Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nostalgic: Back To School

Welcome to the 4th episode of my Nostalgic series (Nostalgic, Nostalgic: Up On The Roof & Nostalgic: Saving Nickels, Saving Dimes) where I talk about my childhood memories that are by far more interesting that my current life :P

I still remember my1st day at school. I mean not fully since I don't even remember how I got in there initially. I assume that I went with my older cousins since I know my father was working that day. I don't know how the system works in schools now but during my time all students gather in the space where the students do their morning queues and sing the national anthem and do some morning exercises. So we were all gathered there and some teacher or the vice rector dude got in the microphone and started calling classes names and the students that should go to that class. So he started calling names and the students whose names were called get together in the side and then taken by their teacher to their class. He then called a class name and suddenly I heard my name. I was standing like a status I think I didn't move from my place and I didn’t go with my colleagues and until now I have no idea what was in my mind that day. After all the names have been called and I was there looking around me wondering what to do, I made a choice and walked toward the school gate and left to home :D When I arrived home, my mom was shocked to see me and she asked me what are you doing here? I think I cried though I don't really remember and I am not sure how I went to school the next day or how I found my way to my class! Don’t blame me, all this happened around 23 years ago :P
Anyway, in the class I was wondering and looking around me looking for some friendly faces but all I saw was some old boys who are scary and I was like what are they doing here with 1st graders? Thank god the next day they were all gone. I think they found that these students are un-teachable and it will be a waste of time and effort to try to teach them. Once we were all settled in that big classroom, the teacher distributed some biscuits and milk (or juice) to us and we were all happy and thinking oh nice we will get this every day :D which of course was not the case. We haven't seen these biscuits again :(
This classroom was big and was holding like 40 students so they decided to split us and so we moves to a smaller classroom with 22 students. I think I can remember the names of most of them. I haven't seen any of them in long time but all I know that not many of them did well in his life. I mean 1 of them who was sitting in the front raw ended up being a well known drug dealer in the area and he is now in jail and I hope he won't ever get out! There is also this kid with 1 leg. The poor lad father was driving the car and reversing and he didn't see his son there so he hit him and caused his leg to be amputated. But he had the spirit that time and he used to play football with us using his artificial leg and sometimes when he gets so excited his artificial leg flies with the ball :D I wish I can know what happened to him and what is he doing these days.

Well enough said about my 1st year in school. I will return sometimes later and write a new post about the following years so make sure you don't miss anything ;)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

omg he amputated his own kids leg?! AAAAAH?! im sure he cant live with himself! God help him..

oh and i otally remember my first day in school.. everyone was crying and didnt want to leave their parents.. i on the other hand was the "kid-therapisT" i would tell the kids... dont worry mama is coming back lol

i think i was meant to be a psychiatrist since i was a kid! the signs were definitely there... hmmm

Brava Valentia said...

just came by to say happy eid ;-)

Hopeless Poet said...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic:
Well it was by mistake :(

And lool! I can imagine you were the tallest first grader so they all come to you :P
So why didn't become a psychiatrist then?

Brava Valentia:
Happy eid to you too :D

MissCosmoKuwait said...

HAppy Eid!! Interesting reflection...drug dealers..amputed legs...good extraordinary...all I remember from my first day is hanging on to my mother's leg for dear life as my sisters try to pull me to let go...I always won!

Gloomy said...

OMG i dont remember my first day at school, yet I remember that i did not cry "yey good for me" :P

iamnasra said...

Me too I cant recall how is my first day at u have a memory..Only I recall ..that 1 day I tell the school children that Im from Oman, one day I from yemen and one day Im from Africa..I was such lost child..and yes of course eating my pencil till I throw-up thats when I stopped chewing my pencil

Spontaneousnessity said...

neat =}

hope your eid was fun =}

True Faith said...

You should post photos :P