Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Perfect Crime

Ok! Finally I think I am ready to commit the perfect crime! Watching those famous crimes shows like all versions of CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, a little of Killer Instinct, Psych and Monk and reading Agatha Christie's books made me aware of what a mistake can a murderer make, of course other than the murder itself. I am going to watch over my DNA, fingerprints, footprints and car tired prints! I am going to watch over the car paint or I better not use any car! I won't even have a motive! I will kill someone I don't even know so that no fingers will be pointed at me. Now I have the plan ready and all I have to do is to find the right victim :D Enough of all this evil fantasy of mine and let me talk a bit about these shows for those who don't know them!

CSI or Crime Scene Investigation: There are 3 versions of this show and each is located in a major American city. The original is located in Las Vegas and by far is the best. The 2nd is in Miami and the 3rd is in New York. The shows deal with crime scenes and evidences more than with human beings.

Criminal Minds: A relatively new show where in contrast to CSI it primary deals with profiling of criminals and sometimes even victims. The agents analyze the criminal and come up with the characteristics that fit the crime so they can identify him or her.

NCIS or Naval Criminal Investigative Services: This show deals with crimes related to the American Navy and Marine Corps. It deals with both, evidence and the human factor and the agents are funny! You've got to like DiNozzo!

Killer Instinct: Which only lasted 1 season unfortunately! It deals with unusual and brutal crimes in their nature.

Psych: A new show that I have enjoyed very much! It is about a guy who's father is an ex-cop who has powerful observational skills and impressive detective instincts and tell the police that he is a psychic and help them to solve crimes. He and his partner opens their agency and call it Psych. I am waiting for 2nd season now!

Monk: Even though they show the criminal most of the times in the start of the episode, I still enjoy watching it! Monk is an Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) detective who manages to solve the unsolvable crimes God knows how! Sometimes he really pisses me off specially when he needs to wipe his hand after shaking someone else's hand :@

Of course there are many other shows like Crossing Jordan but I am not that into it since I don't like the cast that much! Jill Hennessy has a bad voice! There is also Bones which I still don't understand how can they know that much about someone through a small bone in the body??
There are the classics like Murder She Wrote and Columbo (the bad thing about it is that they show the criminal in the start of each episode)!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Is Left!

I have just finished this poem! I started writing it longer than I can remember and just finished it tonight after I felt that I should finish something!

What Is Left

What is left is a picture on the wall
With a frame about to fall
A few strands of your hair
On a hairbrush lying somewhere
The empty bottle of your perfume
And a plant that was never destined to bloom
A trace of your scent left on the bed
And an old pillow that used to sleep beneath your head
A memory of our last dance
Where every star in the sky had a glance
A silent vision that runs within a gleam
What is left of you is just a distant dream