Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whispering Flowers

Finally I managed to write a complete poem! I passed through a period of no inspiration what so ever! But now I am back! I don't know how good is this poems but I hope you like it! And again critical comments are welcomed :D

Whispering Flowers

There in the garden they lay
Blossoming in early may
Dancing happily with the breeze
Singing lovely tunes with the trees
Whispering the sweetest words
Talking to the wandering birds
Their scent fills the place
And their beauty is full of grace
It is just how we dreamed it will be
A Garden of Eden just for you and me
And as we lay on the grass
We watch the clouds slowly pass
I gently hold your hand
And I know you understand
And as I turn toward you
I know just what to do
I will softly touch your face
And drown in your sweet embrace
I will run my fingers through your hair
And show you how much I care
Then I will pick one flower
Full of charm and power
I let it whisper in your ear
And it will tell you all what you want to hear
And when the garden welcomes the night
Again I will hold your hand tight
And pull you close and whisper in your ear
And tell you, you have nothing to fear
And I wish I can catch the moonlight beams
And shape them into your hopes and dreams


Namika said...

Nice poem, I realy liked it :)

Najah said...

oooooo this is AMAZING! i loved the poem, it is so unique mashalllah...

i liked those lines the most:

Then I will pick one flower
Full of charm and power
I let it whisper in your ear
And it will tell you all what you want to hear

Kazablanka said...

I loved it, full ofmeaning and feeling :)

Shes so lucky....

Flamingoliya said...

does this sound familiar or what! hey it should be copy righted by us both! :P

And tells you, you have nothing to fear

grammatical mistake! tell not tells

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks for the comment

Thanks and it is time for you to update your blog! and you are the 2nd person to pick up the same lines that you liked!

Thanks! But who is she the lucky one? If you know tell me cos I don't know :(

Well I wrote that line myself .. so the copy write is for me only!!
As for the mistake it was just a typo! Thanks for bringing it up :P

Flamingoliya said...

no it should be for both of us. the last lines are very similar to them one we wrote together :(

iamnasra said...

Great work...remarkable poem...I have not visted your post for awhile it soo good to see your work again

Peach said...

aw that is soo sweet. laish inta so sweet yakhi moshay!! lol but seriously I really really liked it ;) And I'll tell you a little seacret about flowers. You know the white feathery ones you can blow on! I believe that u can whisper a msg to them to deliver to someone speacial and then blow them into the air and watch them take off. These days u see those petals in the air everywhere & I like to imagine them carying msgs of love all around. I must have blown a thousand msgs, I never got one but I still believe and continue to do it. I'll send one to u tonight ;)

Hope said...

awwwwwwwwwwww so beautiful!!! I loved it really.

Hopeless Poet said...

I checked the lines in question and they are different from what is in that poem :p

Thanks and make sure you visit my blog at least once a week ;)

Ana sweet and that is moshay? Ok, I will be mean next time to be shay :P
And I didn't get the msg you said you will send! Did it get lost of you didn't even send? :P And what did you say in the message? ;)

Thanks this is from your taste. (hatha min thoogich) :D

Peach said...

You can't not have got it! U must have seem some white feathery petals here or there, they're all over the place! and the msg is Love & Welbeing ;p u shoulda figured that one out urself mr.poet ;p

Hopeless Poet said...

Maybe you sent it to someone else then :(
I want my love message right now :P

moe-isha said...

ok i actually teared

** standing obation **


Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks. Glad that you liked it :)