Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Dream

Back to romantic poems. I don't remember when I actually wrote this but I found it in my old documents. I wrote it for and about the love of my life ;)

I Dream

I dream of waking up beside you
And kissing your bare shoulder
Year after year passing through
As we, and our love grow older

I dream of watching you brush your hair
While you are in your sleeping gown
Your scent is filling the air
As you let your hair fall down

I dream of seeing you coming out of shower
With nothing but the towel on
Smelling fresher than the freshest flower
Like a summer breeze in early dawn

I dream of watching you asleep
Like an angel in our bed
My treasure that I will keep
Forever and until I am dead


Mad Art said...

I dream of watching you asleep
Like an angel in our bed
My treasure that I will keep
Forever and until I am dead

Loved this part <3 !
please , do show us more ..

MuSe said...

Good one Poet :)

Anonymous said...

What a sensational dream you have
Romantic, loving and passionate
Loved it :D

spanish guitar said...
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Anonymous said...

Awww that is really simple and romantic!

majed said...

belief me my friend , you`re good writer and I`m so happy to read your poems ..

Thanks you ..

Kazeh said...

Warm romance, excellent rhyming and brilliant words!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are so romantic!

Hope said...

lovely warm words
keep it up

nosa said...

thats really warm... n coming froma guy...
i loved it ^_^

tinaaaejeppesen said...

Truely beautiful

Crystal said...

Amazing x

Anonymous said...


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nice poem...
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DM said...

Wow, very heartfelt...and the usage of vocabulary made me feel like it came out of something like "A Cinderella Story"... ( the one with Drew Barrmore).


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Fadiosis said...

intimate words like those can drive women crazy... hehehee

lucky her!!! :)