Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary

A year ago in the cold winter, Hopeless Rhymes was born. The plan was not to post poems, just the normal posts but then I found that I don't have that much of beneficial things to say! So I ended up posting the only thing I THINK I am good at!

I will keep it short so I want just to thank all of those bloggers and non-bloggers who supported me from the start till now and those who supported me at the start and decided to disappear or to stop commenting :P

Thank you all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Song of The Christmas : Forever Loving You

Well I used to have a weekly post called song of the week but I stopped so now when I thought of the title I figured that I can't use the term week so I chose Christmas since it is the time ;)

A country song for not very well known artist "Julian Austin" called "Forever Loving You"

Everytime i see you smile
I can't help but smile
I love the way your eyes
Say they love me

I love it when you hold me close
The scent of you left on my clothes
The tenderness of your kiss moves me

Girl you're more than everything
You're in my heart,
My soul,
You're the air I breath
You're everything that i been missin in my life

And I'll always be, forever loving you
Its just meant to be, it all I wanna do...
You're everything my heart has ever known
And girl, you mean more than life to me,
And without you girl it wouldnt mean a thing
Until its my time to go,
I'll love you more than you'll ever know

There so many little things,
In my life, that you bring
Like the way you hold me,
When we're sleeping.

I wouldnt feel the way i do,
If you didnt give me a love so true.
You're the hopes and dreams that I believe in

Girl you not just everything,
My best friend you'll always be
You're everything,
that i need in my life


I swear that it'll always be,
A time for you and me,
Girl i love you so........

Girl ill always be forever loving you,
Its just meant to be,
Its what i want to do
You're everything my heart has every known,
And girl you mean,
more than life to me,
And without you girl,
It wouldnt mean a thing,
Until its my time to go...

Until its my time to go...

I'll love you more than you'll ever know.....


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Moon's Serenade

Finally! I am here again and posting! It's been a long time! Very very long! Did anybody miss me? :P

Anyway here is my latest poem and I am glad that I have finished it! Enjoy it until the next time I post something new :D

A Moon's Serenade

Here we are sitting on the edge of the moon
Watching the world below
The stars and the planets around us croon
Our entwined fingers are dancing slow
We are no birds be we were able to fly
And for once in our lives we are ruling the sky

Listen to the sound of a wonderful serenade
Drift into a dream while I am holding your hands
Do not let the brightness in your eyes ever fade
Let me breathe the breeze that passed through your strands
I like it when the scent of you fills my senses
And I stop thinking when I see your smile
One touch you can touch me and it will shatter all my defenses
Then I am yours for a lifetime, not only for a while