Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bored at The Office

Hello my dear readers,
We all gathered here (I always wanted to say that in a public speech which may never happen) to witness how bored is Hopeless Poet (I think Bored Poet fits me more these days). My current job now is like a unit supervisor and I have like 4 or 5 people reporting to me. All of them are older than me. So you can imagine how hard it is for such a nice gut like me to give older men some orders and do this and don't do that. The biggest problem is that they can't stand each other! They envy each other and they come to me and talk about how bad is the others and how honest they are while the others are liars. Of course I hear it from one side and store it in my mind for later use :P
When I first arrived there was this guy who used to come to my office (by the way, I have my own office now ;) ) and talks to me like for 5 minutes about how professional he is and about honesty and integrity. Later I was told from credible sources that he is not liked by many and most say he is a big liar and not so honest at all. Also he said he is gonna take the unit car (which is under my name) to go somewhere and he will returned it later. 30 minutes passed and he is still didn't go, 1 hour passed and he is still on his desk, later I asked him why are you still here? He told me some BS so I told him give me the key and I took it and put it in my drawer and locked it and I went home because it was the weekend :D. His plan was to keep the car with him in the weekend and use it for his personal stuff but he was caught ;). Now he rarely comes to my office or even talks to me. :D
Now let me tell you why I am bored: I am sitting in the office and since it is not a busy work season for us, so there is not much to do. I log on to the messenger and barely there is anyone online! I don't know what the problem is. Maybe most of them blocked my or something :P
Before in the place I used to work in, I used to go to my friends cubicles and talk to them and so on and pass time and they were close to my age and we were like 4 people so we get together and joke around and share some old memories. Now my new friends work in another floor and I can't leave my office as much as I like because of the many phone calls I receive and the people around me are all older than me I still don't know them that well.

Ok that is enough for today! Till next time when I am so bored just like today ;)


True Faith said...

Go write a poem about boredom :)

Flamingoliya said...

wickeeeeed.. can i borrow the keys? :p

for such a nice (gut) like me ? LOL

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
I think it will be a boring poem :P
But it worthes a try ;) Thanks

Welcome to my blog or wait you have commented before I think right? :P

The keys and the car ta7t amrich ;)

Rawand said...

Don't worry; you are just going through ANBDS (Acquired New Boss deficiency syndrome)

Symptoms of ANBDS:

1- Board
2- Care to listen to every body complaining about every thing
3- Care about other's feelings
4- don't know what to do
5- don't know where to go
6- don't know how to boss people around
7- silently screaming: GET ME OUTA HERE

Just close your eyes and kick ass.

Twice a month should be enough.

Love your wicked sweetness lol :)

Namika said...

I just have one thing to say, I don't want to be in your place :p but I am kind of in same situation..

I work with all guys, and non my age lol.. but I am sruviving, how.. thanks to web messenger and blogs and yahoo e-games ;)

Blossom said...

Auch ...! it is hard to give orders to older people , but hey it is fun ;).

It is a matter of time to cope with your new job , and new responsibility... yeah , you're gonna deal with silly , bad , nice , wicked , witty ...etc people , all walks of life :)

Good Luck

ClOuDs said...

No Comments !


Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks for this comment! I appreciate the effort you put to come up with it! :D
Is ANBDS dangerous? The name is scary! :P
The symptoms are there indeed! Specially number 7 ;)

If I closed my eyes I am afraid I will kick the manager or one of the divisions heads:P

Loved your comment and creativity :))

Hopeless Poet said...

Well thanks to the messenger indeed! Though these days people are disappearing from it!! They either blocked me or they have another account to use :p
Yahoo games are not working cos of the firewall.

Hopeless Poet said...

It is hard specially when one of them keep saying to me :"you are like my son" I just wanna turn to him and say: But you are not like my father!
I think with time I am gonna manage and get used to the environment there.

Thanks very much.

Hopeless Poet said...


No reply on your no comment ^.^
But thanks for telling me that you read the post ;)