Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold and Sleepy

Does anybody else feel cold and sleepy when feeling down and depressed?


Breeze said...

ME .. ME .. ME .. ME .. ME !!!! :(

I just sleep so That i stop thinking !! .. but unfortunatley sometimes The Cause of my depress followed me into my dreams :@ :@ !!

so, i found myself taking my car keys and driving out SPEEDY :(( !

sleeping is more safe i know .. ! :/

sometimes i just go out for a walk, !

Hmmm it's the right time to go to SPA time.. sounds good ? Hmmm try to go for it and u'll see how Different u'll be ;)

Fo0f said...

Yes to all =(

Gloomy said...

yep :'(
I just hate it. I always feel sleepy when I have to study for an exam especially when i dont understand a word. this is all out of depression.

iNouf said...

I sleep all the time LOL

but when a get depressed I eat and eat and eat till i get a stomachache and then go to sleep as long as takes mam 2 knock on ma door to make am still breathin !

alzebda chill out ya ra8l ^__^

Anonymous said...

Me Me Me Me

such weather makes me depressed, sad, cold, lazy and sleepy all the time!

Bal8ees said...

when i feel depresed i just sit in my room and don't come out.. o mally 5elg le a7d yeklmny so wheever someones tries to know what wrong ... i end up shouting at them o a39eb o ankd zeyada lool :P

Glow! said...

When depressed, I feel more like vulnerable & lonely! :|

Hopeless Poet said...

Speed is not good specially when you are in a bad mood! Sometimes I just go and drive my car between some farms and open the windows if the weather was good or I go to sea and just watch it :D
And yeah I need a massage :P


Don't remind me! In my time I had about 2 or 3 courses that till now I didn't know how I passed! They ruined the whole vacations for me! Till now I still have nightmares of math exams :P

LOOL! You eat ice cream or penut butter?
I am chilling ;)

Welcome again here ;)
Such weather is not for working! It is for us to stay warm and cozy in bed :D

LOOL! It is hard for me to imagine you m3a9ba! You seem to be laughing all the time :P

I hope you won't feel depressed again

lawyer said...




7sian nafsy al7eeeeen

i need to sleep :/

alyoom sabt:/

She6anah said...

Gosh! When I'm depressed I don't feel cold I guess, I feel warm because I'm thinking and mostly about to cry. But yeah, I feel like sleeping, it's a good way to run away!! =/ How I deal with it: diaries! Someone who'd not talk back at you =p

And Glow!,, oh I so agree!! =(

iamnasra said...

Im always down for no reason lately..Im having Poetry Tribute your poem is selected for the Poetry tribute..Pls spread the word around

Hopeless Poet said...

Saturdays are always depressing! madree shloon some employees laugh that day in the morning :P

I don't like diaries! They might get in the wrong hands and then fa`9ee7a :P

Oh that is so sweet of you! I will check it :D

Lavender© said...

i can relate! :(

Princess Coffee Lover said...

oh my god... esmallah 3alaik...

just please remember that life is beautiful and stop being hopeless... do you have any clue how short life is???

what's the point living it hopeless, depressed and down???

I can swear to you that there is absolutely no point... just be happy and if not happy at least get out of feeling down... because there is always a sunshine after every sunset, and a bright new day after every dark foggy day :)

Anonymous said...


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