Monday, October 09, 2006

Let Us Go Back

Alright ladies and gentlmen, I didn't take long time between my last post and this! So hopefully, this will be the trend so wish me luck :D

Here is my new poem and I think it is clear that I miss my childhood though now after growing up I realized that it was boring; and beside that I don't wanna go back to school again :P

So enjoyyyyyyyy ..

Let Us Go Back

Let us go back in time and be little kids again
And forget all the worries and all the pain
Let s go back to the time when we were innocent
The time before the roses lost its beautiful scent
And the time when we used to play out in the rain

Let us go back in time few years ago
Too young, we were with so much to know
About life, death and all what is there
About love, hate, hope and despair
Let us go back in time to when we first met
Let us live again all those moments I remember to forget


She6anah said...

Aww! ... Let Us Keep Being Young!

Let the sun rays mean the light,
And let the flutter of a bird's wings mean laughter in the sky,
Let us love & kiss each other's hands,
& let grins color our rainbows of happiness ^^,

I love poetry! I write myself! Hi, I'm a poet, nice to meet you =p

3anooda said...

and yet another amazing poem HP. keep it up. and i like this new regular posting trend. hint hint. LOL

PS. i wanna go back to being young and unlike you i also wanna go back to school. i loved it.

A Daydreamer said...

very nice.... but im confused about the last line... "Let us live again all those moments I remember to forget"... so you WANT to forget those moments? is that what you are trying to say?...

keep posting... dont worry, we can handle it ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

I will always be young at heart :P

I liked what you wrote, but I don't see any point of kissing hands unless you actually meant kissing the palms of the hands! I think kissing the palm is the symbol of love.
Nice to meet you too fellow Poetess!

Thanks and inshallah I will post regularly until I feel bored again :P

Maybe you were a nerd and studied so hard :P

Thanks. And no need to be confused. What I meant is that there are certain memories that weremember but we always try to forget them. The lingering memories that we should forget unless we return and live them again.
I will try, now that I have a couple of non-poetry posts in mind!

3anooda said...


She6anah said...

Uh! Kids don't care where the kiss goes! =D ask my neice, she's 5 and she's the kissing queen! =D LOL!!

iamnasra said...

Im glad you are back in here..its so good to see you write poetry again...Keep them coming...allow you words come as they come...