Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Is Left!

I have just finished this poem! I started writing it longer than I can remember and just finished it tonight after I felt that I should finish something!

What Is Left

What is left is a picture on the wall
With a frame about to fall
A few strands of your hair
On a hairbrush lying somewhere
The empty bottle of your perfume
And a plant that was never destined to bloom
A trace of your scent left on the bed
And an old pillow that used to sleep beneath your head
A memory of our last dance
Where every star in the sky had a glance
A silent vision that runs within a gleam
What is left of you is just a distant dream


Gloomy said...

at last you've finshed something :P

I love this poem and i love the way it ended :D although its a bit sad but I LOVE it (aham shay sh'hadaty ana :P)

Welcome back.

Hopeless Poet said...

Yes at last!! And I am still met7amis to post more :D

And thanks. Shahadtik ma asta`3ni 3anha ;)

UAE ALIAS said...

Sir you are talented as I found some of your other poems impressive, bass this poem isn't ur best, it's spirit free.

lill_miz_wackoo said...

Sweet (^_^), , ,

Touching, , ,

Mabrook 3al finshing

Anonymous said...

I loved ur poem. Yet I found it a bit heartbreaking and cheerless! I hope that it’s not a product of some personal sad incidents in ur life.

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks and I agree with you but I had to finish something and post after a very long time!

Thank you and allah ybarek feech :D

Glad you loved it and no it is not a product of a real experience :D
Thankss :)


Happy Eid :)

Noufa said...

it's a sad poem but I like it. it reminded of someone to be honest :/

chikapappi said...

That's such a sad one ... why are you hopeless?!

Hopeless Poet said...

Same to you and thanks for commenting :D

I am glad that you've liked it :)

I am not that hopeless :P
Thanks for commenting :)

Fa6ma said...

I like it, it's so soft when you read it,, flows like a silk dress in the breeze .. ya5i i'm trying to appear romantic =p