Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Underneath The Sky

Hello! I know that I don't post much and I know you missed me (I hope so :P) so I came with a new poem that I hope you will like!

It is about my passion for the clouds :P

Underneath the sky
Just myself and I
Riding the clouds
Escaping the crowds
Drifting away
Going astray
Away from my life
And the city strife
Away from the light
Deep in the night
Fading like a star
Looking from afar
Longing to be
Free so free


True Faith said...

I can fly by reading this :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh how floating =}

pretty =}

AnGeL said...

very nice...

Gloomy said...

wow, the poem is wordsworthian. I love it.

She6anah said...

I love it! ^^,

A Daydreamer said...

not your typical kind of poems hopeless, but very nice nevertheless... :)

teagirl said...

I can see the clouds reading this.

iamnasra said...

amazing words

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
So you are saying that it can compete with redbull and give you wings? :P

Thanks for the comment

Thanks for passing by and long time no see you in my blog!

I am not sure if that word has a meaning but thankian to you :D

Thank youuuuuuuu ^^ :D

True! This is one is like fast flowing jumping from a cloud to a cloud kind of poem!
Thank you!

You should take more photos of the clouds reading poems ;)
Wasn't your nick different before?

Thanks you are the amazing poetess :D

Princess Coffee Lover said...

This made me fly (not melt) lol

it's sensational thought I would reply with few lines:
The sky is ocean blue...
The leaves are green and true...
The breeze is cool and slight...
The moon is clear and bright...
Against the sky the clouds are marble white... & I think of


So I liked it :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, all is logical