Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Candles and Butterflies

I have just finished this poem which I had started writing long ago! Enjoy reading and commenting ;)

Candles and Butterflies

Dinner by the candlelight
Music accompanying the night
And the brightness in your eyes
The innocence of butterflies
Your dreamy glare
The glow around your hair
And the scent of flowers lingers
Around you. And the magic in your fingers
Hand in hand we will walk
And with no words being said, we will talk

In silence let our eyes converse
To say poetry, verse by verse
Let them argue and discuss
The future that we planned for us
The promises we made
In a night that will never fade
The candles and butterflies
Until I get lost in your dreamy eyes


Anonymous said...

That's very nice!

WHERE have you been it's been ages since your last post! Happy new year btw!

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

WooW, Keep it up : ) !

Anonymous said...

I loved it!

Gloomy said...

finally a romantic poem ^_^
when i was reading it i went "awwwwwwwwwww".

very nice :D keep it up :D

Badrah said...

In silence let our eyes converse
To say poetry, verse by verse
Let them argue and discuss
The future that we planned for us

Very well written :)
Liked it very much.

Anonymous said...

That was so lovely, thank you for that :)

Kel 3am oo inta bikhair oo 9a7a oo salama, sorry for the lateness of it.

SwaRwaR said...

Loved it :)
keep it up =D

Lala* said...


who's your muse? ;-)

Oh and dear poet, would you pls delete this word verification thingy?!

Fa6ma said...

Yeah, really, who's your muse? =D
That was nice,, a future ha? =pPp

Ms. D said...

fe muse bilsalfa?? WHO!

FourMe said...

Simple words yet so strong, enjoyed it.. But butterflies terrify me :/

perfecty said...

beautiful poem. as usual.

Badrah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Badrah said...

yalla, I demand a new post!

Hopeless Poet said...

::: ShoSho :::
Thanks and happy new year to you too! And I have been nowhere! That is just me..I post something and then disappear for a while :P

Thanksssss :D

It loves you too :D

So you think I should write more romantic poems? Aham shay el awww ;)

Thank you and welcome in my blog :)

Ms. Baker:
Thank you wo kel 3am wenty bkhair and better late than never ;)

Thanks and inshallah I will keep it up :P

My muse? Well I don't think there is one :( I struggle these days to write! Wanna apply for it? ;)
And I removed the verification word! Hopefully I wont be spammed!

Yeah a future! :P and read about the muse above and you can apply too :P

Ms. D:
The muse is not you for sure :P

Thanks and welcome in my blog! Butterflies are delicate creatures! You shouldnt be scared of them :O

Thanks very much :D

I don't have anything to post about :( I will try my best

Saudi Pearl said...

you knw, ur pretty good at writing poems for a guy whos name is hopeless rhymes. try reading my poem called A Poem Written From A Long Long Time Ago. i just need a second opinion on how it is. i would be grateful, thnx

illusion said...

so nice. i used to write all the time just different thoughts, but life has distroyed my desire to write.

keep it up :)

SHISH said...

Soo amazing dear:)

perfecty said...


Hamitaf said...


G and L said...

Very sweet. Ur pretty talented:)

Jewaira said...

Romantic poetry with happy vibes

Desert-Roses said...

were talking bout me? :P

That was pretty mature and prof.

will you allow me to say so?

past day I was surfing blogs and my eyes fell on one that contain all poetry...
she is much talented...

I would like to share it with you...

Enigma said...

You really should teach the art of writing :) That was a very elegant piece.

The innocence of butterflies ^^^

In a night that will never fade ^^^

My top rated lines. =) Keep up and please update more often don't be lazy like me lol.

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rhombus said...

yalla, lets make love

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