Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Shadow

Hello, here is my latest poem that I wrote in like 2 hours. For some reason I can write fast when I feel down or depressed :P
I am not sure if you will like it or not, but I enjoyed finishing it quickly ;)

A Shadow

There is a shadow upon the wall
And there are tears falling down
Sound of pain echoes in this empty hall
In a ghostly house in a lonely sad town
And no one lives here but me
I am the shadow that you cannot see

For I was once a man full of life
Full of hopes and dreams
Dreaming about some kids and a wife
To dance with under the moonlight beams
But it all turned to a nightmare
When I made one wrong choice
I became surrounded by endless walls of despair
That only echo my silent hopeless voice


LaiaLy_q8 said...

is that all it takes "one wrong choice"?

Faith said...

You've probably been told before, but you are an amazing writer.
Writing is a wonderful thing, its a creative way of expressing yourself. but dont let it stop at writing..if you want things to change for you, you can make that change. One wrong choice could mean one more chance, one more chance could mean many more things

adaydreamer said...

i miss coming here...

your words and writings always amaze me...

MissCosmoKuwait said...

That was truely amazing! I loved's true..when one feels down...the writing seems to be most effective...guess 'coz it comes from the heart....brilliant work of art...good job boy!

M z a J i said...

wat a luvly words ..
am speechless !

Faith said...

You need to come baaaaaaaack!

Hopeless Poet said...

Indeed that is all what it takes! One wrong choice and your life is never the same again!

I think I have been told yeah but I like to be told again and again.. just to be sure :P
And well if I stop at writing, I think I will go no where and currently I am thinking of some big decision to make so wish me luck :D

And here missed you too!

Thanks, it is you who amazes my words lol ;)

Thanks for passing by and good comment girl!! :P

Thanks and welcome in my blog :D

I didn't leave to be back! I am just lazy and you can say out of words! But I am always around ;)

Reincarnation said...

Very dark and gloomy, but also pretty. I feel the nostalgic tone in your words that longs for happiness.

Life might take an ugly turn sometimes, but remember this: You're only dead.. when you're dead. :)

iamnasra said...

Its been awhile..what had happened no writings from you...We are waiting even though we at times are not commenting..but we do read and love what you write

شـــــــــــــــو هل الغيبة

Peach said...

Boy .. Your hopeless voice needs a healthy dose of POSITIVE THINKING ;P

Do I need to tell u I loved the poem though? cuz I think you do know, cuz I do .. u know! ;P

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hello to you..As you have noticed how lazy I am now days


Princess Coffee Lover said...

down...depressed? They are big words inshallah you are never down or depresed cuz it makes everything around you turn into a shadow.

you will have your kids and wife and you will dance with them under the moonlight beams :)

You keep taking me to a different place with your poems.

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