Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Everything

Ahh so many occasions in just few days .. so Happy Eid , Happy New Year to all of you out there who read this poor blog :D

And before I forget, Happy belated birthday to my blog! On the 28th of December, it completed 2 years! AHHHHHHHHHH time passes by so quickly.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Song of This Morning: I Miss My Friend

Hello dear readers who you are only few who I can count on my three hands! Oh yeah! I have three hands, the left hand and the right hand!

Here is a nice country song for you my friends so enjoy :D

I Miss My Friend (Click on the title to go to the song page)

I miss the look of surrender in your eyes
The way your soft brown hair would fall
I miss the power of your kiss when we made love
Oh, but baby most of all
I miss my friend

The one my heart and soul confided in
The one I felt the safest with
The one who knew just what to say
To make me laugh again
And let the light back in
I miss my friend

I miss the colors that you brought into my life
Your golden smile, those blue - green eyes
I miss your gentle voice in lonely times like now
Saying it'll be alright
I miss my friend

The one my heart and soul confided in
The one I felt the safest with
The one who knew just what to say
To make me laugh again
Let the light back in
I miss my friend

I miss those times
I miss those nights
I even miss our silly fights
The making up
The morning talks
And those late afternoon walks
I miss my friend

The one my heart and soul confided in
The one I felt the safest with
The one who knew just what to say
To make me laugh again
Let the light back in
I miss my friend
I miss my friend
I miss my friend

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Underneath The Sky

Hello! I know that I don't post much and I know you missed me (I hope so :P) so I came with a new poem that I hope you will like!

It is about my passion for the clouds :P

Underneath the sky
Just myself and I
Riding the clouds
Escaping the crowds
Drifting away
Going astray
Away from my life
And the city strife
Away from the light
Deep in the night
Fading like a star
Looking from afar
Longing to be
Free so free

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nostalgic: Back To School

Welcome to the 4th episode of my Nostalgic series (Nostalgic, Nostalgic: Up On The Roof & Nostalgic: Saving Nickels, Saving Dimes) where I talk about my childhood memories that are by far more interesting that my current life :P

I still remember my1st day at school. I mean not fully since I don't even remember how I got in there initially. I assume that I went with my older cousins since I know my father was working that day. I don't know how the system works in schools now but during my time all students gather in the space where the students do their morning queues and sing the national anthem and do some morning exercises. So we were all gathered there and some teacher or the vice rector dude got in the microphone and started calling classes names and the students that should go to that class. So he started calling names and the students whose names were called get together in the side and then taken by their teacher to their class. He then called a class name and suddenly I heard my name. I was standing like a status I think I didn't move from my place and I didn’t go with my colleagues and until now I have no idea what was in my mind that day. After all the names have been called and I was there looking around me wondering what to do, I made a choice and walked toward the school gate and left to home :D When I arrived home, my mom was shocked to see me and she asked me what are you doing here? I think I cried though I don't really remember and I am not sure how I went to school the next day or how I found my way to my class! Don’t blame me, all this happened around 23 years ago :P
Anyway, in the class I was wondering and looking around me looking for some friendly faces but all I saw was some old boys who are scary and I was like what are they doing here with 1st graders? Thank god the next day they were all gone. I think they found that these students are un-teachable and it will be a waste of time and effort to try to teach them. Once we were all settled in that big classroom, the teacher distributed some biscuits and milk (or juice) to us and we were all happy and thinking oh nice we will get this every day :D which of course was not the case. We haven't seen these biscuits again :(
This classroom was big and was holding like 40 students so they decided to split us and so we moves to a smaller classroom with 22 students. I think I can remember the names of most of them. I haven't seen any of them in long time but all I know that not many of them did well in his life. I mean 1 of them who was sitting in the front raw ended up being a well known drug dealer in the area and he is now in jail and I hope he won't ever get out! There is also this kid with 1 leg. The poor lad father was driving the car and reversing and he didn't see his son there so he hit him and caused his leg to be amputated. But he had the spirit that time and he used to play football with us using his artificial leg and sometimes when he gets so excited his artificial leg flies with the ball :D I wish I can know what happened to him and what is he doing these days.

Well enough said about my 1st year in school. I will return sometimes later and write a new post about the following years so make sure you don't miss anything ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Conversation

Here is a poem that I wrote most part of it loooooooooong time ago as a reply to a poem posted by a blogger who disappeared. I never posted it, but few days ago I was reading in my old documents and I found it and I thought it worth posting here. I added few lines here and there.
It is way different from the style I am used to write. So I would like to read yout opinions :D

A Conversation

Maybe you change your mood
With every change in the season
Maybe my mood changes
Without a reason
Maybe these walls divide us,
But these endless walls were
Built to protect us
And this silence came after
We have exhausted all the words
And we don't have much to discuss

But I can see you clearly
I see you between the lines in the poems you write
We do not have speak
Let our eyes converse in silence
Let them reach a solution

You should see it in my eyes
Read between my words
With your heart, you ought to feel my touch
Every sigh I take is yours
I inhale you in with every breath I take
You live within me
And forever you will be

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tagged Again!!!

Another tag by 3anooda! Enjoy ..

I am thinking don't wanna know!

I said...I don't think I said anything :S

I want to...leave my current job and get transfered or quit completely and pursue higher education

I wish...for peace in this world and that we can travel to anywhere without having to apply for visas :P

I nephew

I hear...the AC sound

I wonder...when I am getting married!

I need to tell :P

I am...Hopeless Poet

I dance...only in my mind and sometimes when I am making fun of something on tv

I sing...sometimes when a nice song playing I sing with it or mostly I sing in my mind cos I have a bad voice

I cry...been ages

I am not always...the funny person

I write...poetry

I confuse...some people

I be more brave

I should try... learning new languages

I poems occasionaly

I tag...nobody :D

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Malcolm in the Middle

I think one of the best Ramadhan shows this year is Malcolm in the Middle on MBC4 :P Even though I am not sure what season is it but I still watch it! Actually I even finished watching the 7th and latest season of that show! Very hilarious indeed! My favorite character is Dewey and I think he is the smartest and funniest one in the whole family! He reminds me of one of my nephews.

By the way, for those who does not know, the actor who plays Reese is actually younger than the actor who plays Malcolm! And they don't even have a family name!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I have been tagged by 3anooda. I use some programs to make it look like that, otherwise the normal look is messy and has too many icons!

As usual, I don't tag anyone :D

Monday, October 09, 2006

Let Us Go Back

Alright ladies and gentlmen, I didn't take long time between my last post and this! So hopefully, this will be the trend so wish me luck :D

Here is my new poem and I think it is clear that I miss my childhood though now after growing up I realized that it was boring; and beside that I don't wanna go back to school again :P

So enjoyyyyyyyy ..

Let Us Go Back

Let us go back in time and be little kids again
And forget all the worries and all the pain
Let s go back to the time when we were innocent
The time before the roses lost its beautiful scent
And the time when we used to play out in the rain

Let us go back in time few years ago
Too young, we were with so much to know
About life, death and all what is there
About love, hate, hope and despair
Let us go back in time to when we first met
Let us live again all those moments I remember to forget

Monday, October 02, 2006

At Sunset

Happy month of Ramadhan to you all and I know I became rare but all precious things are rare and I think I am precious :P

Here is my lastest poem which I was able to finish! :D

I hope you like it..

At Sunset

At sunset, the ocean swallows the sun
And the sky turns to dark
It is the birth of a new life
And new memories to mark

At sunset, lovers enjoy walking by
Side by side, holding hands
And all the birds fly to their homes
Grouped together like marching bands

At sunset, all I alone I watch the sky
Thinking about that special someone
Who can share this moment with me
And at sunset, she will be my sun

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My News

Hello dear readers,
Apologies for not being active in my blog or any other blogs. I haven't been busy or anything, but I just felt bored and I had nothing to say. No great topics and no finished poems to post! Anyway, I will just update you guys about my news, if anyone cares :P

Do you remember this post? Well, I have finished my assignment down there and now I am back to my old job and place! I kinda miss myself being a boss and giving orders and doing nothing most of the time! :P But it is fine, I get to go back home daily now and sleep on my bed and watch my TV and have normal working hours! <-- June

The world cup has started and ended and again we didn't win it! And by we I mean Argentina! They played the best football but luck damn luck! After they were out the cup lost its taste but I enjoyed Italy beating the Germans and getting our revenge! But Zidane headbutt is the highlight of this cup I must admit :P <-- June/July

Again this summer, I traveled to Canada! :D I had more fun this year than last. My nephew can talk now and he called me "Uncle Myname". I miss that kid too much! I miss the weather there! I don't know why they have a great weather in the summer and we don't :( <-- July

While I was in my way to Canada, Israel started bombing Lebanon and for the 1st time in my life I knew the name of the prime minister in Canada, Harper guy! He turned out to be a jerk and lives in the shade of Bush! <-- July

Currently I am in love with those people, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela who withdrew his main diplomat in Israel (Venezuela has no ambassador to Israel) and condemned the attacks and equated them with what the Nazis did! He also threatend to cut all diplomatic ties with Israel if they didn't stop. Now of course, they call him anti-semitic for telling the truth! On the other hand, it is sad that the Arab countries who have diplomatic ties with Israel didn't withdrew their ambassadors and never made such comments! <-- July/August
Also there is this George Galloway, he was good in that interview in Sky News and made that Bit*h shut up same way he did when he was questioned by the the Senate in USA about Oil-Food Program to Iraq! <-- July/August

I also hate so many people but I don't wanna mention their names and ruin my blog!

Anyway, that is what is going on in my life currently, not so many exciting things I know!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Song Of The Whatever Period of Time: To Make You Feel My Love

If you remember I had the tradition of posting a song every week but I stopped long time ago but now I had a sudden desire to post one. I disabled the comments since I know not many will comment and not to steal comments from my previous post. So please for any comments regarding this song, say it in the previous post :D

The song is called "To Make You Feel My Love" and there are many versions for it, most famous are Billy Joel's and Garth Brooks's which is the one I am posting here.

To Make You Feel My Love (click on the title to go to the song page)

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I would offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the stars appear
There is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
There's no doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on a rolling sea
Down the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
But you ain't seen nothing like me yet

There ain't nothin' that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Weekend Blues

I am sure a lot of us suffer and can't sleep well when their weekends come to an end! I wrote this simple so called poem (actually simple words with a rhyme) to describe the things that I go through when trying to sleep! ENJOY :D

It is Friday night and I can’t sleep
No use counting sheep after sheep
Just tossing and turning in bed
So many thoughts going on my head
So many weird half dreams
And nothing is like what it seems
I turn to the right and I dream about money
And a turn to the left makes me see you honey
And I look up and check the ceiling
A million song in my mind reeling
And my oh my, what a crime
The alarm is going to go off any time
Just let me go in a deep one for five
God! Even for that I have to strive
But it is ok. I will sleep in the lunch break
I wish they make it two hours for my sake
It is alright, I will steal half an hour
I am a supervisor; for sure I have the power
But what I really need is a radical change
Before this problem makes me derange
Don’t tell me to go early to bed in the weekends
Believe me, that can’t happen my friends
Maybe they should make work start in the afternoon
And for only four hours; that has a lovely tune
Maybe I’ll suggest making the weekend longer
I hope this poem makes my case stronger
Oh I know these were just crazy things to say
Now I am scared they might take my weekend away

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kiss Me

Well it's been ages since I've posted anything here! I don't know why but I just don't have anything to say or I have no mood to say anything or simply because I haven't been able to finish any poem recently!!

Here is this poem that I wrote the most of it long time ago and managed to finish it today! I know it is not that good but I think I have to post something anyway :P

Kiss Me

Kiss me but not on my lips
Don’t even touch them with your finger tips
Kiss me but not on my cheek
It’s something more that I seek
Kiss me but not on my hand
I hope you soon will understand
Kiss me but not on my eye
Don’t try to taste my tears when I cry
Kiss me but not on the tip of my nose
Though your lips are soft like a rose
Kiss me but not on my forehead
Soon I will try to tell you where instead
Kiss me but not on any body part
For it won’t last within my heart
Kiss me for I don’t know where
Kiss me and leave your mark on there

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Shadow

Hello, here is my latest poem that I wrote in like 2 hours. For some reason I can write fast when I feel down or depressed :P
I am not sure if you will like it or not, but I enjoyed finishing it quickly ;)

A Shadow

There is a shadow upon the wall
And there are tears falling down
Sound of pain echoes in this empty hall
In a ghostly house in a lonely sad town
And no one lives here but me
I am the shadow that you cannot see

For I was once a man full of life
Full of hopes and dreams
Dreaming about some kids and a wife
To dance with under the moonlight beams
But it all turned to a nightmare
When I made one wrong choice
I became surrounded by endless walls of despair
That only echo my silent hopeless voice

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Waiting for You

Here is my latest poem, I wrote the 1st 2 stanzas about a year ago and the rest of the poem was written yesterday :P

Dear readers, this is my Valentine's Day gift to you :P

Waiting for You

The crazy raindrops fall upon my windowpane
The sound of thunder is driving me insane
Inside my heart I am crying in pain
While the memories of you still linger in my brain

Every day I am waiting for you to appear
Out in the darkness, your shadow is clear
It is getting worse year after year
Can’t you see that I am slowly dying here?

Maybe you are close or somewhere far away
Maybe I have passed by you someday
We could have talked but did not have much to say
And if I knew it was you, I would have asked you to stay

I wonder if you can hear it when my soul calls
For the help needed in my life before apart it falls
The sound of my pain echoes in these empty halls
And I am here sitting hopeless surrounded by these gloomy walls

I am here so lost and I do not know what to do
Maybe you can help; maybe you can guide me through
But only if I can break away, only if I can get to you
And only if you believe in me and if you know that I am true

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Favorite Lines

We listen and hear so many songs but most of the times a line or 2 from a certain songs get stuck in our minds and we find ourselves repeating it over and over and sometimes we wake up with the lines are being repeated in our heads!

So here I am presenting you my favorite lines from some songs that I like:

"Roses are red, my love
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet, my love
But not as sweet as you"
These lines are taken from the song "Roses Are Red" for "Bobby Vinton". They are classic lines and good for flirting specially the second part about the sugar ;)

"But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong"
From the song "I'm Movin' On" By "Rascal Flatts". I like this line because I feel that I will end up living in a place I don't belong to, hopefully not a prison :P

"I've loved like I should but lived like I shouldn't
I had to lose everything to find out"
From Same song as number 2. For me it is kinda the opposite as in I lived like I should but loved like I shouldn't but thank God I haven't lost everything ..yet :p

"Life can be short or long, love can be right or wrong
and if i choose the one I'd like to help me through
I'll like to make it with you
I really think that we can make it girl"
Those lines are from the song "Make It With You" for "Bread". I like them because I agree that we can make it through :P

"If all my friends have forgotten half their promises
They're not unkind,
Just hard to find
One look at you and I know
That I must learn to live without the rest
I've found the best"
From the song "I Won't Last a Day Without You" for "The Carpenters". I want someone to sing these lines for me :'(

"Closer than the leaves
On a weepin willow, baby, we are
Closer dear are we
Than the simple letters A and B are
All my life
I could love only you
All your life
You could love only me
Tell me why then
Oh why should it be that

We go on hurting each other
We go on hurting each other
Making each other cry
Hurting each other
Without ever knowing why"

From the song "Hurting Each Other" By "The Carpenters". I like them and I don't know why :D

"Like a perfect scene from a movie screen
Where every dream comes true
Suited perfectly for eternity
Me and you

Every day, I need you even more
At the nighttime too
There's no wayI could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to"
Taken from the song "Me And You" By "Kenny Chesney" and I like them because I like them :P

There are other lines that I like but those are what came to my mind when writing this post and I just don't wanna think too much and try to remember :P

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weird Me!

I have been tagged by adaydreamer to mention the weird things about me and I came up with this list:

1- I don’t mind sleeping when the lights on or when the lights off and it depends on the time I am sleeping in. If it was a nap in the afternoon or even at night I leave the lights on so I can easily check the time and wake up. If it was the main sleep, it has to be in total darkness and it has to be quiet except for the sound of the AC, the fan or the computer fan.

2- I used to study for my exams in front of the TV. The reason is that I can’t study without that kind of noise or I will fall asleep. I tried to study in my room but I always end up sleeping and wasting some hours!

3- I have noticed that whenever I wear a long sleeves shirt I lift 1 sleeve up to reach my elbow (usually right one) and leave the other not lifted.

4- I don’t write my poems on paper, I go directly to the PC and write them.

5- I don’t like dust at all. When my hands touch a dusty place even if it was a little dust, I don’t feel comfortable and I won’t be able to sleep until I wash my hands few times with soap.

6- I don’t open public toilets doors using my bare hand. I have to use a tissue or something because I know many people don’t wash their hands when they finish!

7- I keep all the empty boxes of the things I buy whether they are TVs, shoes or computer stuff! My room is full of them and my mom always tells me to through them away but I just can’t! I feel attached to them.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Silver Moon

Here is my latest poem. Enjoy :D

Silver Moon

Silver moon shines in the sky above
And the light fills my soul
As I try to empty my heart from the love
That prevented me from being whole
Looking for the lost source of inspiration
While sitting here with no motivation
Wasted effort and wasted time
Trying to think of the perfect rhyme

Maybe a dance under the moonlight
Will help me to ease the pain
And if it was not for the moon shining bright
You would have seen me dancing insane
I know I must forget you, upon this night
And try not to remember you again

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Set The World On Fire

My latest poem! I think I have something burning inside me :p

And the photo looks great right? :D

Set The World On Fire

Set the world on unholy fire
Where the fuel is anger and hate
Burn the thoughts and the mad desire
Of defying destiny and fate

Set the world on fire and watch it burn
And behind, leave all those saints and sinners
Who cares, do not turn back do not return
Let them all burn, losers or winners

Hell on Earth will be breaking loose
And Heaven above shall be waiting for you
Do not fall for tricks or calls for a truce
Burn the world; let it be built anew