Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weird Me!

I have been tagged by adaydreamer to mention the weird things about me and I came up with this list:

1- I don’t mind sleeping when the lights on or when the lights off and it depends on the time I am sleeping in. If it was a nap in the afternoon or even at night I leave the lights on so I can easily check the time and wake up. If it was the main sleep, it has to be in total darkness and it has to be quiet except for the sound of the AC, the fan or the computer fan.

2- I used to study for my exams in front of the TV. The reason is that I can’t study without that kind of noise or I will fall asleep. I tried to study in my room but I always end up sleeping and wasting some hours!

3- I have noticed that whenever I wear a long sleeves shirt I lift 1 sleeve up to reach my elbow (usually right one) and leave the other not lifted.

4- I don’t write my poems on paper, I go directly to the PC and write them.

5- I don’t like dust at all. When my hands touch a dusty place even if it was a little dust, I don’t feel comfortable and I won’t be able to sleep until I wash my hands few times with soap.

6- I don’t open public toilets doors using my bare hand. I have to use a tissue or something because I know many people don’t wash their hands when they finish!

7- I keep all the empty boxes of the things I buy whether they are TVs, shoes or computer stuff! My room is full of them and my mom always tells me to through them away but I just can’t! I feel attached to them.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Silver Moon

Here is my latest poem. Enjoy :D

Silver Moon

Silver moon shines in the sky above
And the light fills my soul
As I try to empty my heart from the love
That prevented me from being whole
Looking for the lost source of inspiration
While sitting here with no motivation
Wasted effort and wasted time
Trying to think of the perfect rhyme

Maybe a dance under the moonlight
Will help me to ease the pain
And if it was not for the moon shining bright
You would have seen me dancing insane
I know I must forget you, upon this night
And try not to remember you again

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Set The World On Fire

My latest poem! I think I have something burning inside me :p

And the photo looks great right? :D

Set The World On Fire

Set the world on unholy fire
Where the fuel is anger and hate
Burn the thoughts and the mad desire
Of defying destiny and fate

Set the world on fire and watch it burn
And behind, leave all those saints and sinners
Who cares, do not turn back do not return
Let them all burn, losers or winners

Hell on Earth will be breaking loose
And Heaven above shall be waiting for you
Do not fall for tricks or calls for a truce
Burn the world; let it be built anew