Saturday, October 29, 2005

So I Have Met Raul Gonzalez

Before 3 nights I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this famous football player from Spain. For you who does not know him, he is the golden boy of Real Madrid, Raul Gonzalez. So where did we meet and what did we talk about?
Well last Wednesday Real Madrid played against Depertivo La Coruna and were defeated 3-1 :D
And since I am not much of a fan of the Royal Team, I was happy :D
I entered mirc and I chatted with some people who support Real Madrid and I made fun of their team in a logic way I must add ;) I think that night we had talked too much! Then it was my time to sleep and I said bye and covered myself well and I started to dream! I dreamed that I was in a room in my house where we used to play table tennis and even football and there were some board games on the shelves and a lettter. I read that letter and I was surprised to know that it was a letter from Raul Gonzalez announcing his retirement from football ** I think he is retiring because his team is losing all the time and has no chance to win any trophy any time soon :P ** and it contained some information about him! What surprised me more in that letter is that it contained a list of books he is said he read! I didn't recognize any book but their titles looked like they are important books :P

Well anyway, then I woke up and decided that I should post something about this dream! It is not like everyday I get to dream about someone famous :P


Faith said...

i was like ohhhh lucky yooou HP!!
but it turned out to be just a dreamm!! too bad hehehe
ana kam marrah agool lik don't eat too much before sleeping :P.. Raul+ retirement+ list of books!! hmm anyways it seems to be my life.. but instead of Raul, it's actually me!! i'm not kidding!! :D

LaiaLy_q8 said...

I rarely remember my dreams
And if I do, ma agool my dream to anyone. I've heard it is bad.

etha a7ad interprets your dream (in a bad way) it might happen, that's what i heard

Mochness said...
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True Faith said...

hmmm ... not a neverland dream :/

jawaher said...

God ..are u sure i wasn't with u in the same dream :(

u miss the most important thing ( his books :(

inshallah ykoon feeh joz2 thani for ur dream 3ashan i want these books ok??.by the way if u are going to see him again tell him he is handsome ok ?? :P

adaydreamer said...

ya ba5et Raul feeek :)

nice dream....

MissCosmoKuwait said...

How exciting!..Must've been a nice dream...I hear that Renaldo should be coming to Kuwait soon at the Kuwait club...Kuwait Vs. Brazil...hopefully I'll be lucky enough to meet him too but not in my dreams..:)

Brava Valentia said...

too bad hes taken ;-p

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah I tricked you all ha? ;)

I didn't eat too much that day! I dont eat sa7oor a9lan :P
So you are saying that I saw you but you were looking like Raul? :P

I never heard about that thing before! I tried to look online but I saw nothing! Can you confirm that?

LooL! First time someone calls me nerd :P
He is Raul, the Spanish player and the spoiled boy of his team Real Madrid. :D
Watch some matches and you will know him :p

True Faith:
Well I think it is part of my Neverland ;)

No you were not there at all :P
Well his books were not that much important! Maybe they were learn ABC :P

He read your comment and says thanks to you :P

Thankss :D
First comment that tells the truth ;)

Yeah and how do you them? You watch football? :O
Last thing I imagined that you have interest in football!

Mother Courage:
LooL why? nawya tetzawjeeh kenti? :p

Mochness said...
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Spontaneousnessity said...

ya7lela chena kuwaiti =P

happy eid =}

Hopeless Poet said...

*Throws some matches at you* WATCH :P

Yeah I heard he was originaly from Kuwait :P

Happy eid to you too :==)

memi said...

This is hilarious!
You seem desperately addicted to football!