Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Latest Poem: Broken

Sometimes the person gets very depressed so he starts writing depressing stuff and they turn out to be good so even after the depression period had ended he continues and finishes the good piece of writing for the joy of it.

So here it is: "Broken"

You glance at the mirror and you tell yourself
“How did I end up like an old book on a dusty shelf?”
You wonder what went wrong
You’ve been good all along

Did they treat you unfairly?
Then, they didn’t know the real you
Or maybe you couldn't see it clearly
And you could not break through

Stuck here in the middle of nowhere
Imprisoned by sorrow and despair
Tears from your eyes start falling
Voices in your head loudly calling

You cover your ears to no avail
Maybe you're starting to lose your head
You try to hide but you fail
And you stumble on the ground instead

Desperately you try to get back on your feet again
But can you endure the unbearable pain?
Your face is yellow and your eyes are swollen
And you can't find a way to regain a life once stolen


Vintage said...

can you ever fathom God? i cant.. i mean out of our depression and our sadness we can still be creative and tool it in... God is such the magnificint creator He is. beatufiul post,

Hopeless Poet said...

Well, many issues related to god and his creations are beyond our comprehension, for me, i will just simply thank him 4 giving me the ability to write and feel better about myself.

Flamingoliya said...


Farooha said...

Well, I for one, really do believe that depression is benefecial. For starters you actually start to appreciate normal, happy days.

But, kudos to you, Hopeless, for mending it to your advantage.
Keep the poems coming!

Hopeless Poet said...


Thanx :)


I agree with u 2 an extent .. most of the times depression is not beneficial at all and it leads to unwanted results .. I guess it depends on the person and how he or she manages the condition that he or she is going through.

Kudos to u 2 for passing by and commenting here :)

Princess Coffee Lover said...

hopeless do you think you write to feel better about yourself or you write to feel better about your past??? to make the pain fade away within your writings. Within your words? within your lines?

I'm not reading between your lines or words, I'm actually reading whats behind the lines.

It's painful and meaningful and spectacular:)