Monday, June 20, 2005

Poem Of The Week: The Captive Dove

This poem is by one of the 3 Bronte Sisters who all have lived a short but rich life. "The Captive Dove" by "Anne Bronte"

Poor restless dove, I pity thee;
And when I hear thy plaintive moan,
I mourn for thy captivity,
And in thy woes forget mine own.

To see thee stand prepared to fly,
And flap those useless wings of thine,
And gaze into the distant sky,
Would melt a harder heart than mine.

In vain ­ in vain! Thou canst not rise:
Thy prison roof confines thee there;
Its slender wires delude thine eyes,
And quench thy longings with despair.

Oh, thou wert made to wander free
In sunny mead and shady grove,
And, far beyond the rolling sea,
In distant climes, at will to rove!

Yet, hadst thou but one gentle mate
Thy little drooping heart to cheer,
And share with thee thy captive state,
Thou couldst be happy even there.

Yes, even there, if, listening by,
One faithful dear companion stood,
While gazing on her full bright eye,
Thou mightst forget thy native wood.

But thou, poor solitary dove,
Must make, unheard, thy joyless moan;
The heart, that Nature formed to love,
Must pine, neglected, and alone.


lawyer said...

wayd sa3bba bs momte33a
esteffadt eny tarjamt wayd ashya ma3rafatha
bs 3ajabny ha albait
Would melt a harder heart than mine.

thanks 3alla hal apoem
marra thanya dawr lenna shay 7ag d3eej alkhaleffa pls

Faith said...

Must pine, neglected, and alone!

Great choice HP!

You know, Anne talked about this dove in another poem also, I think the "self communion".. The image of the dove is associated with the one in the other poem.. m3awrah galbha wayed :p

I so enjoy reading the Bronte sisters; Anne, Charlotte, and Emily.. I loved their novels first and then I turned into their poems =)

I just love your blog, it rocks! :) Thanks for giving us the chance to enjoy this ..

Hopeless Poet said...

Hathi ba3ad as'hal min `3eerha :D
Yeah you learn from the words they use specially the old English like thine and thee!
You are welcome :D
But I won't post anything for d3eej sorry :D

Thanks :)
Yeah I read part of that poem, it is very long!!

I read both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights when I was young and I liked them. I think what is more sad than the stories they wrote is their life itself dying young and so on!

Thanks for the nice supporting words about my blog and I am glad to have readers like you :)

iamnasra said...

A dove living in captivity..
How cruel the world
Our joy may cause agony to another soul
When our soul is captive we long for freedom
Forgetting this feeling
And we tend chain others for our happiness

Very inspiring

A Daydreamer said...

Very good choice this week. I never read any of thier poems, but now I feel that I should look into it :)

Sorry min zamaan 3an your blog ya HP, but im back :) I read your Winter Poem from your last post... I reallllly loved it ib sara7aaa! masllahaa... "even the smallest wounds leave a mark"... so true!

Keep it up! You always give us a reason to come back!

Hopeless Poet said...

Long time no see! Glad you liked this poem :)

Yeah you should check them out :D
And welcome back to you. And thanks for coming back :))

Bloo said...


Hopeless Poet said...

Hala walla nice to see you here again :D

iamnasra said...

Yes it been long time...I hope Im going to keep up now...

Hopeless Poet said...

Thank you :D