Monday, October 02, 2006

At Sunset

Happy month of Ramadhan to you all and I know I became rare but all precious things are rare and I think I am precious :P

Here is my lastest poem which I was able to finish! :D

I hope you like it..

At Sunset

At sunset, the ocean swallows the sun
And the sky turns to dark
It is the birth of a new life
And new memories to mark

At sunset, lovers enjoy walking by
Side by side, holding hands
And all the birds fly to their homes
Grouped together like marching bands

At sunset, all I alone I watch the sky
Thinking about that special someone
Who can share this moment with me
And at sunset, she will be my sun


3so0ola said...

welcome back.. long time no c ! =)

lovely words..

mbarak 3laich elshahar sis

Faith said...

lol hopeless is a sis =D

on a serious note, i like the poem..theres a certain level of calmness to it, serenity and calming patience..nicely written!

No3iK said...

"And at sunset, she will be my sun"


well written, keep them coming :)

A Daydreamer said...

3soOola... sis? what made you think he is a "sis"? hehe youre so cute!

but seriously, this poem is very nice... very clam and relaxing... makes me want to listen to soft music... * sigh *

3anooda said...

Hopeless is a bro. If he was a sis he wouldve been Hopelessa. LOL

Anyways dude, whats with the once-a-month posting?? Come on

PS. Im not adding pics to my blog. I figured out how to do it. *brushing off shoulders*

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks and long time indeed!
Allah ybarek feek BRO :P
And welcome in my blog!

Yeah I am a sis in another dimension of this world :P
Thanks for the comment :D

Thanks and you are right, standing too long under our sun will make anyone melt :P

Who is cute? me or her? :P
Thanks and did you listen to any soft music? It will be nice if you turn off the lights and put some slow music and candle lights.. you can even dance with your own shadow :P

I don't have any interesting to say! That is why once-a-month posting :P
Yeah I saw the pics of the freej women :D

3so0ola said...

ylooool *red cheex*
am really sowwi >.<