Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weird Me!

I have been tagged by adaydreamer to mention the weird things about me and I came up with this list:

1- I don’t mind sleeping when the lights on or when the lights off and it depends on the time I am sleeping in. If it was a nap in the afternoon or even at night I leave the lights on so I can easily check the time and wake up. If it was the main sleep, it has to be in total darkness and it has to be quiet except for the sound of the AC, the fan or the computer fan.

2- I used to study for my exams in front of the TV. The reason is that I can’t study without that kind of noise or I will fall asleep. I tried to study in my room but I always end up sleeping and wasting some hours!

3- I have noticed that whenever I wear a long sleeves shirt I lift 1 sleeve up to reach my elbow (usually right one) and leave the other not lifted.

4- I don’t write my poems on paper, I go directly to the PC and write them.

5- I don’t like dust at all. When my hands touch a dusty place even if it was a little dust, I don’t feel comfortable and I won’t be able to sleep until I wash my hands few times with soap.

6- I don’t open public toilets doors using my bare hand. I have to use a tissue or something because I know many people don’t wash their hands when they finish!

7- I keep all the empty boxes of the things I buy whether they are TVs, shoes or computer stuff! My room is full of them and my mom always tells me to through them away but I just can’t! I feel attached to them.


adaydreamer said...

you are attached to boxes??!?!?

okkk.. you OFFICALLY neeeeeeed a new hobby :P collecting boxes IS NOT a good hobby :P :P

Hopeless Poet said...

Don't worry! I am not romantically attached to them :p
It is not a hobby! I don't buy that much things that come in boxes anyway :P

Rain Drop said...

the last point reminded me of my brother..he has all these kinds of boxes whether big or small!!

I hate it :p

Flamingoliya said...

feek wiswas!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

my mom sufferes from that box thingy too

Hopeless Poet said...

Rain Drop:
Well you have to live with it! Soon when you wanna pack some stuff those boxes will come in handy ;)

Come on! If you saw what Johnny Depp (I think) said in Jay Leno's show about the toilets and germs, you would do the same :P

It is not a suffering :P And your mom is cool :D

Rain Drop said...

No..we have a special store for when I need a just call for one :D

but not inside the room
تشوه شكل المكان :p

Blossom said...

I collect boxes too :P

Peach said...

Weirdo ;P

Hopeless Poet said...

Rain Drop:
Well we have no place at home to store things! Bad home plan I guess :P

Wanna start a boxes collecting club? :P

I think you are weirder :P

bentad said...


N!CE Weird Th!ngs u have here..!


Peach said...

lol Hell yeah I am .. & u'd better believe it! ;P

candle of hope said...

well.. the part about the boxes is like "TOTALLY weird"..

there are somethings which you do that i do too, but i dont consider them as "weird" habits..

Princess Coffee Lover said...

1st I sleep with the lights on sometimes after I watch a scary movie, or when I feel unsafe I know I'm old enough but i always need somebody.

2nd I study for my exams drinking tons of coffee with no sugar or creamers. And I listen to music while I do it for the same reason afraid of falling asleep.

3rd I always wear a long sleeved shirt outside but both are always raised up not to my elbow but like a little raised up between full length and elbow.

4th I write a poem whenever I get the inspiration to do so and I type them as well.

5th I wouldn't say I wont be able to sleep cuz you sound like a clean freak to me. But my hands feel dusty and rough.

6th now that we have in common no additional comments added to that.

7th I keep empty boxes of my Sketcher or Aldo shoes cuz I cover them and decorate them to store my beads and stuff in them. I also tend to keep cereal boxes, I really do! My Mother thinks it's so pointless.

you sound so sensitive to everything around you dear! :)