Saturday, January 06, 2007

My 2007 Predictions

As you all know that I am a man of vision and I can foresee the future, I wanted to share with you some of my predictions for 2007 even though I am few days late but here you go:

1- There will be 365 days this year distributed on 12 months.
2- February will have 28 days this year.
3- So many people will die for different reasons mostly natural ones.
4- We will have some new singers who mostly suck.
5- Those singers who used to suck last year will still suck this year.
6- One of those people in Star Academy will be the star of the academy.
7- A gulf country will win the next Gulf Cup.
8- Paolo Maldini will retire from football unless he comes and play in the gulf.
9- Juventus won't win neither Serie A nor Champions League titles this season.
10- It's gonna be hot this summer.

I hope they all come true :D


Judy Abbott said...

NOOOOO, you are kidding me, this can't be real, i hope they don't happen.. OMGosh all this will happen in 07.. too much

You know what else, there will be summer in 07

Gloomy said...

oh why didn't you say that gloomy is going to pass all her exams, now that would be much better.

True Faith said...

and I will be 27 :D

Fo0f said...

LOL@8!! And 9 was just harsh ='(
heh, smarty predictions ;)

nouf said...

Damn wutta smart a$s u r o_O !!
didnt u see if Feb. iz gonna be right after Jan. this year?

this is just so cute :p


dropped here by 9odfah and luved ur blog ^___^

SwaRwaR said...

loools i totally agree with u in all these predictions !!!
hope it will be a perfect year for u , me and we all :-)

She6anah said...

I didn't know your worth until now =D You can compete with El Alousi lol!!

Bal8ees said...

wooow u really now whats gonna happen in the future :P
the tell me do think i'll get married soon :P ( i hope not )

Ali said...

ummm ... there is noooo way there will be 365 days this year ... can't believe it

Brava Valentia said...

are you sure they're the newyear's predictions? sounds more like last years event to me!!!

Brava Valentia said...


Hopeless Poet said...

Judy Abbott:
Yes all of this will happen inshallah :D
And it does not need a scientist to know that there will be a summer in 2007 duhh! :P

Ok I will say that if you study hard you will pass all your exams :D

True Faith:
And you will get married ;)

So you follow football? Can we be friends? :P

LOL thanks :D
And yes it is gonna be after January! No change this year :P

And you are most welcome here *^--^*

Thanks for your wishes and inshallah we get what we want this year :---)

Wait till you know me better and you will realize my worth ;)

El Alousi has ended min zaman I guess! Now there is that guy in Shahrazad! If he hears about me I bet he will just retire :P

No you won't get married soon! You are still young for that! But maybe after 4 or 5 years you will :D

Then count them 1 by 1 and come here again on December 31, 2007 and tell me how many days! :P

Brava Valentia:
Yes I am sure! Last year there was no Gulf Cup and Juventus was the champions of Serie A but because of their cheating and so on they were forced to play in Serie B this season so they won't win Serie A for sure :P