Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Last Post

Ok this is not actually my last post but I was thinking of what shall I write in my last post in my blog when I decide to call it a day! So I thought about a simple goodbye and that is it or even leave without a warning! But I just thought of that as boring! And since most bloggers here like controversy, I decided that in my last post, I am gonna reveal my HATE list of the bloggers and say why I hate them and so on :D And of course I will mention the good bloggers who I will miss dearly when I leave!

So stay tuned to the hopeless finale of this so hopeless blog!

Not so soon though ;)


True Faith said...

That will never be :P

Spontaneousnessity said...

why would anyone say goodbye?! I don't like goodbyes :(

samboose said...

I think that's a great idea for your last post!!! But I hope it'll be a while!!!

Namika said...

why leaving a9lan? just blog as much as you can and never stop :p

iamnasra said...

Why say goodbye

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
It will someday believe me ;)

Yeah exactly!! Just bash the people you hate and leave and you will be remembered ;)

Thanks and who knows!! I might just leave as Hopeless Poet and return as another character!

Maybe I will find something better to do :D

I didn't :D

Enigma said...

I sincerly hope that i'm not on your H-list.. I'll get a nerve breakdown if so hehe..

I agree with you that there will be a day for everyone to stop blogging. They say everything that has a beginning has an end. But let's hope the end is way too far from today! :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Don't worry you are not on that list ;)

True! And one day something else will come and we all will shift to that :P

Peach said...

lol I like ur hate list idea. But I really don't like all thins goodbye talk.. U .. Stay Put. U ain't goin no where, u hear? ;p

. : A : . said...

I hope it is nowhere in the near future!


iamnasra said...

waiting for your new poetry

Najah said...

*me no like this post*...
it is sooooo hopeless :p...

.... me hope not in that list, :( :D......

Hopeless Poet said...

Yes I hear you ;) And I am staying put!

No not the near future ;)

Soon ;)

Hopeless like me? :P
And you are not ;)