Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blood Related

A short poem I have just finished and it didn't take me much to think of the words which is good :D

It is called "Blood Related" and it is about family members who just let's say don't know anything about other family members. And I don't mean distant relatives, I mean brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles.

Blood related but we act like strangers

Not once I remember we have met

Remain as we are, or things changers

Life is short and shorter, it can only get

Brought up differently and miles apart

But we still share some common things

And no matter what, we still can start

A friendship, and enjoy the joy it brings


Peach said...

I know that feeling very well, when realatives are only related to u by a name ;)

"things changers"?!! I didn't get that one?

Hopeless Poet said...

So we have something in common then ;)
And things changers mean we change the current things! Did you get it now?

iamnasra said...

I can relate to this very well I had number of relative I at times I did not even existed and now to my suprize I learn that there they are

Hopeless Poet said...

My case is different, I know they exist actually and I know their whereabouts but communication is not there!

samboose said...

Hopeless Poet, Yes to all counts. It sucks that I can't call my aunt "3ama" because I hardly ever used it. I very rarely see my cousins and many of them I don't even know their names. Such is life sometimes. Then for a long time because you never met it's hard to imagine what their like, especially when you feel you're so different than them and really don't know what they're's hard and sad at times.

MissCosmoKuwait said...

sa7 el sanak!...A beautiful poem with all its meaning...I believe the blame is on the grown ups who never introduced them...but then geography plays a role too...But I think it's also a wonderful feeling to be somewhere and out of the blue you find out that the person you're talking to is your makes the world such a small place and the meeting a lot more meaningful...May these blood relatives always share the good times together...(now that they realize they're actually related!!!!)

Equalizer said...

This unfortunately is a very common phenomenon these days where blood relatives hardly speak to each other or even know each other. I think globalization and modernization has to do with this. Just by looking at other nations we would find that developing nations have better family bonds than developed countries do. Remember that capitalism favors individualism for anyone to climb the ladder.

Salted-Caramel said...

This is really sad. I know people who don't have that much family members and wish they had a big family to surround them, while others have big families and are rarely in touch instead if being thankful for this gift.

Peach said...

roger that sir ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

it's not always true, but in many cases.

samboose said...

Ok, news flash I am impressed at your guessing abilities. It's 75 ;)

jonathan904aubrey said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

adaydreamer said...

very well said... same can be about freinds that stop talking to thier freinds for no reason...

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah it is hard and sad! And And I hope you will be able to say 3ama and 3amo soon :D

I can't say more except allah yesma3 minnich :D

First welcome in my blog:) And do you know the TV show called Equalizer?? I used to watch it when I was young! Not that I am old now :P
Beside the reasons you mentioned I think that the fact that we have bigger families here (mashallah) makes it hard for anybody to know the names of all relatives!

Hopeless Poet said...

I think it is all about what the fathers and mothers teach their kids! And it is very true how some people even don't have sisters or brothers and they feel isolated from the world!

You reminded me of my ex-boss god bless him. His name is Roger ;)

And those many cases can be the always case for some of us!

It is all based on logic ;)

John Aubrey:
Thanks for coming and I checked yours and I saw you have many comments :P
And by the way, the name Aubrey reminds me of a goos song:
And Aubrey was her name
And not an ordinary girl or name

No I think friends are different! You can always lose and make them but you never make a family when you lose one!

Flamingoliya said...

i think your poems are better this way when you work faster on them not thinking of rhymes :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Well this one rhymes too ;)
But I will try to write more fast ones ;)
And it's been a while since you showed us any of your poems ;)

Fouad said...

Nice ideas Hopeless Poet. Sweet simple and to the point. Poems are like appetizers, they should give us a small beautiful taste of what we can only complete ourselves through our emotions and our minds

Keep it up