Saturday, April 02, 2005

Is There Any Good Music These Days?

Do you know that I didn't buy any new album for any of the current artists nowadays? That is not because I can download the songs for free! It is because nothing worth buying! And even nothing worth downloading! The only new music I like currently is country music and since it is not appreciated by fans here in the gulf we don't get most of the new albums. Yet we get all the crappy rap albums and boy bands' jokes of songs!
I watched some clip of a new rap song recently and half of the lyrics were censored. Then I read the lyrics online and I knew why they were censored! I mean the whole song has no meaning at all! I admit there are good rap songs like gangasta's paradise for Coolio but they are very few compared to the rap songs we hear everyday!
Another issue is the way they use women in their videos and in the lyrics too. Why a woman would accept to appear in a video where she is called bitch and whore in same song? I think women rights groups should get involved and protect women from being mistreated like that!! And just before few days I listened to a song by Baby Face and Stevie Wonder called "How come, how long" and talks about a woman who was beaten by her man and how she was mistreated and so on. Well if that man is a fan of rap artists and their songs that refer to their women as bitches, of course he will beat his woman!!
Back in the 1990s, I thought that the 1980s era was the last of the eras of good music, but now I really miss the 1990s! And god knows what kind of music we will have after 2010.


Namika said...

Welcome and join the club my friend. I never bought any CD or casettes in my life. The only one I bought was for TLC their last album.

As you said there is nothing that is worth buying anymore. Most songs are meaningless these days. Old songs were the best.

Peach said...

I remember that song .. beautiful ;) I've also wondered about that; how those women can apear in such clips that degrade them! it's still a mystery to me.
But you can always listen to the good old stuff from the good old guys ;) Michael Bolton, Sher, George Michael, Celine Dion, Sade and countless others.. there out there alright .. you just have to look for them ;) also try spanish love songs ... nice n'sweet just the way I like it.

Flamingoliya said...

tell me why are we so blind to see that THOSE women called so and so consider it as flirting.

you're scaring me tara. i've been singing this song the past few days!

Flamingoliya said...

maybe not having nice songs out there is a blessing. so that we can stop listening to music and shift to Quran.

Rain Drops said...

o0 it made me sad honestly when i just listen to it .. bs any how THANK GOD .. ena i've recently switched off listening to these STUFF !

am a BIG fan of ( el anasheed el eslameya ) !!

it makes me feel COMFORT and secured ! :) at least am ready whenever my spirit goes OFF !! :)

Kazablanka said...

omg, my favorite song is "how come, how long" its soooo cute.

But i barely listen to music anyone :S

Najah said...

I loved your anology Flaming, that was interesting, maybe it is a blessing indeeeeeeeed!!!

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks! And really you only bought 1 album in your whole life? That is amazing!

Well old songs for Michael Bolton are fine but his latest albums are not that good! The same goes for George Michael. Sher! I don't like her :P
Celine I don't listen much to her songs..very few that I like. As for Sade, I like Smooth Operator and Your love is king and another song I forgot its title! I think I will download some songs for the mexican band Mana to try some Spanish language songs!

Hopeless Poet said...

Flirting? If that is the way is flirting now then I shall never flirt with my woman :P
You were singing How come how long? That is why the voice which I heard singing it that day was a female voice! It was you :P
And shifting to Quran would be great but the problem if the taste was shifted toward the crappy songs!

Good to hear that :)
So I can say that Robba `9araten nafi3a ;)
And insha allah we all have easy spirits departure.

Yeah i picked that song cos I had a feeling it is your favorite :P

I think it is more of a test than a blessing. But I think a test can be a blessing in the same time :P

Peach said...

maybe you mean King of Sorrow? My all time fav. (^.^)

Bloo said...

last english ablums i bought :

maroon5: worth it big time
alanise morisette: worth it bigger time

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Half the stuff they come up with now is rubbish.
Look at Britney Spears, she will never be another Madonna/Cher
Some rap is okay, I like Nelly and P Diddy, granted their lyrics make no sense but the beat is good.
I still love the 80s music. I loved ABBA

Hopeless Poet said...

I don't think I heard this song!

I would never buy albums for those people ..sorry :P

Who are you?
And I agree with you about 80s music! It rocks bing time!
But Nelly and P Diddy .. those are part of the gang that is ruining music :P

Samyah said...

I'm surprised you like country! I like some of it but not much.

About the women... well they agree to be in these videos for the sake of money, they have only themselves to blame.