Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Weekend Blues

I am sure a lot of us suffer and can't sleep well when their weekends come to an end! I wrote this simple so called poem (actually simple words with a rhyme) to describe the things that I go through when trying to sleep! ENJOY :D

It is Friday night and I can’t sleep
No use counting sheep after sheep
Just tossing and turning in bed
So many thoughts going on my head
So many weird half dreams
And nothing is like what it seems
I turn to the right and I dream about money
And a turn to the left makes me see you honey
And I look up and check the ceiling
A million song in my mind reeling
And my oh my, what a crime
The alarm is going to go off any time
Just let me go in a deep one for five
God! Even for that I have to strive
But it is ok. I will sleep in the lunch break
I wish they make it two hours for my sake
It is alright, I will steal half an hour
I am a supervisor; for sure I have the power
But what I really need is a radical change
Before this problem makes me derange
Don’t tell me to go early to bed in the weekends
Believe me, that can’t happen my friends
Maybe they should make work start in the afternoon
And for only four hours; that has a lovely tune
Maybe I’ll suggest making the weekend longer
I hope this poem makes my case stronger
Oh I know these were just crazy things to say
Now I am scared they might take my weekend away


Anonymous said...


This is so lovely .. I love it :)
Go man Go!

A Daydreamer said...

omg!! soooooo damn cute!!!! wuv it :)

by the way... ever try sleeping pills??? they do wonders somtimes ;)

iamnasra said...

well very different from your poems it made me laugh...

Sorry for not replying your sms. Thank you for it so much it had gave a smile on that hot day

I will send an e-mail this week inshallah

A Daydreamer said...


Reincarnation said...

I don't know if I have mentioned to you this before or not, but I like your writings.. this one -although simple and spantenous- is funny..

keep it up, when you get back we expect some good making up for your absence.

iamnasra said...

hope you have gone for holidays..Have not heard ur news for awhile

Faith said...

wayyn el denya feek