Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here I Come!

Today I said goodbye to my colleagues and friends as they wished me good luck in my new assignment in another department. Though I work in planning but since I joined the company in 2002, I don't remember any of what was planned for me to happen! I was supposed to go on this assignment after the first few months but then it was delayed until I finish a year with them and then it was delayed another year and finally I am going to the assignment that was planned for me?? WRONG!! I am going to another department that no one expected me to go to, and as what? The plan for me to be like the supervisor there after few months and I hope this plan succeeds this time :D
So I cleaned my desk and my PC and transferred all the files I will need including my unfinished poems so I can continue working on them in my new work.
The worst things is that I will be home only in weekends and I will need a TV there! I can't miss the football matches and the show 24!!

So my new colleagues, roll out the red carpet! Here I come :D


Hope said...

have fun Hopeless. Hopefully you will see ALL ur football matches;)

Hopeless Poet said...

Thnaks Hope. And you too have fun and hopefully you will get used to it soon.

Namika said...

I read the post but not really sure wiether to say congrats or feel sorry :D you got me confused there...

But I guess its congrats.. :) so have fun..

Rain Drops said...

Heheheheheh !!
aham shay ena ur new colleagues will roll out the red carpet for u !! :P

heheh bs sounds AWSOME ena to brake off the routine with something NEW :))

GOOD LUCK .. wish u success =)

mydream said...

good luck :), min awalha tabi tv there :P !

Hopeless Poet said...

Well it is niether cos I am not promoted or demoted :P
You just wish me good luck and that will be fine :)

Welcome in my blog!
A5af they roll out all the work on me mo el red carpet :P
And yeah it will be a change for me and new people to meet and everything!
Thanks and good luck to you to in your life :)

Thanks. I don't want a tv! I NEED a tv!! I can't live without watching football specially next week there will be big matches tuesday! And also I don't wanna miss the show 24!

flamingoliya said...


Peach said...

Good luck on your new assignmet Hopeless P althought I'm not really sure why u can't be home except on weekends!!! and I'm sorry your first dream didn't come true .. I hope this one will .. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)

Bloo said...

it accelarates ur upgrade.. so yep.. thats good.

Kazablanka said...
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Kazablanka said...

did u buy a tv yet?

oh and since u are a soccer fan.. did you watch the match between libya and egypt??

Hopeless Poet said...

Allah ybarek fee 7ayatich :D

Thanks. I can't be home only in weekends cos I am working in a remote area and it is like 2 hours and half by car away from my home!
And thanks again, you are very sweet ;)

It must! Or I would return from where I came from :p

Not yet :(
And yeah I watched some of that match! I was watching another match that day but checking the score for Lybia vs Egypt from time to time and I saw Lybia scoring a goal and I changed the channel when I returned it was 4-1 to Egypt! So why did you ask about this in particular?

Kazablanka said...

maybe becuz im libyan lol.. and i was watching it cuz i wanted my country to win lol but it was like a major fadi7a! 4-1 *shakes head*