Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Imaginary Album

In my other life I am a rock/country singer where I had this 1 great album which I retired after it and lived happily ever after doing concerts and interviews :D

I have written all the songs and I played the guitar. Other instruments were played by some session musicians from my record label :P
My style is that similar to Joshua Radin or some kind of a crossover between country and rock.
Here are the songs titles:

  1. Memories to Forget
  2. Daytime Whispers
  3. Unloved
  4. Faded but not Forgotten
  5. My Comfort Zone
  6. I Could've Done Better
  7. A Warm Winter
  8. The Wedding Portrait
  9. Unspoken Feelings
  10. You Should Have Told Me
  11. When Love Dies
  12. Melted Candle
I have tried to design the album cover but I am not good with photoshop :(


Gloomy said...

u know what would be nice is that at least u put one lyric for us here :D

MuSe Sphere said...

i would definitely love "a warm winter" and " my comfort zone" :)

Hopeless Poet said...

I know! That will be my next project :D I actually thought about writing 1 or 2 poems/songs using the titles from the album :D

MuSe Sphere:
So I think should write the lyrics for them for real!

Anonymous said...

May I be the pianist for your rocking album please? ;p

You made me believe you are # 1 rock/country singer ;p ;p ;p

I loved the songs title really. It would be really great if you write lyrics for them!
We are waiting ;)

And about the album cover thing, don't worry. Just finish the writing and I'll do the designing and producing if you want ;) looooooool

Hopeless Poet said...

Why didn't you say earlier? We are done with this album! But why don't you join me in my concerts? ;)

I am # 1 indeed! The top 10 lists from around the world tesh'had li :P

I am trying to write some lyrics and I hope I get to finish 2 or 3 at least!

That is so sweet of you :D I hope you will do it for free though? :P

Mad Art said...

Loved your song titles . I'm thinking "Memories to Forget" will be one of the top 10 songs all over the world!