Thursday, August 10, 2006

My News

Hello dear readers,
Apologies for not being active in my blog or any other blogs. I haven't been busy or anything, but I just felt bored and I had nothing to say. No great topics and no finished poems to post! Anyway, I will just update you guys about my news, if anyone cares :P

Do you remember this post? Well, I have finished my assignment down there and now I am back to my old job and place! I kinda miss myself being a boss and giving orders and doing nothing most of the time! :P But it is fine, I get to go back home daily now and sleep on my bed and watch my TV and have normal working hours! <-- June

The world cup has started and ended and again we didn't win it! And by we I mean Argentina! They played the best football but luck damn luck! After they were out the cup lost its taste but I enjoyed Italy beating the Germans and getting our revenge! But Zidane headbutt is the highlight of this cup I must admit :P <-- June/July

Again this summer, I traveled to Canada! :D I had more fun this year than last. My nephew can talk now and he called me "Uncle Myname". I miss that kid too much! I miss the weather there! I don't know why they have a great weather in the summer and we don't :( <-- July

While I was in my way to Canada, Israel started bombing Lebanon and for the 1st time in my life I knew the name of the prime minister in Canada, Harper guy! He turned out to be a jerk and lives in the shade of Bush! <-- July

Currently I am in love with those people, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela who withdrew his main diplomat in Israel (Venezuela has no ambassador to Israel) and condemned the attacks and equated them with what the Nazis did! He also threatend to cut all diplomatic ties with Israel if they didn't stop. Now of course, they call him anti-semitic for telling the truth! On the other hand, it is sad that the Arab countries who have diplomatic ties with Israel didn't withdrew their ambassadors and never made such comments! <-- July/August
Also there is this George Galloway, he was good in that interview in Sky News and made that Bit*h shut up same way he did when he was questioned by the the Senate in USA about Oil-Food Program to Iraq! <-- July/August

I also hate so many people but I don't wanna mention their names and ruin my blog!

Anyway, that is what is going on in my life currently, not so many exciting things I know!


iamnasra said...

Its been awhile since I heard from u went to Canda and did not tell me..It must be my list of gifts that I gave you in your last summer trip...

I share your thoughts exactly the only thing is I did not know much about Canda

Faith said...

Welcome backkkkkk =D Where in Canada were you?? I coulda been your tour guide ;p

World cup was great :D I told people italy would win before it started, no one believed me..and they did!! The headbutt will go down in history =D though Materazzi is a punk, fashlneee

w Harper is a dumbass...absmlek bil 3shr ;p he's Bushs puppet, he really makes me miss Paul [the dude before him]
He'll see in the next election, him and the Mackay punk..7ameer sara7tan :|

anyways welcome back!!! and stay put this time

Hopeless Poet said...

Alaikom Assalam,
Sorry about that :P And no the list was not the reason though it was way too much :P

Thanks :D
I was in Edmonton! Far from Ottawa I am afraid :P

Argentina should have been the winner! Damn luck!

Well yalla next election we want a good guy! Sheddo 7ailkom :P

Mysterious said...

W.BaCk lady!
Am into poetry, so am going through the blog. :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

hating people is not good, bs I do it too =}

iamnasra said...

So it was not the gift list as I can see ...why you are hiding from me...tell me the real reason then

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks for the comment but I am a gentleman :P

Some people force you to hate them no matter how hard you try not to!

I am not hiding! It is just a long sleep (you can say I am the sleeping beauty but the male version) and I guess I am waiting for the princess to kiss me and wake me up :P

A Daydreamer said...

welcome backkkkkkkk..

why do you hate?

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