Thursday, September 09, 2010

Do not Turn off the Light

I hope I didn't post this poem before with a different end because i have just written the last stanza :O
I hope it is a good comeback to romantic poems! 

Do not turn off the light
Let me see you clearly
I won’t let go out of my sight
Till I close my eyes when I hold you dearly

I am not sure if I can resist your smell
Nor the warmth of your breath on my face
You take me to another world, you can tell
That I am lost in your embrace

Lay your head on my chest
And listen carefully to my heart beating
Live in me; let me be your nest
Let my lap be your preferable seating

As I run my fingers through your hair
And feel you soft skin as it touches mine
Look into my eyes and see my loving stare
And I look into yours and see love and its shine