Monday, October 24, 2005

Nostalgic: Saving Nickels, Saving Dimes

Since I don’t have much to talk about considering my not so interesting life currently and I don’t have a new poem to post, I have decided once again to take a journey down the memory lane and talk a little about my childhood memories. :D

So this is the 3rd episode of my Nostalgic series (
Nostalgic & Nostalgic: Up On The Roof) and since the Eid is coming soon (Kel 3am wo ento eb khair) and I remembered the money I used to get but no more since they stopped giving me anything long time ago! Now I have turned to a giver and the kids wait for me to give them their 3eediyas :D
I remember that time and having no wallet, I and my business partner (my younger brother) used to share everything including money and gifts and anything that can be shared. We used to use those empty biscuit and ice cream boxes and store our money and things there. In our small room, that we also shared, we used to have small cabinets and we use to put the boxes in them. Later we became over suspicious, maybe because we used to read too much of those adventures for Ta5ta5 and his friends (el mo`3ameroon el 5amsa) so we decided to hide our stuff somewhere that nobody can find them whether it was our older sister, cousins or even our parents. We thought of digging a hole and putting the stuff there, but we realized it was not treasury so we had this brilliant idea of hiding them in the ceiling! Having that type of decoration which you can lift up the pieces and put stuff there where no one can see them. I even thought that I can hide illegal things there and cops won’t find them no matter what :P

Then we grew up a little and moved to a bigger room and a bigger bed while my brother got a smaller bed, we fancied the small lockers that have keys and a combination lock. We bought a blue one and we kept all our savings there and until now I have it in my room, but unfortunately empty, except for some coins :P


True Faith said...

I used to keep my money in my books :P
And the coins in a hand made bank from toilet paper and glue.

adaydreamer said...

how cute! wallah you remind me sooooo much of my little brother. A few years ago he wanted to actually BUILD his own "treasure" box from wood and I promised him that i would help him, but we never got to it :( so i finally bought him a safe box with the comination lock and all... he loves it and puts everything in there.... sooooooo cute wallah.... yaaa 7alyeeeeeelkom :)

McArabian said...

I never saved my Eid money. Last stop in our Eid tour was the huge Kids R Us where I bought toys with sharp edges and enough candy to make a whole schoolyard sick. Yeah, those were the days :)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

Eid Money went to the bank
I've always been an investor

samboose said...

You cracked me up about now being the giver.... Your story made me imagine two little guys being adventureous!!! CUUUUUUUTE!!!

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
I remember once leaving money in a book and I totally forgot about them till by coincidence I opened the book and found them :P
I can't imagine the bank you made from toilet paper! Unless you have a strong toilet paper!

You made me feel younger than you :P
Well we have home made built treasure boxes but the problem is that once you put the money in, you can't get it out without breaking it :P

Those were the days my friend :D
I was never a big spender since I don't find many things worthy of buying except a time when I just bought any music album of any band who got a hit :P

So how much do you have in the bank now? :P

Well I think I should start getting the small money from now so I don't get stuck when the eid comes :P
If you think this is an adventure, then wait for the next episode ;)

MissCosmoKuwait said...

How Fun! That was so interesting to read and imagine..I could even picture all the characters you talked about..:)...isn't funny how we suddenly become the givers...that's the sad part about growing up!...Can't wait for the next episode!

ClOuDs said...

so funny ! :D

i still take 3edeyas from my relatives :P <<<< yaheeeeeel

Trevelyana said...

I miss those childhood days..

Everything was an adventure to me.. I fancied myself a female sindibad..

Adult-hood sucks!.. I have yet to see what all the hype is about..

P.S-- Can I get an advance on my 3eediya? heh..

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah it is funny! It is like getting into a new dimension! It is not that sad! It is nice when those kids feel happy and say thanks to you and all!

Welcome back! :D Long time I haven't see you around.
Well you take it because you don't work yet and maybe because you have generous relatives ;)
Give us some :P

I imagined myself as Ali Baba who was with Sindibad! He was a cool character ;)
Yeah you can. How shall I send it to you? Or you will come and get it? :P

Peach said...

Alllaaah el moghamiroon el khamsa! ;D I still have all my collection from my little days! I even have el moghamiroom el thalath 3alya o 3arif o 3amir. But Takhtakh & the gang have always been my favs ;)

Faith said...

ohh you reminded me of my childhood too.. me and my cousins used to have plenty of adventures almost as yours :)
aaah ala lait el childhood ta3ood yawman .. to tell it matha fa3al to me el youth !!

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