Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost Happy

So I didn't pass the exam and I was 1% short from the passing mark. I will have a chance to retake it again in December. I felt down after I failed to pass the exam but it is nothing compared to the feeling of failing marriage or engagement! So I think I got used to the failing feeling.

After 2 days I called my boss (he emailed me to call him) and he told me that the Company approved my Master's for next year so that cheered me up! But now I will have to take GMAT and TOEFL! I started studying for the GMAT and I am trying to register for the TOEFL but when it comes to paying, it just keeps processing like it is trying to contact the bank and it is not responding or something! I emailed them and I will try again tomorrow!
Now I am also looking at universities in USA (where I will go most likely) and not many of them offer the approved program! I want to go to one of the Northeast States where it snows! I wanna play in the snow :(
Colorado is my 1st option even though it is kind of in the middle! But the nature there is irresistible! 

I think I will be a great poet if I have this kind of scenary around me :D


Anonymous said...

Well, failing an exam is not a big deal believe me. This doesn't mean I'm used to it no ;p I have never failed one wallah ;p but since you have another chance for retaking it you can consider it a reason to CHEER UP :D

Failing marriage/engagement is nothing too! You did not get long with the girl, so what?? You'll find the missing part of you in another perfect girl ;) So this is the second reason to CHEER UP :D

Hmmm I liked this ((he emailed me to call him) loooooooool ;p
like you have been forced to ;p wasn't your choice hehehehehehe

Awwwww you're going to do your masters in US congratulations :D don't worry the process always stocks somewhere but eventually be done ;)
And that is the third reason to CHEER UP :D

I don't know about perfect states and universities up there and I prefer Canada.

Then Colorado is just what you want to play with snow and become a great poet ha?! looooooool
I agree ;p what you open your eyes on early morning can be just what make you feel writing :D

4 nice and motivating reasons to be HAPPY :D I wish you all the best :D

P.S: It seems I have lost my way to my blog and post a new long post in yours ;p looooooool
I own you one ;)

MuSe Sphere said...

please please please don't get used to failing, and i think you are not as you started working hard again for your master which you will have inshallah. Hope you will go to a place full of snow, they are amazing :) . the secenry is amazing and Josh is the best to listen to, good choice of song.
May Allah grant you what you want and desire in the best way, Ameen :)

Simple Gurl said...

Congrats ;D

eshda3wa said...

my sister just got accepted in boulder!

inshallah ull follw her soon

and 1 percent!

so close!

yalah inshalah next time ull do better !

Hopeless Poet said...

msha3erha (Her Feelings):
You want to join me in my blog or what? Your comment is longer than most of my posts loool!!

Inshallah, I am cheered up now after few days.

Failing marriage/engagement is a thing believe me! Specially when you kinda not expecting it. Let's not talk about it now :D

And when I called his office and mobile he was busy so he called me later and was like I sent you the email on Wednesday and you are just calling me now on Saturday? I told yeah I am on vacation why should I check my work email and he was like I just wanted to congratulate you and I didn't wanna do it through the email :P

I prefer Canada too actually but only 1 university so far there offers the approved program. I have been to Edmonton 3 times before. I guess you are in Montreal? Mcgill?

MuSe Sphere:
Inshallah I won't :D
It is good to be surrounded by a color different than yellow or whatever sand color is! Maleena lol

Josh has an amazing voice and I want his hair too lool
Thank you very much :)

Simple Gurl:
Thank you thank you :D

Congratulations to her. If I will go to Colorado it will be Denver not Boulder. They don't have the program there :(
Shefti kaif? I felt like what the hell and I wanted to shout and curse but there were other people taking their exam.

Whispering Thoughts said...

Find your way in getting accepted.That's all what dear fellow Saudis do in their academics!

Anonymous said...

Loooool ;p
I'm sorry sorry sorry ;) I told you I own you one ;)
So, whenever you feel foraging my blog with a nice post of yours you're most welcome :D

Hopeless Poet said...

Whispering Thoughts:
Inshallah I will.

I don't think I can do that. I usually don't have much to say about anything lool
You didn't answer about your university?

Anonymous said...

McGill was mine until my father illness surprised us and I had to come back. I never had the chance to complete my masters in the beautiful McGill since that bad time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

if u come to CO u will not regret it and u are so welcome over there, i've to many places and trust me nothing compares to COLORADO, im just in love with 'it', everything i so special about it, its weather, its mountains,its snow,its crapy weather too lolll..
anyway, thanks for reading my blabla

and goood luck :)