Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Scenes From My Window

Here is a poem that I wrote long time ago and I was hoping that I can add one more scene to it but I ran out of any creative ideas!
I love my window and too bad that I can't see anything interesting when I stand in front of it and look. I am surrounded by walls! I miss those days where I used to be able to view the whole street from the window but then some neighbor moved in and his walls blocked my view!
Anyway, when I have my own home I will make sure that when I stand in front of the window I would see some green or blue and I don't mean the walls paints!

So here is the poem

Scenes From My Window

Scene 1:
All alone, I watch the world from my window
Counting birds that fly over the meadow
Listening to the sound of whistling trees
Telling stories of love carried by the breeze
Tales of so many broken hearts
Shattered into pieces and parts

Scene 2:
Still alone, as the raindrops knock on the window
Black clouds fill the sky above the meadow
The fiery winds were harsh on the naked trees
As they are howling begging for summer breeze
And the misery will continue for the aching hearts
As they wonder who will mend their broken parts

Scene 3:
Alone, looking at the world outside the window
The sunshine embracing the meadow
Kids are playing hide and seek behind the trees
The fresh scent of flowers filling the breeze
The pure air cures the wounded hearts
And helps out picking up the shattered parts


Flamingoliya said...

walls walls every where :(
hope one day you get to live at an open place. nice poem ery roman6iq :)

Najah said...

This is the first time i pass by in here. I must say this is a wonderful piece, and never call that desperate, hopeless!!
Very much talented mashallah.

Aquamarine said...

its soo sad that the neighbor blocked ur view, also blocking ur chain of creative ideas, otherwise u'd have a complete poem.

its beautiful, btw. :) am sure u'll be able to continue it. just stand at the window, close ur eyes, an pretend u could see green and blue and everything u were able to see in the past. let ur imagination go wild. u can do it.

Hopeless Poet said...

When you've said walls, I got inspired to write a poem about walls. so wait for it :)

Welcome to my blog :)
Thanks for the lovely comment, and yeah the poem started as a hopeless scene but the end was hopeful.
Thank you again and you are always welcomed here :)

Yeah what to do!! But no walls can block the chain of my creativity :D
Well I think the poem like this is complete somehow as it goes from being hopeless to hopeful (that is how i see it). The initial plan was to write 4 scenes just like the 4 seasons but it didn't work :P

And when are you gonna update your blog? You are taking long time!

Aquamarine said...

i was busy the past few days, bs i will inshalah. ;) 2day hopefully..

Najah said...

Talented Poet, why don't you have a chatter box where we can comment in general. I want to tell you Update, its been a while!

Aquamarine said...

ya mr. poet.. UPDATE! ;P

Hopeless Poet said...

I prefer the comments. chatter box will make za7ma :P
and I will try to update tonight or tomorrow. but if you noticed my posts before you will see I usually post 2 times a week :p

Inshallah miss :p

Vintage said...

all's well that ends well..

Anonymous said...

wow mashallah that is so niiiicee! You so have talent yo!

we want more scence :(


Hopeless Poet said...


Welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice comment.. no more scenes for this one but there are more poems :D

iamnasra said...

Wow this is such great poem....Loved the way you repeated the ending of each line but with different meaning into it....

I will put it into my thought and try with some of my work and see how would it work...

iamnasra said...

As you mentioned the walls it reminded me of a story. Im not sure if its true story...It was in a hospital where there is really injured man who was hurt badly in a war (something like that) and due to his illness he was beded and his eyes where bandeged too and so everymornig he will ask his room mate to look into the window and describe the scene and his room-mate will tell him about the beauty of the view and how he could see the children and the green trees dancing with the wind. His room-mate kept everyday telling him about this view and about the road. the beded patient his health got worst and he died. So the nurse asked him,, why he kept telling him about the scenary even though his blind. He replied cheerfully "I wanted him to lookfoward in to living and wanted to make him happy during his last days of his life...even thought I was blind I could feel all that within me"....

iamnasra said...

Okay so I wrote a poem..Im glad I got chance to read your creativity


Check the poem that I wrote...

Hopeless Poet said...

Welcome in my blog :)

Yeah I read that story before and I think it is one of those Internet inspirational stories but I might be wrong and it turns out to be real who knows :p
I checked the poem and I commented there ;)