Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Last night when I had my shower, I used my nephew's Johnson's Baby Shampoo! Yes it is that yellow shampoo almost all of us were using when we were kids, the one that says No More Tears!! I always found that slogan funny as this shampoo in particular made me cry more than anything else, as I remember! Whether it was because it got into my eyes or because the fights I had with my mom when she wanted to apply it on my hair and I was scared it gets into my eyes!

So, during that shower I traveled down the memory lane and jumped from a memory to another. Starting from the naps I had in the tub when I was in 2nd grade after my mom originally had waken me up to go to school to the great cartoons we used to watch that time (that time means almost before 15 to 20 years).
Oh those cartoons!! I remember we used to sleep early in the summer vacation and wake up early so we don't miss the cartoons like Sanafer, Jungar, Grandizer, Tom Sawyer, Al7oot Alabya`9, Qisas 3alamiya, 7ekayat 3alamiya, Sindibad (though I got bored from it as they show it almost every year in Space Toon :P), Baibero (I like to watch this one!!) and many many others.

I went to google and searched for the songs for these cartoons and I found some. While I was listening, I was shivering and almost crying. I don't miss my childhood or let me say I don't wanna go back again and go through school again after I graduated :p but I certainly miss some aspects of that time. Maybe it is the innocence that I miss, who knows??! That doesn't mean I am no longer innocent .. I am, but less than the time when I was a kid :P


Vintage said...

i have many reasons to go back to childhood

1. to know my father more
2. to meet some friends in school
3. watch 7kayat 3alameya cz they rarely show it.
4. watch elwameeth alazraq i searched for it EVERY WHERE and couldnt find it.

to be honest, when isaw 7kayat 3alameya as the old person i am now, i couldnt believe we used to watch such emotionally touching cartoons.. u remember the music of 7akayat 3almeya? no way.. ya3ni really i love ur post, it touched a soul point :) would u be kind enough and tell me ur favorite 7kayat 3almeya stories.

Hopeless Poet said...

Well going back in time to watch the cartoons, that, i can agree with :p
i don't remember elwameeth alazraq though!!
and yeah the music of 7ekayat 3alamiya is nice .. i downloaded the opening and ending songs (videos) performed by A9ala Na9ri b4 she became famous!
about my favorite stories, to be honest i forgot most of them .. but i remember the guy who plays the mezmar .. i liked that story very much ..the guy with the long shadow .. the kid who uses a magical pen to draw things on the wall and they become real and the beast ..elbo2asa ..and many others .. u know i am thinking of going 2 the video store and get the tapes if they have!

Flamingoliya said...

min qasas el sho3oob, 6ara2ifon la tantahi, wa3alamon 7olwon zaki, yaskono fil qolooob min qasasi el sho3oob.

:) ashwa i have good memory.. well to add to your comments, the only story i still think of and remember and sing it's song is the girl who had about 7 brothers who turned to swans. she had to knit 7 blouzes through 7 falls and not utter a single word as ordered by the witch so that they can turn to humans again.

the weaving song was nat el kattan.
i used to record them from TV i still have them stored somewhere.

my best cartoon was Remi (sa7ib el a7zan).

Shaymz said...

I love that shampoo! Waw, just the thought of it brings many beautiful memories! I also love the pink conditioner! :P and the blue shower jell! Hehe. And then the pink body lotion, and finally the baby Johnson colon. Emm.. I can smell it! BTW, they have this baby oil light mist spray thingie that is soo cool. You should try it.

Hope said...

when I watch cartoons I used to watch when I was a little girl, I get the shivers. I would do anything to travel back in time and feel one moment of my moment of innocence. There is nothing like having a heart of child, ears of a child, and eyes of a child. when trying to remember things from my childhood, I feel disconnected from that's like we're two different people. My childhood has turned into one of those cartoon, a beautiful fantasy story.

Vintage said...

forget the begining and the end music.. its the in between music.. what they play in the stories.. thats what i liked, i recorded some of it as ringtone for my phone.
my best stories: about two married couple in ancient greece, his wife is bit by the snake, she dies.. he follows her to death.
and el bo2sa definitely... and the story of the lion ..... oh ok, i better stop now :D

Flamingoliya said...

i had "sindibad mi baghdad" on my mobile but everyone made fun of me :/

Farooha said...

Oh my gosh, I can get so nostalgic at times. Shivering is one thing, sobs and sniffs+ shivers is a total other lol.
You know, I DO want to go back, but I guess only to prevent making some of the mistakes I'd made...
Am I off track? Thought so.
Thanks anyways.. :-)

TLG said...

You really! Used a lot! Of exclamation points! In that post!

btw, my husband uses baby shampoo exclusively. We found out that it was actually better than dandruff shampoo. I mean, they use it on babies with cradle cap, which is nasty yellow oily dandruff. TMI, i know.

Keep on pluggin'

Hopeless Poet said...

well 1st thanx all for commenting .. specially those who r here 4 the 1st time ..


it is wa3alamon 7olwon zahi not zaki .. who is zaki anyway? :p
yeah i remember that but isn't in qisas 3alamiya? it could be in both 2 but i remember the 1 in qisas 3alamiya.. i bet u that i will shed a tear or 2 if i ever watch it again!
Remi was good 1 .. a real good 1.. depressing most of the time .. u even will get sad when 1 of the dogs dies!!did u see Remi the girl? it sucks


do u work 4 Johnson & Johnson by any chance? or u r just a loyal user of their products? i use their baby powder sometimes .. but the idea of me using this baby oil light mist spray didn't settle well with me .. i read about it and they said it makes the skin as soft as a baby .. and i am not sure if it recommended 4 a guy 2 have a soft skin like a baby?


if time machines become a reality .. u should be the 1st to try them. u feel disconnected probably because u didn't have the chance 2 really enjoy ur childhood. u made a sudden jump from being a child to an adult and u handled so many responsibilities since u were young.


well the in between music is not available online so what can i do? i just wish some rich businessman will have the decency to open a new channel for cartoons classics .. or Space Toon .. it can have a sister channel and call it Space Toon Classics.. the cartoons should be available in the archives so not much money will be spent!


hello again :p
i had Sindibad, Grandizer, Sanafer, and i don't know what else .. but they were the normal midi but very recognizable. they cheer u up don't they?


i think most of us share the same reason of wanting 2 go back and that is 2 prevent or undo some mistakes we've done in the past ..but i think it is not a good idea cos we learned from those mistakes and if we were smart we didn't do them again
u r most welcome : )


thanx for the remark there .. so i guess it is bad 2 use that many exclamation points ha? i will take that in consideration in my next post .. u know i am just a beginner and i always used to hate writing!!!
Also thanx 4 telling me that this shampoo is good 4 dandruff cos it is annoying me and i am fed up with using the special shampoos.

keep on commentin'

again thank u all 4 commenting .. appreciated :)

Flamingoliya said...

Zahi? Why embarrass me in front of everyone? :p at least I remembered the song. Hathi hayna, I used to say “wa6ani el kuwait salimta lil mashdi, instead of majdi” and many many other countless mistakes that I still discover every time I sing :p
no, it's not I who discovers, it's people correcting me.

Do you know that my colleagues detested “sindibad” ringtone cuz he’s from Baghdad!? 7itta bil cartoons ako politics :/

are you saying that johnsons baby shampoo is good for dandruff? i was about to buy it last night bil dukkan but returned it, was afraid of getting influenced by your post :p but if it really works, i'm definitely going to buy it.

Hopeless Poet said...

About the mistakes while singing .. I don’t blame u .. I blame the singers cos they r not so clear :p

LoooL!! Poor ol’ sindibad!! So what if he was born there ya3ni? It is not like he was Saddam’s right hand! If he’d lived in Saddam’s time he would probably be executed or he would have ran away and got a political asylum in Europe or anywhere else!

About the shampoo.. that is what TLG is saying.. so I need to use it and see the effects .. even if it didn’t help much with dandruff still has a nice smell :D

U know what? I just realized that I’ve promoted that shampoo 4 free! Next time whenever I talk about a product I won’t mention the brand :p

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you, now I feel much better :)

sindibad=sin&bad. Maybe sad+dam is the great grand child of sindibad :p

Tell me if the shampoo works. and here goes another Ad. I bought DIAL shower jel yesterday, and it’s great! I took the tropical one, smells good and is foamy. It’s large and costs 1.100 fils only :p

Hopeless Poet said...

U r most welcome :)

It seems that u r good in math, with using this well calculated formula u found the long lost grandson and the only heir of the great Sindibad :p

DIAL soap is good and it has a nice smell but I didn't tried their shower gel yet. Maybe I should give it a try.

Flamingoliya said...


Flamingoliya said...

hey, i just noticed the pic on your profile! all this time i thought it was some old poet like shakes. but isn't this Saddam?

Hopeless Poet said...

loooool :D
no that is not Saddam, that is a russian poet called Vladimir Gandelsman .. which i just know his name 2day :p
when i decided to put a photo in my profile, i searched yahoo images for "poet" and i got some results including the 1 i am using now.. i liked it and put it :D

Flamingoliya said...

noway! he looks alot like saddam! :/

Hopeless Poet said...

oh i guess u caught me :p
yeah i am 1 of saddam's loyal fans :p

Flamingoliya said...

tara asaddig!


jawaher said...

i cant say anything ....ur journal is more than wounderful....i love this cartoon 2 and i miss my childhood soo much ..i miss my father 2 (ALLAH YR7AMAH)HE DIED B4 4 WEEKS ...AND ALL MY MEMMORIES AND MY HAPPY WENT WITH HIM 2

Hopeless Poet said...

3atham allah ajrech and sorry to hear about your father.
And thanks for the nice words you said about my blog :$

Princess Coffee Lover said...

You know I wish I can go back before I graduate from college and move to another stage of my life. I wanna go back not to make everything differently or change anything and I don't really wanna talk about the things I missed as a child cuz I have never talked about them out loud. But it's not missing your innocense in a bad way but missing innocense in a good way of you know how the child is so innocent everything that comes out of their mouth is innocent all their movements are innocent, the look in their eyes is so innocent. They never worry about news, future, they just live the day for itself and not worry about tomorrow cuz mommy and daddy have it all under control. This is what I miss, and I miss my cartoons as well , I miss tom and jerry, sanafer , sindbad, qisas 3alameya because I was transferred to a different world and did not get to enjoy them as I should've and now I care about animations and cartoons more than anything. It might sound ironic that I'm almost tearing as I'm talking about this.

Hopeless now your writings relate not to only you but to me in a way and I feel like you've lived in my brain for some time .

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