Sunday, May 01, 2005

Love In Mourning

Here is my latest poem which I called it "Love In Mourning". I started writing it long ago to get into a contest but then I stopped and I was back to it during the weekend and I was able to finish it yesterday. So enjoy :D

It was too soon for you to go
And to leave me here on my own
The home is empty, my whole life too
How am I supposed to face this alone?

The memories of us keep on haunting me
Pictures of us still hanged on the wall
Our names still carved on that pine tree
Every time I pass it by, my tears start to fall

I still remember the promises we have made
You said nothing would tear us apart
But, now you are gone and I am afraid
And nothing can heal my aching heart

It feels like yesterday since we have laid you in the ground
It was the hardest thing for me to face
I swear I thought that I sensed your scent all around
Alive I felt you were there, I looked around and all was an empty space

It has been a while since I passed by your grave
I wonder if the flowers I planted have grown
And if you ask why? Well I am no longer brave
I cannot cry anymore while kissing your name on the tombstone

So rest in peace oh young and my loved one
Angels in heaven will take care of you
Your eternal life has only just begun
And wait for me when my time is due


Namika said...

This was just so touching and so nice.. it really really touched my heart..

You are so good masahaAllah.. I should learn from you...

Keep up the good work.. :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks and I am so glad it touched your heart :D
Keep suuporting me so I can keep the good work ;)

Blossom said...

That was beautiful sorrow , it touched my heart too . And I don't really know how to put this into words , your so romantic .

You have the talent... well done :)

Rawand said...

"Alive I felt you were there, I looked around and all was an empty space"

Space will always be empty, but your heart is filled with your loved ones, for there they live for ever.

Loved it very much .. thank you

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks. Beautiful sorrow sounds a good title and a subject for a future poem ;)
And try to put your feelings into words and see. Try it more than once and you will end up with a good poem I am sure ;)

Welcome to my blog :)
Space is only empty of what we can't see. And indeed loved ones may be gone physicially but their memories will remain.
Thank you.

iamnasra said...

Great work and so touching

iamnasra said...

Its hard to accept the destiney calling...I felt soooooooo sad reading this poem...

Najah said...

ooof you always manage to do that. You are very talented mashalllah...

very nice, i hope this is just a poem that you felt like writing and was not a true inspiration... :)

God bless your heart.

Blossom said...


Thank you hopeless poet :)
I'm glad to be your muse ;P, plz feel free to use any title you want .

Good luck

Hopeless Poet said...

Thank you. It is hard but we will have to live with it.

When I read your comment I remembered Britney's song: ops I did it again :P
Yeah it is just a poem no real life experience thank god.
God bless your soul ;)

Thanks for allowing me to use any title you come up with ;)
I hope that you don't sue me when I become a famous poet saying I stole your ideas and so on :P
God luck to you too :)