Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Everything

Ahh so many occasions in just few days .. so Happy Eid , Happy New Year to all of you out there who read this poor blog :D

And before I forget, Happy belated birthday to my blog! On the 28th of December, it completed 2 years! AHHHHHHHHHH time passes by so quickly.


Princess Coffee Lover said...

Well Happy everything back to you ,stay safe and Happy Anniversary for your blog Inshallah we will celebrate the 25th year.. lolol

oh and Saddam's death is everyone's 3ediya and best wishes for next year.

Gloomy said...

3eed mobarak, and i hope you enjoyed it.

OMG your blog is 2 now that is soooo cute, Happy Birthday to your blogy wogy :D

She6anah said...

Happy Eid & happy new year =)

Anonymous said...

happy 3eid and happy new year to you too and happy birthday to this lovely blog hope other readers will enjoy it as I do .

BLaSha said...

Happy Holidays and Happy Anniversary

Judy Abbott said...

happy everything.

hope your dreams come true.

Hopeless Poet said...

Princess Coffee Lover:
Thanks and 25 is way too much for a blog to last :P

Yeah it is 2 years! It sounds old ha? :P
Thanks :D

Thanks and good to see you commenting .. you don't even reply to the comments we leave in your blog :P

I hope so too and thanks Z ;)

Thanks :D

Judy Abbott:
Mashallah .. JA is here? Welcome to my blog, I think this is your 1st comment here ever :D
Thanks for passing by :)

She6anah said...

Grrr @ you =@!! I do reply, in fact I don't have even one comment that I haven't replied on =p