Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me

Since I don't have anything good to say and I am busy studying for an exam (wish me luck) I will just post a song again! Another country sad song :P

By the way, who voted in my poll? Who didn't like my playlist? Admit it! :P


Simple Gurl said...

E7m .. That would be me ;p

Anonymous said...

Studying for an exam?!
Hmmm are doing your masters or PhD degree??

You know it's a sad song!! Why to post it then? ;p ;p

Ok, I did vote but with like the song not dislike it ;p

Simple Gurl said...

btw G.Luck ;p

Anonymous said...

Looool yes I forgot to wish you luck too :S E59 3alaya ;p

Best of luck to you :D

Sweet_November said...

Good luck with the studies ;)

MuSe Sphere said...

so you know by now that i admire all your country songs, i'am an old fan btw :) and i voted with #1.

Good Luck with your studies :)

Anonymous said...

Your playlist is shit

spanish guitar said...

wish you good luck with your exam and stop playing sad songs :) feel happy dearo tara eldenya ma teswa
have a nice time

Hopeless Poet said...

Simple Gurl:
Ok I forgive you then :P

No it was an exam to get a certification in some system security! I didn't pass though and I was 1% short! :( I get a chance to take it again in December but I don't know!

Thanks :)

MuSe Sphere:
It is not that common to have country music fans actually so it is good to find a follow fan :D
You should tell me how you got introduced to country music!

Ok tell me what kind of music you like so I put it in my playlist ;)

spanish guitar:
Thanks but they are great songs to listen to :P

Immaturely Mature said...

I never voted, but that's cool that you are into country music :)
Good luck on exams!