Turkish gays in Germany!! :P

Last thing you had to drink: Water

Last thing you ate: Some Asian food

Last time you cried: Hard to tell. I cry like many times during the day :P

Last time you smiled: While reading an email

Last person you hugged: My nephew! I hug him all the time!!

Last person you talked to on the phone: The lady from Air Canada

Last thing you smelled: My shampoo

Last CD that you bought: The Best of a band called The Band

Last song you sang: Goin' Where The Wind Blows by Mr Big

Last thing you laughed at: It must be when I said lol while chatting but I forgot why!

What's in your CD player: Dan Fogelberg (The Essential)

What time did you wake up today: 11:15 am

Current favorite article of clothing: Jeans and shirts?

Favorite place to be: My room

Least favorite place: Crowded places

Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes

In Heaven or Hell: Yes

How tall are you: I won't tell! But say mashallah and knock on wood ;)

Current favorite word: Hi

Favorite Book: Agatha Christie's Books

Random lyric: Been away, haven't seen you in a while
How've you been? Have you chabnged your style?
And do you think that we've grown up differently?
Don't seem the same, seems you've lost your feel for me..

If I could be doing anything right now, I would be: In the toilet :P

Are you a daredevil?: When I was a kid yes but now not at all :P

Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell?: Not that I remember!

Do looks matter?: Yeah they do!

How do you release your anger? I bang on the table in front of me!

My second home is: I guess my room in the camp where I work :P

One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: A pain that is in the left lower back that is affecting my left leg!

All you need is: This annoying pain to go!

Something I want but I don't really need is: Shirts

Something I need but I don't really want is: To take this long trip back home! I want to be back home but I don't want the long trip :P

*do you...*

drink?: Yes 7alal drinks only ;)

have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No

have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yes! And I think I will make a whole post about the recurring dreams I have :D

believe there is life on other planets?: Yes I do!

read the newspaper?: Yes

consider yourself tolerant of others?: Sometimes

consider police a friend or foe?: Both

I don't know if I should tag anybody??? Ok I will leave it open for anybody to tag himself or herself! So be my guest ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh My God! They Have Tagged Me Again!

I was tagged by Blasha and Samboosa this time and not to mention another tagging post to come later which I was tagged by Namika!

so here it goes:

10 years ago: Last year of high school and first year for my retired father which I thought he will give me a hell of year to study hard but the funny thing he didn't and I managed to get myself a decent average to get my in the university I wanted!

5 years ago: Getting ready for my senior year at university and for the 6 month training period which I hated! Not much to mention except I had good time with my friends!

1 year ago: I thought I was in love :P

Tomorrow: I have no idea! I don't plan much. I just do things like that!

5 snacks I enjoy: Nuts, Pringles, Cheese bread, hommos and many!

5 bands/artists that I think I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Toto, Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Chesney, Poco, And Brad Paisley!

5 things I'd do with $100,000,000: Leave work and start my own business and invest the rest :D

5 locations I'd like to run away to: My room, my living room, my car, the sea, and the streets between the farms.

5 bad habits I have: I have but I am not gonna tell! :P

5 things I like doing: Sleeping, watching football, writing poetry, chatting and being with friends

5 thing I will never wear: a bra, a thong, skirt unless it is the scotish 1, tight clothes and somebody else's clothes!

5 TV shows I like: 24, CSI, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, And American Idol!

5 movies I like: Usual Suspects, Se7en, LA Confidential, Life, Mystic River

5 people I'd like to meet: Maradona, Lionel Messi, my 2nd older brother who passed away, some bloggers and I guess that is more than 5 :P

5 biggest joys at the moment: Being in Canada, writing this post (l0l)... etc

5 favorite toys: My PC, Sega, Sakhr Computer, I don't know I am not that much into toys!

I am not tagging anyone!! :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Last Post

Ok this is not actually my last post but I was thinking of what shall I write in my last post in my blog when I decide to call it a day! So I thought about a simple goodbye and that is it or even leave without a warning! But I just thought of that as boring! And since most bloggers here like controversy, I decided that in my last post, I am gonna reveal my HATE list of the bloggers and say why I hate them and so on :D And of course I will mention the good bloggers who I will miss dearly when I leave!

So stay tuned to the hopeless finale of this so hopeless blog!

Not so soon though ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Song of The Week: Longer

Oh my god! So many Mondays passed by without posting any song or poem of the week! But alas! Yours truly has found the song he was looking for and he is gonna post it!
Remember my post about Dan Fogelberg? I have found a song for him online and here it is! Enjoy reading and listening to what is really a GREAT song! It was my first song I hear from him and that was in 2001 and I liked him since!

Longer (Click on the title to go to the song page- the lyrics there are not fully correct)

Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
I've been in love with you

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you

I'll bring fire in the winters
You'll send showers in the springs
We'll fly through the falls and summers
With love on our wings

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you
I'll be in love with you

Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
I've been in love with you
I am in love with you

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blood Related

A short poem I have just finished and it didn't take me much to think of the words which is good :D

It is called "Blood Related" and it is about family members who just let's say don't know anything about other family members. And I don't mean distant relatives, I mean brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles.

Blood related but we act like strangers

Not once I remember we have met

Remain as we are, or things changers

Life is short and shorter, it can only get

Brought up differently and miles apart

But we still share some common things

And no matter what, we still can start

A friendship, and enjoy the joy it brings

River View

These are 2 photos showing the river which is just a street away from where I am currently staying! Isn't the view amazing? Look at the clouds! I think I can walk on them! They look so thick and they can handle me :P

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg is one of my favorite singers and I guess that most of my regular visitors never heard of him! As usual :P
He is a folk/rock singer who has a wonderful voice and who emerged in the music scene during the 70's and 80's with such songs like Longer, Make Love Stay, Hard to Say and Leader of the Band where he sang about his father who was a bandleader ( the best lines from that song is when he says: I thank you for the music and your stories of the road -- I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go -- I thank you for the kindness and the times when you got tough -- And, papa, I don't think I said 'I love you' near enough) it almost makes me wanna cry when I listen to those lines in particular!

I highly recommend this artist to listen to if you are fed up with the crap they dare to call music these days!
For more information and lyrics check his official site Dan Fogelberg.

* The photo is from 1975 so if anybody decided to listen just because of the looks I am warning you that he changed a little bit now :P

Friday, August 12, 2005

In Canada

Hello people,
I think you might have been wondering where I have disappeared so it is time to tell you all that I am currently in Canada and in Edmonton to be exact :D

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Night

Finally I managed to finish this poem! I started writing it back in last winter and now summer is almost done! Yes that is how slow I am sometimes :D
Well it is about something I am planning to do when I get married and that is to let my wife sleep and stay up all night watching her sleeping till she wakes up and I will bring the breakfast to her in bed! I sound crazy I know but I think I can do it ;)

So here is the poem, enjoy

The Night

My sweetheart, you know how I long to touch you
So please do not think I don't want to make love anymore
It is not that I do not want to hold you the whole night through
But tonight just let me look at you like I never did before

So just lie on the bed and get into a peaceful sleep
Don't worry, I won't be far away I'll just sit on the chair beside the bed
I'll safely guard your dreams while you are in slumber deep
And I'll give you some of mine to hide under the pillow beneath your head

I know it is a cold night, and I should be with you under the covers
But watching sleeping like an angel will surely send warmth into my heart
And it's just amazing, this feeling of love above us hovers
And the bond between us so strong that no one can tear us apart

I promise you I'll stay silent all night and I won't say a word
Until the morning comes and it's time for you to be awake
I'll serve you breakfast in bed, just like you have always preferred
And this is just a small thing of what I'll do for your sake

Monday, July 25, 2005

Poem Of The Week: She Walks In Beauty

I should have posted this last Monday but I wanted my poem "Love" to have more time to get comments ;)

So this poem is called "She Walks In Beauty" and was written by Lord George Gordan Byron and I hope you all like it :)

She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Oh My God! Not Another Tagging Post!

Ok I have been tagged by W and Namika so here I am posting my answers :D

1. What does 'love' mean to you?
Read my poem in the previous post and that should give you an idea ;)

2. What does "marriage" mean to you?
Something all my friends, most of my cousins and my younger brother did and I didn't do :p

3. Do you believe in 'love at first sight?
No I don't think so.

4. How many children would you like?
4 at least. 2 girls and 2 boys :D

5. If given the opportunity, what is that one song you would sing for me on wedding day?
I will let you choose ;)

6. What is your favorite holiday destination?
I don't have 1 since I don't travel a lot.

7. What are three qualities you would look for in a woman?
1- She should be smart, funny and laughs when I tell her a joke :p
2- She should not be a copycat and do whatever her friends do
3- She shouldn't be galeelat 7ayaa :D

8. What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have?
1- I am too nice sometimes and let things go
2- I don't know
3- The fact that I don't know number 2

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Hopefully married with kids and got promoted more than once in my job :D

And as usual I tag nobody :D

Saturday, July 16, 2005


My poem today talks about "Love" which I think the only thing in my life that always goes wrong :D
I am starting to hate love and I mean the love between a man and a woman not the other types of love! :P

So enjoy reading and I am sure many will relate to the poem which I started writing long ago but just finished it today ;)


Love, how can it be defined
Ruled by the heart or the mind
Opens your eyes or makes you blind
Heaven or hell that you may find

You will never know when to fall
And you lose yourself control
And the changes in your heart and soul
And your willingness to give it all

The nights you spend all awake
Thinking if it is right or a big mistake
The things you will do for the other's sake
The eternal happiness or the heartbreak

Love is that indescribable feeling
It is the pure air, which you are inhaling
When you are sick, it has the healing
The compass that guide you when you are sailing

It gives you wings when you need to fly
And builds castles up in the sky
It makes you laugh and makes you cry
And it makes your tears run dry

Love is that what mends a broken heart
And keeps it safe from all the spite
Even if it is love that broke that heart in the start
Only God knows how many will be broken tonight

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Song Of The Week: Right to Remain Silent

I have been listening to this song for like 5 times daily now since I have known about it. It is performed by a not so famous country band called "Perfect Stranger" and basically I don't know anything about them!

Right to Remain Silent

Can I have this dance, my you're looking pretty
Is there something wrong, did he leave you hurting
I don't mean to pry, but that tear in your eye, gave you away
If you don't want to talk, we'll keep it quiet
But sometimes a heartache hurts worse if you hide it
I think there's a chance, one slow dance
Might ease the pain...

You have the right to remain silent
Anything that you say as I hold you against me
Will forever be a secret, between us two
I've been wanting you, but you didn't know it
And now that he's gone, at last I can show it
If your heart is tired, for the rest of your life
Lay your love on me

So many times my eyes have held you
Tonight please give my arms that chance
If you don't feel the need for conversation
We'll just let our hearts talk while we dance...

You have the right to remain silent
Anything that you say as I hold you against me
Will forever be a secret, between us two
I've been wanting you, but you didn't know it
And now that he's gone, at last I can show it
If your heart is tired, for the rest of your life
Lay your love on me

If your heart is tired, for the rest of your life
Lay your love on me

Friday, July 08, 2005

My First Interview

Hello all! Finally your Hopeless Poet got interviewed!

Many secrets and first time information about me were revealed so don't miss it! :P

Check it out here Living In Poetry Blog

Thanks Nasra for interviewing me :D

Monday, July 04, 2005

Books Tagging!!

I think this is the most posted topic in the last 2 weeks in the blogs!! Anyway I had been tagged by Namika and True Faith :D and maybe others that I don't know of :p

Here are my answers:

Number of books I Read or Own:
Many I didn't count them! They are mostly mystery books by Agatha Christie and others less known! Even I have those small Egyptian mystery books if anybody remember them :P Last book I read:The Blue Nowhere: A Novel by Jeffery Deaver.

Books that mean a lot to me:
All Agatha Christie books! I think I have all her books that are available in the market :D

The book I am reading since long but could not finish:
A novel called: Birdman by Mo Hayder! For some reason I am not that attached to read it! Maybe the writer style is not that good!

I am currently reading:
Birdman and a poems book for Rupert Brooke!

The poeple I wanted to tag have been already tagged :P

Poem Of The Week :Loss and Gain

The poem today was written by the "Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" and I can say that he has a nice name :P

Loss and Gain

When I compare
What I have lost with what I have gained,
What I have missed with what attained,
Little room do I find for pride.

I am aware
How many days have been idly spent;
How like an arrow the good intent
Has fallen short or been turned aside.

But who shall dare
To measure loss and gain in this wise?
Defeat may be victory in disguise;
The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Poet's Insanity

Here is my latest poem which talks about how insane my dreams are :D

A Poet's Insanity

Send me beyond the clouds and lay me down
Beneath the twilight where the sun meets the moon
Somewhere among the stars my soul is set to drown
Maybe it is a dream, so don't wake me up too soon

Let me dream and be whoever I want to be
Maybe I will be the darkness when the night falls
Or I will be the light to set the world free
Or the sun hiding behind some shattered walls

Visions of me falling along side the pouring rain
Or travel like the clouds in slow motion
And probably you are thinking that I am insane
Then watch me dive in the sky's deepest ocean

I may even drown in a small drop of tear
Sail the seas among the brownness of my lover’s eyes
Or sit on the palms of the tender hands I revere
Hopeless dreams, I know, but who said poets are wise?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Song Of The Week: The River

This song is one of my favorites for "Garth Brooks" who is already a legend in country music.
I hope you all like it :)

The River (Click on the title to go to the song page)

You know a dream is like a river
Everchanging as it flows
And the dreamer's just a vessel
That must follow where it goes
Trying to learn from what's behind you
And never knowing what's in store
Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores...

And I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry...

Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide...

Yes, I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry...

There's bound to be rough waters
And I know I'll take some falls
But with the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all...

Yes, I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry...

Yes, I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
'Til the river runs dry...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Poem Of The Week: The Captive Dove

This poem is by one of the 3 Bronte Sisters who all have lived a short but rich life. "The Captive Dove" by "Anne Bronte"

Poor restless dove, I pity thee;
And when I hear thy plaintive moan,
I mourn for thy captivity,
And in thy woes forget mine own.

To see thee stand prepared to fly,
And flap those useless wings of thine,
And gaze into the distant sky,
Would melt a harder heart than mine.

In vain ­ in vain! Thou canst not rise:
Thy prison roof confines thee there;
Its slender wires delude thine eyes,
And quench thy longings with despair.

Oh, thou wert made to wander free
In sunny mead and shady grove,
And, far beyond the rolling sea,
In distant climes, at will to rove!

Yet, hadst thou but one gentle mate
Thy little drooping heart to cheer,
And share with thee thy captive state,
Thou couldst be happy even there.

Yes, even there, if, listening by,
One faithful dear companion stood,
While gazing on her full bright eye,
Thou mightst forget thy native wood.

But thou, poor solitary dove,
Must make, unheard, thy joyless moan;
The heart, that Nature formed to love,
Must pine, neglected, and alone.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Winter Night’s Poem

Before any of you say anything, I know we are in the middle of summer now so don't think that I am crazy writing poems about winter. The story is that I started writing it in winter and I only managed to finish it during last weekend.

A Winter Night’s Poem

A black owl howling outside the cottage
With a sound sending shivers to the spine
A broken heart pulled out form the wreckage
God only knows if it yours or it is mine

Very cold is the night in this winter season
It seems that the warmth has disappeared in the dark
And people are being hurt without a reason
Even the smallest wound leaves a mark

We hear a silent cry from a lost soul
The cry for help and the need to be found
And of our lives we try to be in control
Since we were born and until we are laid in the ground

We have lost the purpose and fallen into the abyss
And we tend to sweet cover most of our crimes
Alone we stay still and we reminisce
All the mistakes we have done in the past times

Monday, June 13, 2005

Song Of The Week: Do You Dream of Me?

The song for this week is a very very romantic song from "Michael W. Smith" and I am sure not many of you heard of him :D

Do You Dream of Me (Click on the title to listen to the song)

Dreams within the still of night
On wings of hope take flight inside of me
There upon the distant shore
We want for nothing more that what will be
And you and I, here we are
I wonder as we've come this far...

If I could only read your mind
Tell me the answer I would find
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

Love has found a magic space
A deep and hidden place
Where time stands still
Now I hold you in my arms
You know you hold my heart, and always will

And you and I, here we are
And it's a wonder that we've come this far

And after all that we've been through
You've leaned on me, I've leaned on you
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?

If I could only read your mind
Tell me the answer I would find
Do you dream of me?
And when you're smiling in your sleep
Beyond the promises we keep
Do you dream of me?
And after all that we've been through
You've leaned on me, I've leaned on you
Do you dream of me?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Top 10 Albums Titles According to Me

The main reason we buy an album is of course the band or the artist that the album belongs to. But did anybody buy an album just because he or she liked the title of that album?? I think I have did it once or twice and made the risk of buying an album for a band I never heard of which is rare because I know most of the famous bands and artists :P

So here are the top 10 albums titles according to me:

10. Boats Against the Current - Eric Carmen
9. Photographs & Memories - Jim Croce
8. Yourself Or Someone Like You - Matchbox 20
7. Breathless - Kenny G
6. Darkness on the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
5. News From Nowhere - Air Supply
4. My Own Best Enemy - Richard Marx
3. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - Manic Street Preachers
2. Through the Looking Glass - Toto
1. Painted Desert Serenade - Joshua Kadison

I might have forgotten another titles that I really like but these what I could think of when writing this post!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Your Name

Here is my latest poem and it is called "Your Name" ^.^

Let the flowers whisper your name
With every passing breeze
While the birds sing your name
When they fly among the trees

The mountains will joyfully dance
To the rhythm of your name
And the stars will take a glance
At the beauty of your name

All the letters in your name
Sparkle and shine in the darkness
And all the names beside your name
Vanish and fade out in silence

And be sure that I would write
A poem about your name
And recite it upon the night
Until the dawn memorizes your name

Monday, June 06, 2005

Poem Of The Week :The Call

The poem for this week is "The Call" for "Rupert Brooke" and please don't confuse this poem with the song that has the same title from Backstreet Boys :p

Out of the nothingness of sleep,
The slow dreams of Eternity,
There was a thunder on the deep:
I came, because you called to me.

I broke the Night's primeval bars,
I dared the old abysmal curse,
And flashed through ranks of frightened stars
Suddenly on the universe!

The eternal silences were broken;
Hell became Heaven as I passed. --
What shall I give you as a token,
A sign that we have met, at last?

I'll break and forge the stars anew,
Shatter the heavens with a song;
Immortal in my love for you,
Because I love you, very strong.

Your mouth shall mock the old and wise,
Your laugh shall fill the world with flame,
I'll write upon the shrinking skies
The scarlet splendour of your name,

Till Heaven cracks, and Hell thereunder
Dies in her ultimate mad fire,
And darkness falls, with scornful thunder,
On dreams of men and men's desire.

Then only in the empty spaces,
Death, walking very silently,
Shall fear the glory of our faces
Through all the dark infinity.

So, clothed about with perfect love,
The eternal end shall find us one,
Alone above the Night, above
The dust of the dead gods, alone.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Night by the Ocean

Finally I have managed to finish a poem and it didn't take me more than two days to finish this one! While I have unfinished poems that I have started writing before months but for a reason or another I am stuck in the middle!
Anyway this poem is called "Night by the Ocean" though I have never seen any ocean in my life before :P

The hasty waves of the ocean
Washes away the footprints on the sand
And the cold breeze moving in slow motion
Strikes my face and does not stop where I stand
It goes on and it is like a healing potion
Prescribed for the broken hearted land

And when the ocean embraces the shore
Like a hopeless lover waiting to belong
The sky is joyous like never before
While the ocean's waves sing a song
Such a perfect scene is impossible to ignore
A hopeless poet like me cannot but write along

On the page of water, reflection of the moon
So clear, sending comfort to the wondering eye
And the stars dance to a lovely tune
Played by the water, sand and the sky
But all of that is going to end so soon
When the morning breathes its first sigh

Monday, May 30, 2005

Song Of The Week: Bridge Over Troubled Water

I think you have noticed that I only post once a week currently and it is the copy and paste post but I am all out of ideas and I can't finish any poem I have started. Anyway I have been hunting for good songs to share with you and I came across this song. I have known the band or the duet "Simon & Garfunkel" long time ago but for some reason I didn't care to listen to this song until recently! My favorite song was "The Sound of Silence". So our song for this week is called "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Read the lyrics and listen to the song and hopefully you will like it like I did.

When you’re weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
I’m on your side. when times get rough
And friends just can’t be found,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

When you’re down and out,
When you’re on the street,
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
I’ll take your part.
When darkness comes
And pains is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

Sail on silvergirl,
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine.
If you need a friend
I’m sailing right behind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Poem Of The Week : I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

It has been a week now since I have posted anything new and you can say that I am in an empty mind state! I can't write a poem or any other post and not to mention that the blogs are currently blocked where I work!!!

Well since it is Monday and it is the poem's week, I brought to you this classic poem called: "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by "William Wordsworth"

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed---and gazed---but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Song Of The Week: You Had Me From Hello

It is the song week this Monday and I've decided to post this beautiful song by "Kenny Chesney". Maybe the name sounds familiar to you and heard of this guy lately! Well he was all over the news last week after he got married to the famous actress "Rene Zellweger".

You Had Me From Hello

One word, that's all you said
Somethin' in your voice caused me to turn my head.
Your smile, just captured me
And you were in my future as far as I could see
And I don't know how it happened, but it happened still
You asked me if I love you, if I always will

Well you, had me from hello
I felt love start to grow
The moment that I looked into your eyes, you owned me
It was over from the start
You completely stole my heart
And now you won't let go
I never even had a chance you know
You had me from hello

Inside, I built the walls
So high around my heart, I thought I'd never fall
One touch, you brought it down
The bricks of my defenses scattered on the ground
And I swore to me I wasn't gonna love again
The last time was the last time, I let someone in

But you, had me from hello
I felt love start to grow
The moment that I looked into your eyes, you owned me
It was over from the start
You completely stole my heart
And now you won't let go
I never even had the chance you know
You had me from hello

That's all you said
Somethin' in your voice caused me to turn my head
You had me from hello
You had me from hello
Girl I've loved you from hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Different Kind of Melody

Here is my latest poem. A fantasy mixed with nature.

A Different Kind of Melody

Look at the leaves falling from the trees
Hear to the voice of the naked branches singing loud
Wait for the rain to fall from that lonely wondering cloud
And dance to the beat of a different kind of melody

Smell the freshness of air traveling with the breeze
Fill your mind and senses with the beautiful scene
Lose yourself to the moment so peaceful and serene
And enjoy the beat of a different kind of melody

Raise your hands to the sky; try to catch a moonlight beam
Stare at the eye of the sun, and do not ever blink
Climb over the highest mountain and get close to the brink
Dive in the sky and create your different kind of melody

Close your eyes and drift into a long daydream
Let your imagination takes you to this heavenly place
Swim beyond that shore, kind things are waiting for you to embrace
And there it will be played, a different kind of melody

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nostalgic: Up On The Roof

I have talked before in one of my earliest posts which was Nostalgic about how Johnson's Baby Shampoo (which I use currently :P) reminded me of my childhood days and the old beautiful cartoons and while I was surfing the net today I came across a site with the cartoons songs and I listened to this one "Al7adeeqa AlSerreyah- The Secret Garden" though I don't remember watching this cartoon but I liked the song! Then my thoughts went back in time and I remembered some of the action in my childhood and early teenage hood. My cousin, my brother and I used to build us a small tent or some kind of a hut on the roof of our house using two wooden posts and some wood plates and some old rigs. We used to spend great times there specially during Ramadan at night where we have some candles to light the place or a flashlight. Also we used to hang out there during winter. We used it for fun, we smoked there even :P and we used it to hide from our parents :D

We really had great times up on the roof! We used to play football there with my other younger cousins and my nephew. We had very intense matches :D. I think even the girls played with us when they were small :P My mom used to get mad when we play there saying one day you will make the house fall on us!!

We used to have small cars with pedals for kids and they were quite old that time so we thought of ourselves as engineers and decided to build a caravan or a trailer to drive out in the street. We brought some wood and steel and some tools and started to build it. I think we only managed to dismantle the old cars and put a wood plate on the tires then we just gave up and decided to not waste time on this. That time we were thinking of after we finish it, how can we get it down to the street? :P

During the winter exams period which is after the 1st term of the year, my brother and I decided to go and study on the roof and we took a carpet and made tea and went there. It felt like we are camping :D The weather was perfect, the sky was blue with some white clouds and the birds were singing on the TV aerial. We enjoyed catching flies too ;). When we finished drinking all the tea, our cups became sticky with what is left of the tea and that attracted the flies so they enter the cup and we directly blocked on them with our hands then we put them in a plastic bag. Then after a while we release them :D. Too bad they were not butterflies! That would have made the whole scene more perfect.

Some people have a secret garden and I have the roof ;)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Poem Of The Week: A Dream

So as we agreed in the previous post it's gonna be a poem in a week and a song in the week after.
So my first poem is a classic one by "William Blake" called "A Dream".

Once a dream did weave a shade
O'er my angel-guarded bed,
That an emmet lost its way
Where on grass methought I lay.

Troubled, wildered, and forlorn,
Dark, benighted, travel-worn,
Over many a tangle spray,
All heart-broke, I heard her say:

"Oh my children! do they cry,
Do they hear their father sigh?
Now they look abroad to see,
Now return and weep for me."

Pitying, I dropped a tear:
But I saw a glow-worm near,
Who replied, "What wailing wight
Calls the watchman of the night?

"I am set to light the ground,
While the beetle goes his round:
Follow now the beetle's hum;
Little wanderer, hie thee home!"

A Song or a Poem?

Hello dear readers,
I am thinking of changing my blog plans and I wanted to take your opinion about it. Currently I have a copy and paste post which is the song of the week post but I kinda got bored of that. So do you think replacing the song with a poem of the week is a good idea? Of course the poem that will be posted is written by some famous poet and not my own work. Or I post a song this week and the week next will be a poem then a song then a poem? Or I cancel the whole weekly post? Or even the whole blog? It is up to you my dear readers. I am applying real democracy here ;)

Have a nice day!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Weekend Syndrome

Does anybody else suffer from this syndrome? It is very annoying specially if you go to bed around 12 AM and you have to wake up around 4:10 AM!
For those who do not know what is Weekend Syndrome here is some information about it: You are supposedly a good employee like myself or a good student just like how I was years ago. You work pr study so hard during the week and you look forward for the weekend to have fun and sleep as much as you can because you didn't sleep enough during the week. And if you are a night owl just like myself you stay up all night to make sure that the world is fine and the sun will shine then you go to bed with peace filling your heart. You wake up around 1 PM and you take a shower then the rest of the day is all routine so we will skip that part. Then your weekend sadly comes to an end and it is 11:59 PM Friday night or Sunday night depending on where you live or the weekend schedule you have. You go to your bed after brushing your teeth and fixing up your bag (if your work is in another city like myself). The room is chilling and you cover yourself well and you close your eyes hoping to see sweet dreams but no! You close your eyes and you toss and turn and get these weird dreams that make you long for nightmares! You dream about strange blogs, a song stuck in your head, some football match you watched the night before and many silly things! The problem is that you get these dreams while you are half asleep! Some weird state where you say please god don't make it 4:10 AM yet! I didn't sleep at all. Just 5 more minutes please. And just as you turn your body to the other side you know this is gonna be your last turn as the alarm cries bringing you the bad news. So you sit in the bed thinking for a moment to skip work today and call and tell them you are sick but since you are an honest person you decide to go to the toilet and get ready to go to work and try to enjoy this long day as much as you can.

In summary the Weekend Syndrome (according to me) is the inability to sleep well or even not to sleep at all the night the weekend ends due to some problems in the biological clock.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bored at The Office

Hello my dear readers,
We all gathered here (I always wanted to say that in a public speech which may never happen) to witness how bored is Hopeless Poet (I think Bored Poet fits me more these days). My current job now is like a unit supervisor and I have like 4 or 5 people reporting to me. All of them are older than me. So you can imagine how hard it is for such a nice gut like me to give older men some orders and do this and don't do that. The biggest problem is that they can't stand each other! They envy each other and they come to me and talk about how bad is the others and how honest they are while the others are liars. Of course I hear it from one side and store it in my mind for later use :P
When I first arrived there was this guy who used to come to my office (by the way, I have my own office now ;) ) and talks to me like for 5 minutes about how professional he is and about honesty and integrity. Later I was told from credible sources that he is not liked by many and most say he is a big liar and not so honest at all. Also he said he is gonna take the unit car (which is under my name) to go somewhere and he will returned it later. 30 minutes passed and he is still didn't go, 1 hour passed and he is still on his desk, later I asked him why are you still here? He told me some BS so I told him give me the key and I took it and put it in my drawer and locked it and I went home because it was the weekend :D. His plan was to keep the car with him in the weekend and use it for his personal stuff but he was caught ;). Now he rarely comes to my office or even talks to me. :D
Now let me tell you why I am bored: I am sitting in the office and since it is not a busy work season for us, so there is not much to do. I log on to the messenger and barely there is anyone online! I don't know what the problem is. Maybe most of them blocked my or something :P
Before in the place I used to work in, I used to go to my friends cubicles and talk to them and so on and pass time and they were close to my age and we were like 4 people so we get together and joke around and share some old memories. Now my new friends work in another floor and I can't leave my office as much as I like because of the many phone calls I receive and the people around me are all older than me I still don't know them that well.

Ok that is enough for today! Till next time when I am so bored just like today ;)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Song Of The Week (12)

The song this week talks about the relationship between us and our fathers and the lack of communication between us and them and how we only realize that after it is too late. The song is called "The Living Years" performed by the band "Mike and Mechanics"

The Living Years

Every generation
Blames the one before
And all of their frustrations
Come beating on your door

I know that I'm a prisoner
To all my Father held so dear
I know that I'm a hostage
To all his hopes and fears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Crumpled bits of paper
Filled with imperfect thought
Stilted conversations
I'm afraid that's all we've got

You say you just don't see it
He says it's perfect sense
You just can't get agreement
In this present tense
We all talk a different language
Talking in defence

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

So we open up a quarrel
Between the present and the past
We only sacrifice the future
It's the bitterness that lasts

So Don't yield to the fortunes
You sometimes see as fate
It may have a new perspective
On a different day
And if you don't give up, and don't give in
You may just be O.K.

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

I wasn't there that morning
When my father passed away
I didn't get to tell him
All the things I had to say

I think I caught his spirit
Later that same year
I'm sure I heard his echo
In my baby's new born tears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Love In Mourning

Here is my latest poem which I called it "Love In Mourning". I started writing it long ago to get into a contest but then I stopped and I was back to it during the weekend and I was able to finish it yesterday. So enjoy :D

It was too soon for you to go
And to leave me here on my own
The home is empty, my whole life too
How am I supposed to face this alone?

The memories of us keep on haunting me
Pictures of us still hanged on the wall
Our names still carved on that pine tree
Every time I pass it by, my tears start to fall

I still remember the promises we have made
You said nothing would tear us apart
But, now you are gone and I am afraid
And nothing can heal my aching heart

It feels like yesterday since we have laid you in the ground
It was the hardest thing for me to face
I swear I thought that I sensed your scent all around
Alive I felt you were there, I looked around and all was an empty space

It has been a while since I passed by your grave
I wonder if the flowers I planted have grown
And if you ask why? Well I am no longer brave
I cannot cry anymore while kissing your name on the tombstone

So rest in peace oh young and my loved one
Angels in heaven will take care of you
Your eternal life has only just begun
And wait for me when my time is due

Monday, April 25, 2005

Song Of The Week (11)

It is the 11th song I posted here and it feels like I just posted the 1st song yesterday! Time goes by so quickly I guess!

The song is called "Looking Through Your Eyes" by "Leanne Rimes"

Look at the sky
Tell me, what do you see?
Just close your eyes
And describe it to me
The Heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight
That's what I see through your eyes

I see the Heavens
Each time that you smile
I hear your heartbeart
Just go on for miles
And suddenly I know my life is worthwhile
That's what I see through your eyes

Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by suprise...
Looking through your eyes

Look at myself
And instead I see us
Whoever I am
Now it feels like enough
And I see it a girl who is learning to trust
That's who I see through your eyes

Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes

And there are some things we don't know
Sometimes our hearts just needs to call
And there is so much that I remember
Underneath the open sky
With you forever

Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes

Looking through your eyes

**Click on the song title to go to the song page

Sunday, April 24, 2005

In The Garden

Here is a poem that I wrote a while ago but I didn't post it directly because I was not that much comfortable with it and I am still not so comfortable so I will leave the judgement for you!

In the Garden

At noon, sitting in the garden
Talking and reminiscing
And the passing time eases the burden
Without us even noticing

Two young hearts and souls
Destiny brought them together
Sharing common hopes and goals
And enjoying the nice weather

Flowers are all around
Of different types and colors
Perfectly laid on the ground
Joyful view for the dwellers

So we lay on the green grass
And gaze at the clear blue sky
While cool winds gently pass
And birds slowly fly

We enjoy playing hide and seek
Behind that big willow tree
And the chase beside that creek
It is the feeling of being free

We run around until the nighttime
And we stay awhile to watch the stars
Their beauty is sublime
And we feel that the sky is all ours

Now it is time for us to go
And leave this garden alone
But inside our hearts we know
That this garden is our own

And there will be a time again
When we visit this garden of bliss
To forget about the pain
And enjoy where the real love exists

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Song Of The Week (10)

Well Monday passed by and I forgot to post the song of the week! So I apologize for that. The song this week is from an artist called "Joshua Kadison". He is very talented but commercially not that well known. I have 3 albumes for him and they all are good and I am sure I will buy his fourth when he is done with it.
This song is so great! I think I will sing it to my wife in her birthdays if she does not mind me singing that is :P

Beautiful In My Eyes (Click save target as to download the song)

You're my piece of mind
In this crazy world
You're everything I've tried to find
Your love is a pearl

You're my Mona Lisa, you're my rainbow skies
And my only prayer, is that you realize
You'll always be Beautiful, In My Eyes

The world will turn
And the seasons will change
And all the lessons we will learn
Will be beautiful and strange

We'll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs
My only prayer, is that you realize
You'll always be Beautiful, In My Eyes

You will always be, Beautiful In My Eyes
And the passing years will show
That you will always grow
Evermore Beautiful, In My Eyes

And there are lines upon my face
From a lifetime of smiles
But when the time comes to embrace
For one long last while

We can laugh about it, how time really flies
We won't say goodbye, 'cause true-love never dies
You'll always be Beautiful, In My Eyes

You will always be, Beautiful In My Eyes
And the passing years will show
That you will always grow
Evermore Beautiful, In My Eyes

The passing years will show
That you will always grow
Evermore Beautiful, In My Eyes

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Here is my latest poem "Illusions"

I see shadows on the wall
As soon as I turn on the light
And strange voices loudly call
Breaking the silence of the night
Illusions of things big and small
Mixing the wrong with the right
And deadly letters starts to crawl
On the pages when I write
Ghosts with weapons and all
In my head battle and fight
Human bodies like rain they fall
Filling up the heart with fright
And no matter how hard you bawl
You are sure things will never be alright

Friday, April 15, 2005


A face I drew using the handwriting tool in the msn messenger latest version! I liked it so I took to Photoshop, colored it and decided to post it here :D

Monday, April 11, 2005

Song Of The Week (9)

This week song is "Bless the Broken Road" by a band called "Rascal Flatts". You can listen to it by clicking on the title. It is low quality though and if you get the message that the page has exceeded the bandwidth or something, try tomorrow and it should work!

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Now I'm just rolling home
Into my lover's arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whispering Flowers

Finally I managed to write a complete poem! I passed through a period of no inspiration what so ever! But now I am back! I don't know how good is this poems but I hope you like it! And again critical comments are welcomed :D

Whispering Flowers

There in the garden they lay
Blossoming in early may
Dancing happily with the breeze
Singing lovely tunes with the trees
Whispering the sweetest words
Talking to the wandering birds
Their scent fills the place
And their beauty is full of grace
It is just how we dreamed it will be
A Garden of Eden just for you and me
And as we lay on the grass
We watch the clouds slowly pass
I gently hold your hand
And I know you understand
And as I turn toward you
I know just what to do
I will softly touch your face
And drown in your sweet embrace
I will run my fingers through your hair
And show you how much I care
Then I will pick one flower
Full of charm and power
I let it whisper in your ear
And it will tell you all what you want to hear
And when the garden welcomes the night
Again I will hold your hand tight
And pull you close and whisper in your ear
And tell you, you have nothing to fear
And I wish I can catch the moonlight beams
And shape them into your hopes and dreams

Monday, April 04, 2005

Song Of The Week (8)

Today I bring to you a country song that topped the country chart in 1985. The song is "Some Fools Never Learn" By "Steve Wariner". It has nice lyrics and it is a great song indeed and I am sure some will feel the lyrics related to them.

All my friends
Say I should leave you alone
You got a heart like a stone
And a wanderin' eye
And I know that they're right
I can make up my mind
Not to see you again
But you move through my dreams like the wind
It's no good to pretend
It won't happen again
Cause it'll happen again

Some fools never learn
Play with the fire
And you're gonna get burned
It's only love
When you're loved in return
Some fools never learn
Some fools never learn

And Baby I tried
But I'm just not that strong
Guess I knew all along
But that's not enough
I was falling in love
And you don't know it
But I came over tonight
There was somebody's car parked outside
Damn my eyes
Damn this heart of mine
I drove off into the night

Some fools never learn
Play with the fire
And you're gonna get burned
It's only love
When you're loved in return
Some fools never learn
Some fools never learn

Somewhere, in the city tonight
There's a girl and she's lonely like me
She'll be easy to see
And naturally
She'll have that look in her eye
She'll be feeling that way
I see it all plain as day
Oh I'll never be
What she wants me to be
Oh but lucky for me

Some fools never learn
Play with the fire
And you're gonna get burned
It's only love
When you're loved in return
Some fools never learn
Some fools never learn
Some fools never learn