Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Shadow

Hello, here is my latest poem that I wrote in like 2 hours. For some reason I can write fast when I feel down or depressed :P
I am not sure if you will like it or not, but I enjoyed finishing it quickly ;)

A Shadow

There is a shadow upon the wall
And there are tears falling down
Sound of pain echoes in this empty hall
In a ghostly house in a lonely sad town
And no one lives here but me
I am the shadow that you cannot see

For I was once a man full of life
Full of hopes and dreams
Dreaming about some kids and a wife
To dance with under the moonlight beams
But it all turned to a nightmare
When I made one wrong choice
I became surrounded by endless walls of despair
That only echo my silent hopeless voice

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Waiting for You

Here is my latest poem, I wrote the 1st 2 stanzas about a year ago and the rest of the poem was written yesterday :P

Dear readers, this is my Valentine's Day gift to you :P

Waiting for You

The crazy raindrops fall upon my windowpane
The sound of thunder is driving me insane
Inside my heart I am crying in pain
While the memories of you still linger in my brain

Every day I am waiting for you to appear
Out in the darkness, your shadow is clear
It is getting worse year after year
Can’t you see that I am slowly dying here?

Maybe you are close or somewhere far away
Maybe I have passed by you someday
We could have talked but did not have much to say
And if I knew it was you, I would have asked you to stay

I wonder if you can hear it when my soul calls
For the help needed in my life before apart it falls
The sound of my pain echoes in these empty halls
And I am here sitting hopeless surrounded by these gloomy walls

I am here so lost and I do not know what to do
Maybe you can help; maybe you can guide me through
But only if I can break away, only if I can get to you
And only if you believe in me and if you know that I am true

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Favorite Lines

We listen and hear so many songs but most of the times a line or 2 from a certain songs get stuck in our minds and we find ourselves repeating it over and over and sometimes we wake up with the lines are being repeated in our heads!

So here I am presenting you my favorite lines from some songs that I like:

"Roses are red, my love
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet, my love
But not as sweet as you"
These lines are taken from the song "Roses Are Red" for "Bobby Vinton". They are classic lines and good for flirting specially the second part about the sugar ;)

"But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong"
From the song "I'm Movin' On" By "Rascal Flatts". I like this line because I feel that I will end up living in a place I don't belong to, hopefully not a prison :P

"I've loved like I should but lived like I shouldn't
I had to lose everything to find out"
From Same song as number 2. For me it is kinda the opposite as in I lived like I should but loved like I shouldn't but thank God I haven't lost everything ..yet :p

"Life can be short or long, love can be right or wrong
and if i choose the one I'd like to help me through
I'll like to make it with you
I really think that we can make it girl"
Those lines are from the song "Make It With You" for "Bread". I like them because I agree that we can make it through :P

"If all my friends have forgotten half their promises
They're not unkind,
Just hard to find
One look at you and I know
That I must learn to live without the rest
I've found the best"
From the song "I Won't Last a Day Without You" for "The Carpenters". I want someone to sing these lines for me :'(

"Closer than the leaves
On a weepin willow, baby, we are
Closer dear are we
Than the simple letters A and B are
All my life
I could love only you
All your life
You could love only me
Tell me why then
Oh why should it be that

We go on hurting each other
We go on hurting each other
Making each other cry
Hurting each other
Without ever knowing why"

From the song "Hurting Each Other" By "The Carpenters". I like them and I don't know why :D

"Like a perfect scene from a movie screen
Where every dream comes true
Suited perfectly for eternity
Me and you

Every day, I need you even more
At the nighttime too
There's no wayI could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to"
Taken from the song "Me And You" By "Kenny Chesney" and I like them because I like them :P

There are other lines that I like but those are what came to my mind when writing this post and I just don't wanna think too much and try to remember :P