Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tag: 5 Things That You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by iNouf to tell 5 things that you probably don't know about me :D

Here is the list:

1- I start reading newspapers from last page

2- I sleep on my tummy most of the time with my hands under my head

3- I didn't get a hair cut for over a year and a half now

4- I am allergic to Penicillin

5- I think that I have read 99.99% of Agatha Christie novels


iNouf said...

thanx a bunch for responding :*

u sleep on ur tummy :D kawahi dess :D

we need a pic for u with the long hair :p dun we viewrs :p?


SwaRwaR said...

lol u r just like me in readin newspaper >>> it`s better than the first page :)

eshda3wa said...

how long is ur hair?
i hope ur do is an afro
i love afros

Hopeless Poet said...

You are welcome
What is kawahi dess? And sorry I can't show any pictures! I don't wanna scare the readers away :(

It is true! First page is like all sad news :P I prefer the last and then sport page and then I check the funny caricature :D

Sorry I don't do afro.
I can do a ponytail though :P

Gloomy said...

1- I believe most people start reading a newspaper from the last page. I think the good news comes at the last page ;P

2- Sleeping on your tummy is bad. It causes liquids to go under your eyes. That is why some people have these pocket like things under their eyes.

3- I think you desperately need a hair cut ;P why do you men fancy having long hair???

4- OMG :(

5- Wow, seems that you are a fan of her writing.

Glow! said...

I do the same with the newspapres kaman! lol
And we DO want a pic.! :(

Hopeless Poet said...

1- Yeah I guess they all wanna check the showbiz and light news first
2- I have never heard such thing! I need to check that in wikipedia :P
3- I don't need a hair cut :P And maybe we want to look like those wariors from tha past :P
4- Yeah :(
5-Yes! I am a big big fan since I was a kid :$

Glad you love that look! And sorry I can't post my pic :P

iNouf said...

sorry I always forget that japanese is my native language (A)
*am dreamin alot aint i :p *
kawai des means its cute ^__^

MishMisha said...

yaaay finally a new post!!

1. me too! i think everybody does it :/

2. i used to do that. now i'm stopping after i read what gloomy said about the bags. now i know where they came from :P

3. seriously? why?

4. bummer :/

5. wooow a reader aren't you? :P

Bal8ees said...

# 1& 2 like me :)

and mn jd i wanna see u with long hair lool :)

Euphoria said...

- Why from the last? weird!
- I sleep on my tummy too!! lol
- We need to see you're pic :P

Kitty said...

nice blog

ReD Lady™ said...

nice list .. i enjoy reading it ;)

lawyer said...

ما قلت شي راح يفيدنا لما نبي

انتطنز عليك

او نحتااااااج انعاايرك يوم من الايام

ابي خمس فضاااايح مو 5 شغلات عاديه

ReD Lady™ said...

5- I think that I have read 99.99% of Agatha Christie novels

this is the best ;)

N. said...

Cool customs ..
I read the newspaper from the last page too :D, usually intresting things being at the end
I think Agatha has the most popularity betwenn girls :-)

Coffee Lover'Ness said...

you know that I love poetry and I like inspirations...

so people stop tagging him so he can write us some great poetry :P

waiting for the next poem....

Fo0f said...

1- I used to do that, u didnt grow out of it yet :P
2- Whatever suits u :P
3- =\
4- No comment..
5- Wow, I always thought she was boring, and wrote lotsa books!!

Hopeless Poet said...

That is kawai :P

2- I don't get those bags under my eyes :|
3- I like it that way :D
5- Yeah I am but not everything! Mostly mysteries!

So we have things in common ;)
and you have to pay to see it :P

- Not weird after reading the comments here!
- Glad we have something in common ;)
- That will cost you some money :P

Thanks and welcome in :)

ReD Lady™:
I know! I need to check your list of her books maybe you have the 0.01% that I didnt read :P

Thanks and welcome in :)
And what do you mean she has the most popularity between girls? I am a man by the way and that didn't make me feel good lol!

Coffee Lover'Ness:
Oh! I hope I can write one soon! Currently my mind is so occupied by other things!

1- It is more fun that way!
2- Thanks :P
3- /= :D
4- :(
5- She is totally not boring! Give her a chance!

Hopeless Poet said...

Oh I forgot Lawyer!
Why do you want fadaye7? I don't tell these things in public! :P

Sene said...

1. Last page has all goo dnews, I guess.
2. Very bad position to sleep
3. Go and have a hair cut asap.
4. Oh no!
5. I am also a big fan of Agatha Christie. Just finished 2 novels of hers.