Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tagged by Gloomy

I have been tagged by Gloomy

The Rule: “Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs!”

1- I have a habit of not supporting the same football club all the time.
2- I like the smell of burning matches.
3- I like writing and drawing in air.
4- I like watching TV alone.
5- I like watching TV while I am laying on the floor or the bed but not while sitting on a sofa.
6- I talk to myself a lot in my mind and it kinda drives me crazy and makes me wanna shoot myself.
7- In meetings usually when I have a notebook and a pen I cant help myself not to draw faces or random scratches but I have to move the pen on the paper and I rarely write anything important there.
8- I don't like to use this smiley ":)" at all when I am chatting. I think it is a pale smile and indicates something wrong when it's used!
9- I like listening to old country and folk music and reading about the bands back in the 60s and 70s.
10- I mostly use 2 fingers only when I type on the keyboard; the middle finger of my right hand and the index of my left! And I am not slow in typing.

I tag Glow, Red Lady, iNouf, and any 3 bloggers who have not been tagged yet!


Gloomy said...

finally :P
#3 i usually spell words in air when someone asks me how to spell a certain word.

#5 same here, i hate sitting on the sofa while watching tv :P

#8 mara '3areeb.

#10 that is so fun-ny, to say the truth you are fast when you type 3ashan ketha its wierd :P

MishMisha said...

yaaay a new post!!!

2. i like them too.. madri laish..
3. me too and i also imitate different fonts in the air.. don't ask why.. i just do it :/
6. i do that too bes ana i have more than one person and they all have different personalities

memi said...

hahahah cute!

Lovely personal updates i see!

Must keep us tuned Mr. Hopeless Rhymes for we long to hear what there is to be written by an individual of such intelligence and creativity.

SwaRwaR said...

hehehe :)
1- i have the same habit of not supporting the same football team i just support the winner :P
2- me 2 i like to write and draw in the air :D i really draw amazin pix
3- :) :) :) ==i like this smile :P
by the way , long time no c where have u been ? !!

eshda3wa said...

2- me 2
3- ok that is definitly weird!
7- hehe me 2

cute list

UAE ALIAS said...

I share with you 1 to 7 and 9

chikapappi said...

two fingers! you gotta practise girl :P

Hopeless Poet said...

Thank you all!
And chikapappi, I am a man :P