Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paper, Pen, Rhymes and Dreams

Hello, here is one of those crazy poems that I am writing recently! So soon I think I will start seeing those things happen to me and I will start hallucinating :P

Paper, Pen, Rhymes and Dreams

My plain paper talks to me
And tells me the secrets of poetry
While my pen dances freely on it
My fingers soon will submit
To the music of the written words
To the letters flying around like birds
Until I get lost between the rhymes
Of love, hope and desperate times

I let my thoughts swim in the yellow pages
Of some ancient books and tales from the past
While my memories are imprisoned in rusty cages
For as long as this pain is set to last
But I have found a refuge in my dreams
Surrounded by sunshine and moonlight beams
Where reality is nothing like the way it seems


True Faith said...

Take this it will make write better :P

adaydreamer said...

if your paper really starts talking to you one day... thne you seriouslllyy neeeddddddd to stop writing for a while... or go on a vacation :P

bss sara7aa... wayed 7ilooooo ;)

Ancient said...

Your poem reminds me with those ancient Greek writers..who used to write with feathers like TF's picture,it really does :p

Nice writing.

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
Thanks! That feather will help me to fly while writing ;)

No, I think I will be lucky if the paper talks! At least I won't be bored ;)
Thanks :D

Didn't everybody in the past use feathers to write?
But what is with you and greek today? Even in your post you meantioned Greek :D

Peach said...

"My plain paper talks to me". sigh. me too! But my pen tends to get mute these days no matter how loud the paper talks!!

Sa7 lsan mal inta, very beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...


Hopeless Poet said...

Your pen needs a different kind of music to start dancing on your paper ;)

Sa7 badan mal enty :D

Who are you?


MissCosmoKuwait said...

aahhh...that was lovely..sa7 el sanak....everytime you write another poem...i can't help but smile...mashallah 3alik...brilliant writing!

McArabian said...

Hello :)

I especially liked the first verse. It had a good pace to it and felt more polished than the second one.

I like this :)

Brava Valentia said...

the first stanza sounded like a FUN PARTY

but the last stanza is just back to reality ... luv it ... simple and deep

keep it up

Peach said...

U think! ;)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

very nice
i enjoyed the part about the pen dancing :)

Ancient said...

You noticed that :P
Well..let's see...
blood related to Greece..Is that convincing?


Faith said...

everytime you publish a poem of yours you prove that you are a "hopeful" poet and your poetry and ideas are getting even better and better..

I like the picture you painted with your words..

Keep it up :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Well thanks for your nice words and it is just ba3`9an min ma 3endakom ;)

Hello and good to see you in my blog :D

Well, you are the 2nd person who mention that and the thing is that I wrote the 1st stanza and then got stuck :P


Mother Courage:
Yeah the 1st stanza is the part where I show that I am insane and the 2nd where I show I am sad but I dream :P
Thanks for the comment

I am sure ;)

Thank you and I hope that you enjoyed the music too :D

Yeah I did! So you have a greek vein? Convincing I guess ;)

I will consider that as a testimony from an expert ;)
Thank you very much :)

Mama Fusla said...

Here's a lil secret
It comes in handy!

wv:ayumz (ayumzaman, ee wallah!)

AL-3ANAN said...

But I have found a refuge in my dreams
Surrounded by sunshine and moonlight beams
Where reality is nothing like the way it seems
:) i like it

Defiant said...

Hopless poet
I know the feeling

Hopeless Poet said...

Mama Fusla:
Thanks for passing by and sharing that lil secret with me ;)
Although I know about that site since long time and I refer to it whenever I am stuck :P

What is this wv? I have seen it in almost all your comments in all blogs! No idea!

Thanks for having time and reading it :)

Welcome in my blog follow poet ;)
Your poetry is interesting :)

Mama Fusla said...

I think not many admit to using it..ur a brave poet! :)

wv stands for word verification, u can scramble it and come up with ur own taglines, sometimes it makes u sound funny, some times it can make u sound like a complete idiot..try it, many other bloggers picked it up. It makes filling in the letter less boring I suppose.

Hopeless Poet said...

Mama Fusla:
Well I use it not only for rhymes. Also to find the meaning of words and how are they being used in sentences. It is like my dictionary sometimes when I am stuck :)
Thanks for explaining the wv thing :D
I am not sure if I will try it or not! I don't wanna think :P

Anonymous said...

am impressed. witty and captivating. ur rhymes makes complete sense in details and clarity. hahaha, clear though ambiguous. keep writing. I got your back.

Anonymous said...


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