Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Dream

Back to romantic poems. I don't remember when I actually wrote this but I found it in my old documents. I wrote it for and about the love of my life ;)

I Dream

I dream of waking up beside you
And kissing your bare shoulder
Year after year passing through
As we, and our love grow older

I dream of watching you brush your hair
While you are in your sleeping gown
Your scent is filling the air
As you let your hair fall down

I dream of seeing you coming out of shower
With nothing but the towel on
Smelling fresher than the freshest flower
Like a summer breeze in early dawn

I dream of watching you asleep
Like an angel in our bed
My treasure that I will keep
Forever and until I am dead

Monday, November 16, 2009

Broken Tales

Here is a poem I wrote few years back. Here I tried a different kind of rhyming style. The 1st line rhymes with the last and the 2nd with the line before the last and so on..

Broken Tales

Once upon the moon in the sky
I have made a wish upon a star
And walked along this lonely shore
I left my footprints on the sand
And I have written my name there
But all were washed away by a manic sea
And I have walked and walked all alone
And then before I have ever known
The future was a forgotten memory
That I have lost somewhere
I once saw it clearly in the palm of my hand
And like those who were there before
I have never made it very far
There is no reason and I don’t know why

Friday, November 13, 2009


This is an old poem that I wrote and was waiting to be finished but after reading twice tonight I have decided that there's no need to write more in it. I think the meaning is complete!

Don't let me open my eyes
I can see better when they're closed
Don't wake me up from my sleep
I have my life there to keep
Where reality has been exposed
And all the beauty that never dies

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost Happy

So I didn't pass the exam and I was 1% short from the passing mark. I will have a chance to retake it again in December. I felt down after I failed to pass the exam but it is nothing compared to the feeling of failing marriage or engagement! So I think I got used to the failing feeling.

After 2 days I called my boss (he emailed me to call him) and he told me that the Company approved my Master's for next year so that cheered me up! But now I will have to take GMAT and TOEFL! I started studying for the GMAT and I am trying to register for the TOEFL but when it comes to paying, it just keeps processing like it is trying to contact the bank and it is not responding or something! I emailed them and I will try again tomorrow!
Now I am also looking at universities in USA (where I will go most likely) and not many of them offer the approved program! I want to go to one of the Northeast States where it snows! I wanna play in the snow :(
Colorado is my 1st option even though it is kind of in the middle! But the nature there is irresistible! 

I think I will be a great poet if I have this kind of scenary around me :D

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me

Since I don't have anything good to say and I am busy studying for an exam (wish me luck) I will just post a song again! Another country sad song :P

By the way, who voted in my poll? Who didn't like my playlist? Admit it! :P

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Imaginary Album

In my other life I am a rock/country singer where I had this 1 great album which I retired after it and lived happily ever after doing concerts and interviews :D

I have written all the songs and I played the guitar. Other instruments were played by some session musicians from my record label :P
My style is that similar to Joshua Radin or some kind of a crossover between country and rock.
Here are the songs titles:

  1. Memories to Forget
  2. Daytime Whispers
  3. Unloved
  4. Faded but not Forgotten
  5. My Comfort Zone
  6. I Could've Done Better
  7. A Warm Winter
  8. The Wedding Portrait
  9. Unspoken Feelings
  10. You Should Have Told Me
  11. When Love Dies
  12. Melted Candle
I have tried to design the album cover but I am not good with photoshop :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nobody Knows It But Me

Never mind the baldness.. he is a cancer survivor!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I think I am back to the place where it all started.. the place looks dusty! ko7 ko7

A lot has changed since last post.. I got engaged and was about to get married but it didn't work out .. my father passed away (Allah Yer7amah).. I got promoted finally! .. I started a new assignment .. I am also not 20 something years young anymore .. what else? I don't remember actually .. see you in my next post!