Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Perfect You

An old poem that I have just finished today!

The Perfect You

There was the river and there were you
And there was the moonlight shining
The stars dancing all around
Roses like a bed covering the ground
The moon, the stars, and the roses combining
The night was so perfect and you were too

You stood there and you were glowing
And the scent of you filled the air
My emotions were like the river flowing
How I envy that breeze that passes through your hair
I was mesmerized and it was showing
And you acted just like you did not care
So could you only be a dream or a fantasy?
And all of this is just unreal
And I was drowning in an endless sea
Mislead by the way I feel

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Valentine

Since I don't have anybody in my life I am reaching out for the single girls out there to apply and be my Valentine in this coming thursday! She should be beautiful and well.. beautiful :D

The deadline for accepting the application will be Wednesday 3 Pm GMT and any application coming after that .. well... I guess it will be considered also since who am I to say no? :P

The selected applicant(s) will go with me on a cruise in the pacific (of course she will have to imagine that cos I can't do it for real :$ ). I also might write a poem (she shouldn't count much on that either)!

To apply send me an email (in my profile) with your CV, certifications and references from previous valentines and who knows you may find a better job :\