Friday, November 13, 2009


This is an old poem that I wrote and was waiting to be finished but after reading twice tonight I have decided that there's no need to write more in it. I think the meaning is complete!

Don't let me open my eyes
I can see better when they're closed
Don't wake me up from my sleep
I have my life there to keep
Where reality has been exposed
And all the beauty that never dies


Aafke said...

Beatiful poem!

MuSe said...

Don't wake me up from my sleep
I have my life there to keep.

speaking about my life, huh ??

nice poem :)

RainDrop said...

ya salam 3alaik!
it really didnt need to b completed

Anonymous said...

Nice words to start my day with :D

Missy said...

beautiful x

For all things fashion:

jack bespoke said...

so talented, cant stop looking through your blog!

Standy said...

its already completed...

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks :)

No about my life :D And thanks :)

Ya salam 3aleech enty :D

Glad you started your day with my poem :D

Thanks and sorry for not commenting back in your blog since I am not that much into fashion lool

jack bespoke:
Thanks and please keep looking! :)

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

soo deep
i love it

Kazeh said...

Short, yet passionate... brilliant!

Simple Gurl said...

Short yet deep !

Luved it ;D

nosa said...

true.. this is beautiful as it is..

damn i loved it! lool

Renaissance Girl said...

This is beautiful! It's meanginful without being long,it's short and sweet and makes a statement. Lovely :)

turk girl said...

i liked your poem
write poems 2
i m waiting 4 u in my blog
let's know each other wellsms