Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tag: Things That Make Me Happy

I have been tagged by Brava Velntia, God belss her:

1- Seeing videos and photos of my nephews who are in Canada
2- Getting SMS from friends not from phone company or other business related promotion SMS because I get so many of those and only few from friends :(
3- Watching CSI (all versions)
4- Watching football matches for my favorite teams and they win

5- Chelsea and the teams I hate losing a match :D
6- My supervisor not coming to work (He is very annoying!!)
7- Receiving compliments about my look
8- Having a good meal with friends at work
9- Reunion gatherings with friends where we remember our school and university days and complain about our jobs!
10- Getting many comments in my blog
11- Finishing a poem and getting good feedback from readers about it
12- Having a nap on Thursday

Maybe there are other things that make me happy but I don't remember them now!

And I tag those who will comment and who haven't been tagged before


True Faith said...

Inshallah doom Happy :)

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:

Thanks very much and same to you :D

lawyer said...

sej enaa simple bbs wayd momte3a alshaghllat ely etkhalik happy

enshallaaaaaaaa doom mestanes :))

Bal8ees said...

oh my god you look so cute today :P lool << ahm shy elly ttma9l7 3ala wala shy lol
anyhoo really cute things :D

Fo0f said...

1- Cute
2- I know what u mean, no "body" SMSs anymore!
3- I hate CSI
4- Lol
5- LOL =P
6- You can say that again!!
7- Woohooo ;)
8- Ummm, the convo more than the meal, but yeah..
9- I'm having one soon!! I cant wait!!
11- Mmmm, i'm not so into poetry, I believe it's only when ur sad and that sucks

heh, I kinda tagged myself here somehowww heh

Gloomy said...

i hope that you would live long happy life.

i usually feel happy when i get lots of nice e-mails.

Honey™ said...

i loved ur list ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks and enshallah you too :))))

LOOL and I thought you meant it :(
Thanks :D

You hate CSI and not into poetry? Me and you can't be friends now :( lol
And thanks for the comment! You participated in making me happy ;)

Thanks very much :)
I feel happy when I get emails too but I only get forwards these days whether at work or my personal email! The only personal emails I get are those which are replies to the emails I have sent!

Thanks and welcome in my blog ;)