Monday, October 16, 2006

Tagged Again!!!

Another tag by 3anooda! Enjoy ..

I am thinking don't wanna know!

I said...I don't think I said anything :S

I want to...leave my current job and get transfered or quit completely and pursue higher education

I wish...for peace in this world and that we can travel to anywhere without having to apply for visas :P

I nephew

I hear...the AC sound

I wonder...when I am getting married!

I need to tell :P

I am...Hopeless Poet

I dance...only in my mind and sometimes when I am making fun of something on tv

I sing...sometimes when a nice song playing I sing with it or mostly I sing in my mind cos I have a bad voice

I cry...been ages

I am not always...the funny person

I write...poetry

I confuse...some people

I be more brave

I should try... learning new languages

I poems occasionaly

I tag...nobody :D


A Daydreamer said...

thats cool!!!

why didnt you tag me !?! :p

She6anah said...

Hehe,, your responses are kinda funny =D

3anooda said...

well done. but i dont feel i know anything new about u!!!

Brava Valentia said...

"I wonder...when I am getting married!"

and how many eras has this been taking?

iamnasra said...

I wonder if it today I will write that amazing poem

Hopeless Poet said...

Well Consider yourself tagged now :P

Thanks :D and indeed I am a funny person :P

What kind of new things you wanna know from this tag? :|

Oh well before I was even born :P

When I saw your nick 1st time I read it as Valentina and was stuck in my mind like that till I read it again!

And I wonder if you managed to do so :D

Princess Coffee Lover said...

you should tag me ... I feel like I got to know some more things. Informative for me thanx hehe :-)