Saturday, June 11, 2005

Top 10 Albums Titles According to Me

The main reason we buy an album is of course the band or the artist that the album belongs to. But did anybody buy an album just because he or she liked the title of that album?? I think I have did it once or twice and made the risk of buying an album for a band I never heard of which is rare because I know most of the famous bands and artists :P

So here are the top 10 albums titles according to me:

10. Boats Against the Current - Eric Carmen
9. Photographs & Memories - Jim Croce
8. Yourself Or Someone Like You - Matchbox 20
7. Breathless - Kenny G
6. Darkness on the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
5. News From Nowhere - Air Supply
4. My Own Best Enemy - Richard Marx
3. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - Manic Street Preachers
2. Through the Looking Glass - Toto
1. Painted Desert Serenade - Joshua Kadison

I might have forgotten another titles that I really like but these what I could think of when writing this post!


Salted-Caramel said...

"Yourself Or Someone Like You". Wow! I would buy that album. Is it any good?

Hopeless Poet said...

Well if you like Matchbox 20 or their style then this album is a must! It is their best.

Salted-Caramel said...

Aha. Thanks.

Hopeless Poet said...

You are welcome :)

A Daydreamer said...

Hmmm.. hopeless poet... i dont mean to sound rude, but i've never heard of these bands, except MatchBox 20, i think i heard a song or two of thiers...its just me, i dont keep up with music that much ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

A Daydreamer:
Welcome to my blog :)
Well I guess we have different music tastes and I am much into oldies which I don't think you are into :P
But Kenny G and Bruce Springsteen are well known, you should have at least seen them in the news :P

Enigma said...

Breathless and My Own Best Enemy .. these are my favorite albums from your list :D

Hopeless Poet said...

Maybe Enigma has good album titles too, I didn't check them out :P

Faith said...

I know only two from this list: MB20 and Richard Marx!
I love Marx's old song "Waiting For You" it's beautiful.. from his latest album "My Own Best Enemy" I like "When you're gone"

lawyer said...

be9aara77a ma 3raftehom kilhom bs t3al gooly eshfehha alaghany al3arabya ! hella ya roma o 3athroob khely awelah 3alik bs
bs tra sej sej weyak 7ag law betgoly song hathola lehom 6a3am thany adre walla :)
enshalla ya rab enshofik enta Top 10 fe mahrajanat kbera

Hopeless Poet said...

Richard Marx is one of my favorite artist and "Waiting for You" is a classic like many of his songs! Hazard, Endless Summer Nights, Now and Forever .. I don't have his latest unfortunatley yet but I will get it as soon as I lay my eyes on it!

Welcome in my blog :) Now I can commit some crimes and I know you will defend me ;)
3arabi ana ma asma3 wayed bs shway a`3ani majda el romi el gadeema 7alyan o a`3ani thanya.
Ay mahrajanat tabeen tshoofeeni feeha? she3r wala a`3ani? :p etha she3r yomken bs a`3any laa ma a7eb el za7ma :p

injinuity said...

What no, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin in your list... grr

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah because I am not a fan of them :p