Monday, February 11, 2008

My Valentine

Since I don't have anybody in my life I am reaching out for the single girls out there to apply and be my Valentine in this coming thursday! She should be beautiful and well.. beautiful :D

The deadline for accepting the application will be Wednesday 3 Pm GMT and any application coming after that .. well... I guess it will be considered also since who am I to say no? :P

The selected applicant(s) will go with me on a cruise in the pacific (of course she will have to imagine that cos I can't do it for real :$ ). I also might write a poem (she shouldn't count much on that either)!

To apply send me an email (in my profile) with your CV, certifications and references from previous valentines and who knows you may find a better job :\


Fa6ma said...

Wow! I just wish you the best of luck! I'd apply and all, but I don't believe in holidays or birthdays =D Not a religious thing, it's personal. I don't think I need a holiday to remind me of what (whom) I love ;)
And I love you! =D err, like a brother! hehe..

Hopeless Poet said...

You can still apply for the normal days and I will consider this comment as an application khalas :P Just send your CV :P
Brotherly love is not accepted while I am single! Don't limit my options please :(

manutdfanatic said...


You really ARE hopeless, aren't you? I cracked up reading this post.

Ms. D said...


hamitaf la bookay said...

See i like the whole cruise idea... but unless you'll be doing for real... i won't send u my cv ;p

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah I am! My nick is not just a nick! It is actually me :P
And glad you laughed :D
So are you applying? ;)

Yes Far Away ;)

hamitaf la bookay:
Ok just for you it's gonna be real ;)

|:| DUBAI |:| said...


Fa6ma said...

Hmmm,, I'm already on a contract and it says that I can't sign another contract without my boss's knowledge =p I might get fired!! LOL

Hopeless Poet said...

Glad it made you laugh :P

We won't sign any contracts now until you resign so don't worry! And your secret is in a deep well :P

Fashionated said...

ppl apply to be MY valentine and not the other way round..the wait list is filling up fast if u wana apply but i doubt i can help u seeing that ur reaching out so late :P

iNouf said...

that was so hopeless in a cute way <3

tell us about the results :p
who won to be ur valentine lol :p

Hopeless Poet said...

I didn't really know that or I would have applied right away :(
I hope next year I can apply :P

Well the results..umm what can I say? No 1 applied :(
I feel so hopeless now :'(

*Thinks about killing himself*

falantan said...

Asking a girl to apply? that's like waiting for her to ask you out man. totally unacceptable.

You have to do the asking wana 5ok!

judy abbott said...


Noufa said...

No dinner?
No Gifts?
:/ just an imaginative cruise and a poem ?

Gloomy said...

come on you can do better than that, where is the dinner, the roses and the chocolate.

ajal fatny :P

Oranjina fadidra said...


Fa6ma said...

Don't feel bad dude, and I don't think men have to make the first move always ;) So, here and now, I'm asking you, Desperate.. ahem, Hopeless Poet, on a date no the first Sunday of August this year; August 3rd 2008, on a date.
It's friendship day ;) Makes more sense celebrating friendship day than V-day to me =)

Fa6ma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
:::ShoSho::: said...

Any luck???

Hopeless Poet said...

You got the wrong idea man! This post is liking asking all the girls at once and then choosing among those who would say yes :P
Welcome in the blog

Jody Abbott:
Good to see you laughing :P

You could have applied and told me about your conditions you know! I am flexible :P

Those are default things! I thought that I didn't need to talk about them :O
And yeah you missed it :P

Oranjina fadidra:
Glad it made you laugh :P

I agree I agree :D I am so excited lol And don't expect me to forget :P
I emailed you the story and now waiting for your reply! :)

Well actually someone applied out of sympathy I guess :P

Lala* said...

اش صار عليك

Hopeless Poet said...

ما صار علي شي!
فالنتاين السنة خلص وانا الان اخطط للسنة الجاية في حال بعدني عزوبي :P

I just got 1 CV and a friendship date .. So I guess the post had some success :P

FourMe said...

Damn I was just about to submit my cv but I see the deadline date has passed :p

Heba A. said...

Oh lord loooool I laughed so hard when I read it.. well good luck next year.. Who knows what will happen!

cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

good idea !! i think i'll use it bs inshallah i wont be single in this coming 2009 (ya allah we are so hopeless mn al7eeen n566 lee 2009 :S ) for me zhagt from being single but the problem is i want to be perfect!!!

eash rayk you search for me from your friends and i'll search for you from my friends :D

fr7ty said...

بارك الله فيك

موضوع ممتاز


Anonymous said...

i m here to apply for the next valentine!
so?are u IN?
if yes then send me ur CV..

loll i liked ur post!

Anonymous said...


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