Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Questions from a Weary Mind

Here is a poem I wrote using a new style for me. I didn't care much about the rhyming process and as you can see some lines rhyme and some don't. The poem talks about me being confused and lost at times.

Questions from a Weary Mind

I am just lost and wandering
And I do not know where to go
Wasted so much time just-
To find where I belong
I have been searching for so long
The drifter that I am
I will be damned
My ghosts and my demons
My unreasonable reasons
That change with seasons
My weary state of mind
My naked soul
There is no sense at all
Where do I stand?
Am I so close to the edge?
Holding my pen and paper
Describing the way I should fall
Or writing about the sky
And the clouds
Or maybe the river and the sea
A dream or a wild fantasy
Lost love and a broken heart
Or a blossoming love yet to start
Too many questions that-
My weary mind cannot answer


Najah said...

I have been searching for so long
The drifter that I am
I will be damned
My ghosts and my demons
My unreasonable reasons
That change with seasons

I like these lines the most. wonderful poem you wrote, i like :)...

maybe you are just searching to much.

iamnasra said...


Confusion is a phase
where uncertainty gleams
I often belong in the claws of fate
Many decisions are not mine to make
Allowing time to take it’s feast out of me
As choices may swirl against my face
I just want to be a drifter of time
Retiring from my duties of life
As fate snatches the choices to live
I stand here with an effortless browse
This soul starts to numb, all consider me dead

So 3-4 days ago I felt the way...I wanted to retire...Take no action out of it, but somehow your soul get numb and thugh you are breathing, if you do not move, you become a dead soul within yourself..So once you get that feeling you should do something..Mind you its easier to tell this to someone else but yourself...

flamingoliya said...

ask me i can answer :p

a poem doesn't have to rhyme in order to be called a poem.

Najah said...

where are you?!

Hopeless Poet said...

First sorry for replying late. I was not in the mood during the weekend.

Thanks for the wonderful comment :)
And you are right I am searching too much that I even forgot what I am searching for!

I always find that commenting on a poem is harder than writing the poem itself!

I am glad that you didn't retire :D
And god gave you the gift of poetry so we know whenever you feel down you are gonna write a poem and it will make you feel better :)

I did ask in the poem so answer the questions there :P
And you are right that a poem does not have to rhyme to be called a poem but since my blog is called Hopeless Rhymes ..then any poem should rhyme :P

I am here and as I said I was not in the mood during the weekend but I am fine now
Thanks for asking :D

Bloo said...

i agree with flfl. doesnt have to rhyme,

ur poem good.. but didnt beat that one i liked alot.

Kazablanka said...

I like!!!

*kaza steals this one too*

you know im thinking of stealing all of your poems then making a book by me... :)

Hopeless Poet said...

I think I will write more of that kind since you liked it a lot :P

If you keep stealing my peoms then I will stop writing :(

Anonymous said...

I m just so lost... I love ur poem... :)
Kaza u evil ,, i like it muhahahah


Peach said...

How much we quest
How much we seek
How many shadows we chase,
Elaborate in the words we speak

Until we find it was all untrue
A mere mirage in the deserts heat
& we realize we completely missed the point!
That we were looking in the wrong keep
Look inside of you my grave mate
That is where u will find your peace.

And I don’t mean inside your dreams or your imagination. I mean inside your brain & your logic. I’ve found out from hard experiences that emotions are not meant to have their way all the time. There must be a degree of brain governing in order to find something true. And then you’re emotions, dreams & imaginings will be happy too ;)

Peach said...

btw it's called free style poetry.

and iamnasra,
the feeling u described is of being numb & indiferent to things around you, and it is nothing like being dead even though it may seem that way. It's more like retreating into yourself when things get too rough or frustrating. and it's actually very useful even though sometimes it comes on very strong .. sometimes i put myself into that state on purpose as a means of temporary escape. And when I eventually snap out of it I'm usually a bit sore and tender but also stronger and a little bit more in control.

garagt wayed sa7! ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

I hope we all find our way soon :D
And don’t support kaza to steal my poems :(

Thanks very much for the inspiring comments :)
I agree with all what you have said :D
You see when you stopped smoking you became wise ;)
And you can talk as much as you like in my blog :))

Peach said...

looool ee wallah I agree with u on that one ;)