Sunday, January 16, 2005

Out of Ideas & My Poetry!!

Well I have nothing interesting in my mind currently to talk about so I will talk about my lousy poetry. I started to write some new poems but I couldn't finish any yet simply because whenever I am near the end of one poem, I start a new one and so on! But I revisit the unfinished ones from time to time and add some lines hoping that they will be completed sooner than later.

During the weekend, my older sister and her lovely son were at our home so we were chatting on the dinner and I asked her do you still write poems and short stories? She said yes. I asked who else than you and my younger brother write? She said none.. so I said I write poems too! Her jaw dropped in surprise (well I am exaggerating of course, but she was surprised a little bit) because she never knew that I write or I have any interest in poetry since I am well known at home that I don’t like reading or seldom that they see me holding a book!! So you can say that I and literature are not of great friends!
So that night I showed her some of what I wrote and she liked it and she was amazed from some of the words I used! I think it is because she writes in Arabic so she never cared to learn the words that she does not have to use in her work or daily life. However, she said that I should not write only or mostly about love and I should vary the style of the poems, which is what I am trying hard to do.

Here is the poem that she liked the most and it was my first poem ever. I thought about it while I was driving the car back home and I "wrote" it in my mind then I wrote it in my PC.
It has gone through some slight changes since 2 years until now. It is called
"The Old Man":

I saw an old man walking in the street
He hardly walks as he pulls out his feet
Trying as he might to lose the crowd
And failing in that I may should add
I wonder why his face looks so recognizable
He never looked my way like I was invisible
I swear I saw that face before
Where and when, no answers and nothing more
A face that filled my heart with terror
Oh god I remember I saw that face in the mirror
Where did I go wrong in my life?
Why does time wound more than the knife?
Where is my family, where are the loved ones?
I feel lonely and I live in sadness
I tried to shout I tried to scream
Only to hear the phone ringing, and thank god it was only a dream

So until we meet next time.. adios amigos!


W. said...

I'm in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much pain (physical) and I feel like whining to a complete stranger,,,

Would you mind? ;"""(

Hopeless Poet said...

I wouldn't mind actually.. I am a good listener so they say, and whining to a complete stranger always has its advantages most importantly you won’t be prejudged and rarely judged even after that stranger has listened to your complaints!

Vintage said...

Lovely poem, it reminds me of a twilight zone episode about a woman who is haunted by a hitchhiker.

Hopeless Poet said...

well I heard about twilight zone but I never watched it :p
thanks for commenting in my blog .. appreciated :)

iamnasra said...

Great are so good in rhyming ....Hope one day you will publish your work...

Princess Coffee Lover said...




That old man hopefully will never be you. But I loved it with every single part of me. All my emotions! Good post ! It made my heart ache so much I feel like aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!