Friday, January 07, 2005

Ocean of Secrets

Every one of us has some secrets to hide from the nearest people to him or her. Even those who claim to be "open books" have some secrets to hide and usually what they hide is better be left hidden because it can ruin a whole life!!

Here is a poem I wrote that was inspired by a nickname a friend of mine used in the messenger.. it is called "Ocean of Secrets":

Do we dare to explore
What goes beyond that shore
To risk and take the chance
How far we'll advance
In reaching deep inside
To the mysteries that reside
Within your lonely heart
And the battles taken part
The struggles between right and wrong
The endless attempts to stay strong
Will we ever be able to reach out?
And get to know without a doubt
To reveal the secrets that you hold
The tales that never been told
Or we're gonna drown in your ocean
And get lost between chaos and confusion
Like those before who went astray

Trying to find your secret hideaway

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Vintage said...

I don’t think I have a secret that no one knows about. But my mother doesn’t know all my secrets, my sister may know secrets that my mom doesn’t know and vise versa with friends… or even the secrets them selves. Its just the placement of secrets that make them invisible to some makes you think some people actually have secrets.

Hopeless Poet said...

well actually i don't know .. i have no specific person to tell .. i guess it all depends on the secret itself ..and as they say: the secret if known by more than 2 ppl it is no more a secret!
Thank you for commenting :)

iamnasra said...

Loved this poem so much..I wonder if you do me the honor to post it in my blog of course under your name...

This pom it seems like an advice to my soul to be storng and I needed this mor than any time

iamnasra said...

Sinking in Secret

This guilt is clawing into me
I declared defeat, sinking to my death
Yet my soul is not left to die in peace
At this final moment, I have no tool to speak
This secret is a heavy agony to die with
A life time of waiting to submit the truth
The secret, shall I keep or release?
On the edge to cease without return
Two vowed to keep a secret
Though I was about to reveal,
But the secret is not only mine
So let me sink without breaking my oath of silence

2005, nasra al adawi

Based on your poem and of course having apage on secret I worte this poem

Princess Coffee Lover said...

"And get lost between chaos and confusion: my favorite line

a human is so deep they have secrets... I think that I'm not a big secret revealer pretty much all my secrets are kept to myself. Personally I like to be distant when it comes to secrets because till now all my life I never thought I should tell anybody my secrets, maybe one day. It is real weird that I have the secrets of many people and will take them with me to my grave but I don't share maybe because I like to keep them to myself till I have that person who I consider half of myself!